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Original title: Sow 8 collect, squeeze violent wind to raise temperature of a list of names posted up the 1st, fabaceous piece is big reputably, does Luozheng pick burst of the king in be being smoked to the play? ? Ancient costume drama appeared a few this years rife genre. Accordingly, in a new year, each video platform intended a lot of ancient costume theatrical work that make greatly.

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Goose factory has top-ranking Xiao Zhan and floret Ren Min to act the leading role ” jade bone Yao ” . The bridge of ride roughshod over of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct had not been been tired of of Duan Zhen. The immortal that resemble battle weeps very big really. Some cruel is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, prepared quotidian cling to He Gongjun cooperates ” peace and happiness is passed ” . Two big brunet faces leading role is combined very raise a key point.

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The Direba in placard is worn plain coloured the dress, the head wears element lubricious jewelry, reveal integral temperament, perform a sword-dance attitude, give a person a kind more the feeling with bright and clear heroic spirit, also be sure in finished product Jing colourful audience.

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After be all set, ai Zhiyi takes the lead in hitting out, overhand the new theatrical work that Luo Zheng acts the leading role ” attract 1000 years old of adult that do not have ” . This drama just broadcasted 8 collect, rank violent wind to raise pop chart temperature the first.

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Additional, this drama also was obtained in fabaceous valve respect very big reputably, the netizen also states teleplay is very interesting, got acting the leading role performing approbate. Luo Zheng seems to accorded with a play to smoke again king explode.

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Relaxed sweet bestow favor on too above, droll get along mode has a hotspot ” attract 1000 years old of adult that do not have ” adapt enrage a novel from the person, combative ” 1000 years old of adult ” Bai Li (Luo Zheng is acted the role of) with a strange combination of circumstances and Chen Youyou of ghost horse girl (Ji Meihan is acted the role of) marry, in daily contact two people feeling warms up gradually, stage acid love story. N=621dcac608de7fc773592ce5f0dd2820 “>The set of story setting is absorbing, everybody spends the state that sees a face again at, calculate meeting skill in various types of combat here, but grow uglily as before nobody wants, this gives a realer problem with respect to report.

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And the possibility that this drama has a hotspot most is male advocate set is ” false eunuch ” , in the keep one’s hair on on the face hall of each trying to cheat the other, participate in tactics fight. This also is female advocate can marry male advocate reason, king father wants to insert look line in government office of the other side, thing of female prime culprit of as it happens bumps to muzzle, became below the coercion of king father to feeding, king father be modest about one’s skill is a big secondary attack so.

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Of course to escalate the plot of a play theatricalize an element, nature is little not a few necessary droll bridges paragraph, get married the first day men and women advocate not disappear stops, explore each other the bottom line of the other side, male advocate the purpose basically leaves to mix namely.

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Female advocate kissing nature for father is to should try hard to carry the past, but did not think of male abet shade is enrolled, will ” bane ” besmear is in female advocate on the mouth, let at hand is taken and say a condition from the book.

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The result chose the 2nd route, go moving sudoriferous, spoken parts in an opera is an abdomen black male advocate want small embarrass one biddy advocate, though bit setter, but unluckily above is gotten very. In initial stage of two people get along mode, can saying is ” mutual harm ” look be like the head that do not have li, but it is to make the coup that two people affection warms up, make this masterstroke clarity understands sentiment, having logic again.

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Acting of Luo Zhengyan value is online, female advocate Qingchun is lovely too grab an eye ” attract 1000 years old of adult that do not have ” the small cost drama that is a model is made, it is difficult to star to discharge nature of big perhaps wrist is please than entering a day, but fortunately drama square vision is original, in the actor’s choice the respect satisfied everybody’s requirement.

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Say first male advocate Luo Zheng, regard love as fabaceous one’s previous experience, appearance edges and corners is trenchant, have the man’s heroic spirit very much, of appropriate appropriate thick colour department handsome young man. And the Luo Zheng in these a few years also goes out performed many drama anthology, though did not turn over too big spray, but his experience is quite rich and generous.

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It is this in new theatrical work, luo Zheng is carried again case male advocate big, or ” false eunuch ” the person is set, have certain difficulty actually, nevertheless Luo Zheng also is to take hold well. Wear an official to take, appear below a public occasion, have build Yin Rou to feel designedly, but more gas that are kind of Yang Gang, expression is shown also is to comparative reach the designated position.

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Be in furtive in, change mufti to be performed more naturally, feel female especially advocate when having an accident, brows presseds closely, there is anxious meaning in the eyes, expressional relaxation has degree, will double-faced character deduces appropriate.

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Female advocate Chen Youyou is go out by Ji Meihan act, her girl that belongs to a model long, big eye cooperates to take the facial outline of infantile fertilizer slightly, have pure pleasant feeling clear extremely. Acting is the nature of unexpected more, all sorts of coquetry expression selling bud also does not show affectation, more make the expression that boasts and exaggerate slightly for happy feeling, but particularly won’t abrupt, create person of ghost horse girl easily.

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And men and women advocate between also be to have particularly powerful Cp feeling, have on the appearance ” cold heat ” contrast feeling of union, two people fight noisely each other, waited detail a moment to fill in to the audience in virtually for fun many candy.

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For must, ” attract 1000 years old of adult that do not have ” pay attention to more in gut respect relaxed, do not have what cruel dot so, whole journey is sweet bestow favor on be mingled with is worn the composition of tactics, accomplished sweet and not be bored with, make the audience cannot help the ground is chased after after all. Though acting of two main actors in drama does not calculate go up high degree of professional proficiency, but those who be put to this kind to be taken off happily is sweet pass a barrier has been in drama, and gave an audience to take the place of to feel certainly, it is one great success, believe as this drama propagandist strength is increased, greet what explode greatly likely still.

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