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Original title: ” Qiao Jia’s children ” Xie Xiaolang is pregnant accidentally, destroy the child to study abroad! Does Qiao Yicheng divorce eventually? ? Teleplay ” Qiao Jia’s children ” You Baiyu, mao Xiaotong, song Zuer, wait for a main actor. Broadcasting. Besides the domestic setting between 4 brother sister, love setting is likewise wonderful. Among them, the Lu Yibo of the sensation that eldest brother tall becomes 3 fold.

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After first love gets hurt, qiao Yicheng is special all the time on feeling self-abased. Encounter active Xie Xiaolang when him so, when, be immersed in this kind of relation very easily. He thinks this is love, but the fact is two loner embrace only warm oneself!

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Especially to resembling Xie Xiaolang, for Qiao Yicheng’s so selfish person, be not regarded as to be the person of lifetime, is her temporary gangplank only.

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When her so him discovery is pregnant accidentally when, she was not in inform Qiao Yicheng for a short while, hid inspection report secretly however.

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But, so big pregnancy, true very difficult outsmart her family. Xie Xiaolang just discovers he was pregnant, and had vomiting during pregnancy. Qiao Yicheng cares actively, but she pretends she just suffers from chronic gastritis.

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I do not want to speak the truth twice continuously, this explains Xie Xiaolang should not want this child right now. After all for her to showing level, be the inning that study abroad, so she won’t affect the plan that she goes abroad because of this child absolutely. To Xie Xiaolang, for, his tomorrow is mainer than his family. In fact, the ending of young man of origianl work middle period and Qiao Yicheng also is such. After all two people that disposition differs completely go very hard final.

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Can say only, with respect to scheming character, qiao Yicheng still has not hit Xie Xiaolang after all. Such schoolgirl although capability is very strong, but have definite idea too, the child may become the activator of the divorce. And Qiao Yicheng and Xie Xiaolang, although be born in impoverished family, having contrary nature however.

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The family that Xie Xiaolang makes in a parent as a child is brought up in the environment, do not have any attaching to his former unripe family. The Yue Yuanyue that she just thinks to the capacity that relies on her runnings is good, best can go abroad, won’t be forced by parents so go helping a little brother!

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In Qiao Yicheng memory, the family is far more important than the career. He has a lot of opportunities to cast off this family, but he or the brotherly sister that cannot leave him, this is he and Xie Xiaolang’s biggest distinction

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Now, I fear Xie Xiaolang is not telling the student of 10% to go abroad the child is destroyed below the circumstance that study abroad. I believe this also is one of reasons of the divorce! After all the thing that the child is two people, want to discuss anyhow. Xie Xiaolang did not make so selfish decision for his, honest be bitterly disappointed making a person. More what is more,the rather that according to origianl work content, this child may be the singleton of 10% female.

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Although very it’s hard to say, but if you think carefully, qiao Yicheng and Xie Xiaolang do not want this child in implementation phase is right decision it seems that.

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Common saying says, raising the child is more important than giving birth to the child. Like them this is planted circumstance, what still do not want the child is good. On one hand, because Xie Xiaolang has not gotten ready,become a mother, she cannot take care of oneself and her husband even. How can she take care of a child?

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On the other hand, the Qiao Yicheng in origianl work is not willing to give birth to the child actually. He is mother of person father humanness all one’s life, fostered enough much child. After marrying, I think the meeting is some more relaxed, did not think of to take care of the wife that does not touch spring water even. Below this kind of circumstance, what still do not want the child is good!

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