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Original title: The divine modern drama 17 years ago, two female advocate all sacrifice for hero, female a reincarnation renews leading edge 2003, TVB broadcasted You Chenhao civilian, the mythological drama of the main actor such as Wen Songxian, Yang Yi ” the emperor searchs dragon ” , told about fairy green jade to precious jade the story that helps Li Longji save Fu Datang country. The divine modern drama of TVB, the character role in drama normally very few, costar can distribute share of a lot of show. Drama volume is average also with respect to 20 collect, rhythm is compact, not messy, the audience looks very satisfy a craving. Do not pass and outcome of end-all of traditional mind modern drama is different, ” the emperor searchs dragon ” ending slants pathos, two heroine all sacrifice for hero. Although female a reincarnation and hero renew leading edge, but the part that was not before any more, on the whole not satisfactory, forcibly of collect ” end-all ” ending.

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Of personate of Chen Hao civilian is hero Li Longji. The Li Longji of this edition is born to be thrown to folk by the woman, avoid Wu Zetian persecute. Li Longji is brought up by tall woman take sb in. The Li Longji in drama has bosom friend of two red pink, one is snow of a surname of young lady of large family other people, one is descend to the world the fairy green jade that assists him to save Fu Datang country preciouses jade. The villain in drama in drama is division of lizard essence state, to cope with him, everybody is thinking way actively, 3 people are done not have in throwing overmuch energy in feeling to pester.

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What personate fairy green jade preciouses jade is Wen Songxian. Gut one begin, green jade preciouses jade look at bridge of magpie of cowboy Girl Weaver to encounter very feel puzzled, either very know laic feeling. Know Li Longji till descend to the world, the ability after two people a very short time gets along is experienced. But a surname snow that Li Longji had had the appearance of male talented woman with accepted outside in those days. The first job that adds oneself is to get rid of the lizard essence of Wu Zetian of bring calamity to the country and the people, disguise oneself as, so green jade preciouses jade to also did not think more. Result lizard essence did not get rid of, too on old gentleman informs she is OK suddenly however return the middle of forhead, she just realizes he worries and hate to part with Li Longji.

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Yang Yi is the act person of a surname snow. The Yang Yi in those days is very green still acerbity, give person tenderness the sense of charming be ashamed so. But it is actual in drama, she is a woman of brave, blame tradition ancient time that has definite idea. Li Longji is indecisive, work a benign and uncontentious person who is indifferent to matters of principle that likes attend to another person. If because a surname snow accepts his heart sense of reality duratively,not be,analyse separate out comes, li Longji forever won’t active. Those who be in is late those who show Li Longji to like truly is green jade after preciousing jade, she is exited stoutly, do not wish put up with. This should be put in other theatrical work, what can draw up one is core with her absolutely is big female advocate play.

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The other and main part in drama also is senior actor. Luo Guanlan of the person that act, it is the audience is familiar ” Lu Ding is written down ” the Wei Chun in is beautiful; The Luo Lan of the person that act of tall woman, hong Kong is famous ” ghost mother-in-law ” ; The Li Guolin of the person that act of lizard essence, be ” day dragon 8 ” the turtledove in rub wisdom; Wheat of lofty the person that act is evergreen, be ” on the west travel notes ” the sanded monk in, also be ” the Yi Haihao affection of women a fierce and powerful person ” the Liang Fei in altogethers. Every actor is the actual strength clique with outstanding acting.

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” the emperor searchs dragon ” ending, everybody makes do lizard essence of life together, a surname snow held off the assault of lizard essence for Li Longji, sacrifice unfortunately. The green jade that returns to the middle of forhead preciouses jade put no less than Lilong radical, descend to the world helps him, get into lizard essence abdomen finally, let Li Longji took the chance to eliminate it with the sword. Dan Biyao also vanishs completely, sacrifice actively to help him. Two leading lady are sweet disappear jade die, leave hero orphaned and helpless.

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Li Longji is successful ascend the throng, but days he what lose two love associate is whole downhearted. The imperial court chooses the wife of a prince, li Longji also is very perfunctory. The result did not think of green jade preciouses jade reincarnation became Yang Yu link, will select site of the wife of a prince! Li Longji weighs Shi Xiaorong eventually, two people pull a hand happily.

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This is modern drama of a god, playwrite really very have the courage to think, be in story framework big the Tang Dynasty, design Wu Zetian into be controlled by monster, li Longji and fairy mention love. These elements are put to now to look not only bold, very absurd still. But look however before with pleasure, do not feel Lei Ren. In the final analysis or actor are performed in the intention, let an audience era is entered feeling. For the friend of mythological to liking to look drama, ” the emperor searchs dragon ” it is a conscience drama that is worth to look absolutely.

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