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Original title: Personate of Wang Jiang of 6 railroad guerrilla person, li Xuejian gets the better of Fan Wei slightly, not well-known actress most picture! ! ” railroad hero ” after showing, it is the film that Zhang Han grants and model Wei double hero meets originally, but the person be in the majority that Fan Wei praises in film review. Laofan soon a cycle of sixty years near one year, treasure knife is not old, your person admires.

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Fan Wei is acted in the film ” Xiaowang ” . The audience of familiar railroad guerrilla is very familiar. Its prototype nature is the Wang Jiang in the novel, namely the annals of king of assistant team leader of group of Lu Na railroad in actual history is gotten the better of. With Liu Hong, Li Zheng, fragrant forest elder brother’s wife has many prototype to differ, wang Jiang’s prototype has king annals to get the better of only, so we often acquiesce Wang Zhisheng of Wang Jiang = . Writer Liu Zhixia is being created ” railroad guerrilla ” when the novel, the masterpiece that drew lessons from Shandong brave man apparently ” Shui Hu is passed ” . Bridge mountain brave man has a public house, railroad guerrilla has coal yard, liang Shan has water berth, lu Na has small hill lake.

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There is Chao Gai’s sign on Liu Hong body, li Zheng’s figure is exactly like Wu Yong. Lu Han nature is Lu Da, lin Zhong is Lin Chong, small slope resembles Yan Qing, driving Peng Liang resembles Dai Zong. Of course also very resemble Zhang Shun. Wang Jiang resembles ” Shui Hu ” medium who, the author thinks or should much like Song Jiang. It is small government official, sociability, generous hold power, also be assistant. This article contacts Wang Jiang and Wang Zhisheng, statistic once had performed Wang Jiang’s actor below 6 times. See which cast act best, most picture.

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One, 1956 film edition ” railroad guerrilla ” , feng Ji the Wang Jiang that this is the first version, wang Zhisheng is living still at that time, those who become film adviser is group of Lu Na railroad golden hill of Liu of 2 acting battalion commander, no wonder the Wang Jiang of this version should most picture. Actor Feng Ji comes from Beijing, it is the old actor of Shanghai film studio, film this film when many years old 30, get the better of the age at that time with king annals same. Feng Ji is good at performing role of villain in drama, be like ” gules detachment of women ” in old 4, ” Lin Chong ” Li Liuqian, ” Ashima ” Caspian heat. This may be concerned with his figure, wang Jiang also is subterranean worker after all, let Feng Ji act very convincing on the appearance. But the author thinks this edition king does not calculate by force too successful, wang Jiang is collier one’s previous experience after all, although be a gangmaster,be in a railway station, that also carries large bag, still be a few more straightforward on figure suit quite.

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2, 1985 teleplay edition ” railroad guerrilla ” , kingdom is strong this is one edition author special admissive teleplay, taller to the reductive degree of character, setting and history, although the fame of actors does not calculate big, but the quality absolute value of this drama gets credit. Be worth what carry is, one of this play directors were 1956 the Feng Xiao of small slope of the personate in film edition.

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The Wang Jiang in this drama is on figure most like him Wang Zhisheng, not only appearance resembling, basically be temperament also resembles, although personate person kingdom is strong should not be jujube Zhuang Ren, but the Wang Jiang at first sight that he performs follows what jujube village outskirts of a city goes in which village ” big Fu ” (jujube village word, uncle) same. State, the author once got the better of native place in king annals also is railroad guerrilla absurd virgin soil lives near old village and had learned a lot of years. Kingdom is strong the country that is courtyard of national modern drama one stage actor, acting is very good, because go out,perform drama of movie and TV not to calculate well-known actress so more, the Wang Jiang of his personate must not say.

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3, 1995 film edition ” flying tiger team ” , li Xuejian this is the trade that one edition shares investment to Hua Jiang piece, gathered almost at that time fine actor of home, by cast the likelihood compares the film ” blaze King Kong ” even powerful, the fame that is film is bit minorrer, the likelihood also is commercial element too much cause. In this edition film most the Zhang Fengyi that of limelight is personate Li Jiu, but most the Li Xuejian with the Li Youbin that reputable reputable is hero of the Qin Dynasty of personate villain in drama probably and personate strong king.

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The external form that says Li Xuejian above all also very resemble Wang Zhisheng, next acting is more masterly, the processing of actor’s lines and petty action is clever to fine long hair peak, left deep impression to the person, he should be to perform Wang Jiang the most marvellous that. Above paragraphs says what is coming, wang Jiang’s figure should be referenced Song Jiang, after performing this before long, li Xuejian goes CCTV ” Shui Hu is passed ” in performed Song Jiang, in those days within an inch of is scolded dead, had answered flavour to come now, it is too good that the audience thinks Li Xuejian acts really generally!

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4, 2005 teleplay edition ” railroad guerrilla ” , zhang Li this is one edition very suffer approbated teleplay, did a lot of more contemporary adapt, the bridge of bicycle of Peng bright flight paragraph it is this drama in. This drama actress is prettier show share is more also, on the main gut that preserved original work and character foundation, emotional play is very rich also, suit the appetite of contemporary audience quite, accordingly this drama can be mixed unexpectedly in the public praise on the network classic 1956 old movie is paratactic. The Wang Jiang in this teleplay did a bolder processing, the person that lets him namely then is set more resemble traitor, stressed the status of his gangmaster, make this character appears oilier.

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Come so the opinion that the audience produced polarization by force to this edition king, one part audience thinks Zhang Li acts very well, the interest that has worker of that share underground. Still one part audience thinks this edition king passes by force forcibly fierce, too resemble clown. You never mention it, personate person Zhang Li still is ugly family background of Beijing opera military really, ever went out had acted ” swallow Li San ” , the director looks for him to perform Wang Jiang to reckon what took a fancy to his this respect namely is idiosyncratic. Author individual thinks, this edition king is returned by force really is some pass forcibly fierce, more or less does figure figure also lose a little, stronger than kingdom, Li Xuejian and Feng Ji are put in the difference on acting administrative levels.

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5, 2015 edition teleplay ” flying tiger team ” , zhong Weihua the teleplay of railroad guerrilla subject matter that this is lowest of one edition grading, because too magical drama was changed, suffer bad-mouth fully so, public praise has 3.9 minutes only, appropriate appropriate is delimited by the audience sodden drama first gear. The Wang Jiang in this edition teleplay is acted the role of by Zhong Weihua act, be practical and realistic, author of this edition teleplay just has looked simply a few, research is not thorough, from the author the finite experience that watch opera looks, zhong Weihua’s Wang Jiang and this teleplay are put in demon to change too heavy taste euqally, say in vain continuously even if one is hanging railroad another teleplay of guerrilla name head, cannot have looked with traditional eye, so, the author does not have an evaluation to this.

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6, 2021 edition film ” railroad hero ” , wei of Fan Wei model is in ” railroad hero ” personate Laowang, but this part returns Laowang cannot simple and attributive go up personally to Wang Jiang or Wang Zhisheng, because look according to gut, confluence is returned on Laowang’s body the show share of the Zhang Lan in one part original work. So, the old Wang Ye that is equal to model Wei personate is a confluence character, shirt-sleeve like Liu Hong Hong Zhenhai and Liu golden hill are same.

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To the Laowang of model Wei edition, it is improper that if be covered simply with him,the author thinks Wang Jiang and Wang Zhisheng are apparent, set Zhang Lan is more improper, you should know those who act to a lot of moment are a handsome young man before Zhang Lan, for instance the language of sign of king of little fresh pork in 1995 films edition.

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Look on the whole, fan Wei’s acting does not have a word to say, just be adapted an influence by gut, fast sexagenarian Fan Wei is right of this part more or less is deducing a process still a little demanding, he is in him can accomplish acting inside the limits that accuse best, if young 20 years old, the performance that estimates Laofan will be further upward.

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On put together, the author thinks, viceregal to railroad guerrilla group strong deduction, so far appearance and temperament most those who resemble is regnal strong, acting is best most those who let person be convinced still is Li Xuejian, the Laowang that his Wang Jiang compares model Wei edition or want slightly better.

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