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Original title: True ” false ” renown Yuan, cheat turn group of new York wealthy person

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Netflix exploded the first times 2022 money work, the flower falls a newsreel that tells about cheater — ” dummy An Na ” . This drama draw materials brings the real story of graceful · Suo Luojin oneself, cite ” new York ” the special subject report of the magazine, and by ” Bulijidu ” ace producer Da Laimeisi makes Shan. Drama anthology broadcasts from Feburary 11, raised superhigh temperature. The common girl of ground floor of immigrant of a Russia, society, interfuse those who distain the top of catenary, new York is brownstone, cheat those real rich and powerful people, cheat those clever entrepreneur, cheat those tall Leng Youxu the renown Yuan of bogus… ” dummy An Na ” will pinchbeck rich the elaborate fraud of dollar of brownstone filch millions moves new York of 2 acting interfuse screen, the story of climax happen frequently lets a person look fix eyes on!

20220313120908 622ddee45e8b3” dummy An Na ” stage photo More what is more,the rather that, this draw materials still comes from the real story that produces in a reality. As ” dummy An Na ” each market front is written go up ” the story is true, besides dummy part except ” , experience of this bilk queenly is real too too wonderful, let a person often be divided not clear the false or true in her word, also can’t help curious after all the An Na of which one part is true, the An Na of which one part is dummy? True ” false ” renown Yuan is some closer the end of the year cans be found everywhere at the news of anonym Yuan, by homebred drama ” 30 just ” those who cause ” anonym Yuan spells sheet ” incident heat was not decreased, ” dummy An Na ” give an audience people the entrance door that opened new world. In drama, this year only the girl of twenties, professing is heir of financial group of German rich and powerful family, the sea foreign capital of 60 million euro produces body home, the purpose establishs club of an artist name Yuan in new York. Have commercial head again so, have the asset, beauty that return part again appearance and wisdom the strange woman at a suit is a dye-in-the-wood adventuress however. She connects dimension of surname heart Er is made up why, she originally surname calls Suoluojin, it is a Russia descendants person, father is not what plutocrat, however truckman, the mother is full-time housewife. The legerdemain that installs graceful true identity and An Na caused reporter osmund osmund installed curiosity, be opposite with the perspective as her and her beside An Na the person’s visit, the secret of this anonym Yuan becomes increasing, the audience between complicated and confusing must admire her belief feeling and powerful psychological line of defence and double business. The An Na in reality, live to Germany along with parents in, read a middle school in local school. After high school graduates, an Na states she likes style very much, yearn this respect develops. Then, dote on her parents sends her to go to London going to school. But, in London fourth institute of central emperor horse stayed before long, she with respect to discontinue one’s studying. After returning Germany, an Na jackarooed in company of a public relations a period of time, took French fashion magazine later ” Purple ” exercitation opportunity, at this point one foot stepped into circle of fame and gain, knew many plute famous person. Began 2013, she is emigrant the new York of live a luxury and dissipation life, made for oneself super rich the IP of 2 generation — be about to accede 60 million euro is familial and fiducial of fund ” install graceful · De Erwei (Anna Delvey) ” . From this, the genteel circle of new York begins to circulate about ” Deerwei ” the extraction of many version — a thousand pieces of gold of magnate of the daughter of diplomat, oil, solar energy board the female heir of household company. 20220313120909 622ddee5a807b

Body of her success ascend of new York brownstone. Live a luxury and dissipation life is in different friend key point, an Na is acting different role: She is the female heir that crack oneself up is German plute, vaunting the fiducial fund that has 60 million euro, borrow to the bank take big loan. She is grace is indicative, having extremely high artistic grade, face work of art to harangue, mix mark successfully to encircle a layer to talk cheerfully and humourously in the noble of new York, dress gaily appears in resplendent and magnificent circumstance. She still masters the female entrepreneur of 7 mandarin character, by rely on photographic memory and extremely strong study capability, the commercial specification with detailed compose, “Establish ” the organization of fund of dimension of Er of An Na heart that belongs to oneself, let countless celebrity successfully endorse for her. Sit private plane, live hotel of 5 stars class, fee skill is 100 dollars, shop shopping is skill more ostentatious, medium a famous brand skirt that suits boudoir honey, buy immediately send boudoir honey, be free to swim with respect to whole world annulus, sit houseboat, attend a Yuan to meet… a variety of these, formed install graceful · De Weier ” change personally ” the life after renown Yuan. And how has An Na cheated all name Yuan step by step? Her weapon has different thing, it is pair of vogue and artistic original grade, 2 it is exorbitant self-confidence and have a glib tongue. In gut of no less than, she can pretend much face, give special the life false appearance that the person builds vanity, seem knows distinguished personages of all circles tip. She thinks implementation opens the dream of visual art center in new York, had begun design seeking a person even ” bring fund of graceful · De Erwei ” brand, also enquire the loan of millions dollar to the bank. Of course, all these is she is braided meticulously to others only go out ” good trap ” . Reality is, an Na often persuades a hotel, allow her to be entered for long below the condition that does not offer credit card. However she also can do a few your people’s incomprehensible thing sometimes: Let a friend help her order a taxi with their credit card; Live in others home loiter; Perhaps move in someone apartment, do not pay rent next. After these people are helping her, did not wait come as agreed upon repay a debt, still can be her absolve unexpectedly: “Likelihood her money is too much, wanted not to rise. ” nevertheless, again perfect crammer, have always also by a day of expose. Light is bright the An Na that beautiful ground lived genteel life 3 years in new York, be in eventually try to use bogus bank assets to prove diddle wears a band when the loan of 22 million dollar. Resemble domino effect, people arrives to just discover at this moment, those charge of her buy or sell on credit never paid anybody in the past. In October 2017, an Na is arrested, be accused the bilk inside 10 months 275 thousand dollar (about 1.85 million yuan of RMBs) , be suspected of from bank orgnaization big racketeer. The jail of Lai Kesi island that she is locked up to be in new York all the time later. In Feburary 2021, because performance is good, an Na obtains parole to be released from prison.

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She the experience in jail him lieutenant general is written into the book, netflix buys next copyright with the price of 320 thousand dollar, take her story into teleplay, namely ” fictional name Yuan ” the material origin of this drama. The human nature that stresses Ma Youshen to engrave without doubt, the story of this black lotus, can say a Yuan and Drama wind coexist. Above all, ” dummy An Na ” the conception of the story is very interesting, with a tripartite perspective that does not have strange common female reporter flatly, go interviewing the genteel personage that those new York elite encircle, these are carrying rare bag bag, fine genteel public figure on the back, the emigrant earth younger sister that is come to by a Russia actually was cheated. Conception essence is accurate, in the middle of contemporary masses eating melon people painful (G) dot: Net red, renascence, distain Yuan of catenary, name to learn circle, successfully… it is Drama and human the seamy side coexist absolutely. This individual sets An Na, itself is the character of actual existence, personate brings graceful performer Ghana of · of Ya of bright red Li the sort of disease charming and Gao Leng, self-abased with prideful the psychology of two kinds of contradictory twist is behaved so that comparative to the marrow. Setting of the immigrant of poor of one’s previous experience, Russia, major that do not have what, still have oral speech sound of type of a Russia, the genteel circle that is like even appearance the cloud in the belle even also does not calculate bright look. However, she is having outstanding dress to savour however, artistic appreciation level, tricky gregarious method, still have pair of wealthy person worlds (watch of bag bag, name, picture) understanding, crackajack acting, to psychological research of the mankind, and the psychology that deceive oneself as well as others, infiltrated successfully of new York brownstone. Say genteel circle is full of all sorts of distaining catenary, the everybody in the circle is rich home children, the gate basically is shut to alien. So, an Na is this civilian immigrant how infiltrate Yuan of new York name is encircled? Simple for, the game regulation that mastered bound of rich the world namely and ” simple and coarse ” psychological world: You are arrogant, so I compare you more arrogant, you are strong, so I compare you more strong.

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Must say, ” dummy An Na ” was to employ skill really already Drama is good-looking of deep human nature ” walk explode dot ” — the audience of real name Yuan that is real world no matter, or outside screen common us, those serve as ” swindler ” the life of Drama, let the outside be full of interest really. The new York in eye of epilogue An Na is brownstone, asing if is a world that gets money and friendship easily, and the fact also appears also absolutely, otherwise this fraud happens impossibly. The news in reporter Jiang Anna is general at numerous hind, media person describes: “An Na realizes, if you are used,shine of sparkling thing, much ready money, fortune indicative the attention that draws people, they cannot see other pron any thing almost. ” perhaps, spend money in can play the social regulation that turn to fall, what An Na uses her is tricky with observation, detection the vanity here and buckish. Everything says as herself: “The money on this world is infinite, but right clever person is very finite. ” anonym Yuan, true seducer, life is trap everywhere, even if be brownstone, not exceptional also! – END –

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