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Original title: ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” : Market market is exciting, dare write dare pat again The girl is kidnapped by male friend, do not explain the true status that gives him however. Picture division paints spirit with the face, open one person of man to change facial personate the fact of 3 people, and the argument that he makes so is to be avenged like the people that takes sb’s place he goes to school. Stimulate the gut that dare take again so, come from heat to sow drama ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” .

20220313121001 622ddf195a981

In staking case in this unit, the girl one face is affectionate, below one second is kidnapped by male friend however. But the string that ties her is incompact, that evening the schoolgirl escapes with respect to oneself, still went the police station reports a case to the security authorities. This a series of operation, let an audience feel staking is like trifling matter, actually so easy OK oneself escape. Little imagine, real great drama, just begin to perform right now.

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The girl tells the news of male friend in the police station, name and appearance cannot be found in the system, this lets handle a case personnel begins to be oppugned a bit, why can the girl believe a completely new person. Right now, picture division comes on stage, gave the girl to be comforted enoughly. But the person that picture division picture gives, with the person that arrests, completely different.

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Meanwhile, the line on the short message, “Staking ” still continueing, allow authority water of a mist, can not throw the troops into battle only, the demand that reflecting the other side goes doing. After the between operation when discovering the other side is protracted, picture division just thinks up the method that paints spirit with the face, the suspect that before the lock was decided, arrests adopts the way that changes a face, one acts 3 people. His purpose, not be for harm daughter advocate, however for to spirit away his record of formal schooling is mixed of life female advocate fiance and female advocate dad is avenged.

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No matter be the technology that changes a face with pigskin, still be a 3 gut that fold, make an audience big breathe out exciting. And return those who involved reality of press close to to take sb’s place among them on university incident, by the man of spirit away, him choice is avenged. Lamentable deplorable, was everybody an opposite teaching material. Remind everybody, the weapon that still should use law protects him.

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Besides this case, in the case of face-lifting division, mentioned interview of male and female when certain work unjust. Likewise quits actual strength, the man gets more easily building designing kind the job, the female needs Yan Zhi add hold ability to gain both honor and money.

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Newest in updated case, it is two women cruel to the home male kill instead. Helpless with but under, they made beyond recall choice together together, one still is thinking those who protect another is restful however. Although the extreme chooses to cannot be taken very much, but think and take seriously what certainly will of domestic cruel case also can cause everybody accordingly, how should put an end to such misfortune to happen after all.

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Each case in drama, draw materials at reality. Dare write dare pat again, compare an extreme with helpless story trend, cause the everybody reflection to reality, spread out all sorts of inequity one by one begin now.

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This dispute often has new idea and ground connection enrages. Also be accordingly, it got the accord of the audience is approbated. Do you like this theatrical work? The article is achieve content formerly, without allowing any Zhang date and platform to must not be reprinted, the person that violate needs investigate! [avoid duty statement: The picture in article cites to the network, if copyright just asks connection,delete]

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