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Original title: ” conceal ” leave bureau the mystery that did not solve, be who betrayed Lv Zongfang and Yu Zecheng after all? ! ! Espionage war play ” conceal ” coda is meaningful, the destiny that Yu Zecheng did not come to left infinite daydream to the audience, also have the real features that whether many person controversies know Yu Zecheng in Wu Jing. The opinion in the director on this problem and actor is abhorrent. The author thinks to still do not know in Wu Jing. Director Jiang Wei often says. Know in Wu Jing, money of collect of not beautiful too much money is babyish idea.

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Actually, be in ” conceal ” begin, still have a mystery that did not solve: Who betrayed Lv Zongfang and Yu Zecheng? What kill Lv Zongfang directly is Ma Kui, was killed together by emerald green duckweed and Zun La later, ma Kui just had the effect of the gun. The key is, although do not have Ma Kui, lv Zongfang becomes the hand that also can fall into Li Haifeng with more than, lv Zongfang and Yu Zecheng are undersell certainly. Who is this person after all? What is the purpose?

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One, Li Haifeng assassinates original plan and the directive that conceal plan basis to wear a large bamboo hat, army all action is in turn over branch tax to grew Lv Zongfang to make those who assassinate traitor Li Haifeng plan. The controller of this plan is Lv Zongfang, dai Li is on his line, yu Zecheng is below his line. Yu Zecheng’s code name is ” crab ” , the identity that he pretends to be Lao Wenchi infiltrates bark bogus politics protects place of total arrange telecommunication to confess his crime to Li Haifeng a criminal give himself up to the police, borrow machine is clear after act law of Li Haifeng, report to Lv Zongfang, by Lv Zongfang arrangement killer assassinates Li Haifeng.

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This plan needs to notice is, “Crab ” point to Yu Zecheng only, “Crab acts ” the act law that points to investigation Li Haifeng only. That is to say, the plan cent that Lv Zong Xiangli reports is two, one is ” crab acts ” , one is to assassinate the action. According to general rule, the executive person that assassinates the action can act by station of army all Nanjing the team is carried out, be in charge of direct by Lv Zongfang.

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>Yu Zecheng can be become ” crab ” , of course not only it is Lv Zongfang leaves Chongqing to let him this critical ground, rather, yu Zecheng is if Chongqing is very dangerous probable it is Lv Zongfang ” gally ” his, conceal a plan just according to Lvzong after all, yu Zecheng is finished ” crab acts ” hind want Shaanxi guild hall and left La Hui Yan’an goes since syncretic, he says Chongqing so dangerously, also was Yu Zecheng’s a way of escape. Lao Wenchi’s identity is contact official of Wang Jingwei, his identity can infiltrate not only bark bogus politics maintains total office, still can be gone to by arrangement telecommunications office of Li Haifeng, and Yu Zecheng does telecommunications namely, it is more appropriate that so he pretends to be Lao Wenchi.

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2, why should value Dai Li of Li Haifeng be eager to killing Li Haifeng? On one hand Li Haifeng is the head of a department or office of telecommunications of army all headquarters, know a lot of people to know a lot of things, his flee lane is bad to can affect army all to be in bark bogus the line person there, include Zhou Fohai and Ding Mo Zuo among them. Li Haifeng name is bigger on the other hand position is special, flee the opportunity is more special, can make the tool that bark bogus publicizes, let Chongqing there embarrassed, dai Li’s at hand flees, he is difficult demit its blame. So, dai Li flees in Li Haifeng for a short while very angry: This Li Haifeng, can bad overall situation. The assassinate that Lv Zongfang lets make pair of Li Haifeng on his horse next plans.

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And for the traitor that waits for a have a foot in two camp to Zhou Fohai, li Haifeng is a double gift. Li Haifeng flees to bark bogus politics maintains total office, can calculate Zhoufohaina naturally to help traitor then ” contribution ” , make them OK take credit for someone else’s achievements over the boss Japanese at that time admire ballyhoo please. But evening of war of resistance against aggression has been when Li Haifeng flees, almost everybody knows Japan is fast was finished, zhou Fohai is in early after Pacific Ocean war erupts stealthily go to somewhere for shelter army all. Li Haifeng is in Zhou Fohai also is one can ask admired tool to Kuomintang and army all take credit for other’s merit at any time in their eye.

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So, they treat Zhou Fohai Li Haifeng has two kinds of thinking, it is to be protected first rise, cannot die immediately, report to the superior after accomplishing a task wants over there Japanese. 2 it is to die to also do not have a thing, died to also do not have disadvantage, can establish the meritorious service below to army all when oneself. Come so, they treat Zhou Fohai the army all spy of abundant of assassinate plum sea had double attitude, it is to prevent, 2 it is collaboration. Prevent them to kill Li Haifeng prematurely, cannot prevent the plan of their assassinate Li Haifeng completely likewise, even the operation that they coordinate army interconnected system even places in a certain position Yu Zecheng come in. This is spent, need is taken hold reach the designated position.

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3, dead Lv Zongfang of Lv Zongfang and ” crab ” it is combination, among them Lv Zongfang is the person that carry out and directs assassinate Li Haifeng to act, and ” crab ” it is an information only member. Accordingly, in eye of week Buddha sea, lv Zongfang is an a bad actor, “Crab ” it is not so masty, assassinate action of Lv Zongfang wants to prevent, “Crab ” want to cooperate to investigation action of Li Haifeng. Anyway, you are investigated again well, the person of executive assassinate task was done not have, “Crab ” the ground that also did not have use force.

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Meanwhile, lvzong conceals a plan just is group of gouge army all goes the spy of Yan’an, send Shaanxi guild hall and left La Hui Yu Zecheng at the same time Yan’an goes since syncretic. Just, this plans to be betrayed unfortunately by the traitor, the toward Lv Zongfang abode before army all respect sends Ma Kui to take a person tries to capture, be discovered by Lv Zongfang, bilateral gunfight, lv Zongfang sacrifices. Accordingly, those who betray Lv Zongfang to conceal a plan is subterranean party traitor, offerring those who give Lv Zongfang residence also is him, this traitor does not know Yu Zecheng is mixed ” crab ” , connect boss of Shaanxi guild hall, post and left La Ye not to know even, lv Zongfang causes gunfight to protect Yu Zecheng to shoot first, so Yu Zecheng does not have a thing by good luck.

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Mix in Ma Kui Lv Zongfang gunfight while, li Haifeng also is in those who capture Lv Zongfang on the road, the job that how knows abundant of Lihai of Lv Zongfang assassinate and abode is he? What can eliminate is Dai Li is mixed army all, dai Li knows Lv Zongfang’s job for certain, dan Lvzong just gives Dai Li impossibly domiciliary report, necessary without that. Dai Li and although army all knew Lv Zongfang is to lie bottom, that also won’t report bark bogus politics maintains total office. The reason has 2, if army all tips off information to be done not have,be necessary before sending Ma Kui to take a person again, go, bring owls to Athens still is built go in a Ma Kui. 2 if Lv Zongfang is arrested,be, japanese lies Lvzong just again base identity is open, army all and that Dai Li must lose face again. Just section chief of department of a telecommunications flees over there Japanese, be discovered section chief of division of a counterespionage is subterranean party again, should Na Daili’s face still want?

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Accordingly, the person that sells Lv Zongfang has one only likely, zhou Fohai. After Lv Zongfang goes to Nanjing, had contacted with Zhou Fohai, pretend to be Yu Zecheng Lao Wenchi to place in a certain position to bark bogus politics protects total arrange telecommunications to be in through him. Zhou Fohai needs to send Lv Zongfang of person gaze at to be able to know his track only. Zhou Fohai betrays Lv Zongfang’s most immediate reason is to prevent him assassinate Li Haifeng, did not have Lv Zongfang, pool of what fatigue article, what ” crab ” lost action. So, zhou Fohai needs Li Haifeng when to live, when to die, come by Zhou Fohai the palm accused.

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4, if Yu Zecheng’s assassinate is Zhou Fohai betrayed Lv Zongfang Li Haifeng, when why he differs then is Yu Zecheng betrayed? Want to know, li Haifeng is to know ” crab ” . That is to say, zhou Fohai divulged Lv Zongfang is mixed ” crab ” , but did not say ” crab ” who be. The truth is very simple also, “Crab ” it is Lao Wenchi, namely Yu Zecheng. If Li Haifeng knew these, zhou Fohai is then dangerous over Japanese, after all once Yu Zecheng is arrested the concern that offers oneself and a Zhou Fohai, sea of that week of Buddha do not wait to win to war of resistance against aggression that day.

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After Lv Zongfang is dead, “Crab ” harmless to Li Haifeng, zhou Fohai need not be in charge of him naturally, but, 1000 calculate 10 thousand calculate, did not think of ” crab ” meeting privately acts Li Haifeng assassinate. Not only Zhou Fohai did not calculate, cannot think of even Li Haifeng, return before he is accordingly dead very interrogative, ask Yu Zecheng designedly: Of Chongqing, still be Yan’an. If you are of Chongqing, kill my this work to also do not put in you ‘s charge to be in charge of.

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After more than become abundant of assassinate plum sea, because he is alone privately action, did not go up the line can be reported, accordingly army all respect do not know Li Haifeng is dead for a short while. In the meantime, bark puppet regime also is not fool, they won’t be active the issue that is reduced Li Haifeng is public, contrary they can control media not to let them report, after all Japanese is taking Li Haifeng to should advertise a tool.

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How is army all to know to is Li Haifeng killed and pass broadcast broadcasting station to release an information immediately then? The answer also has only, zhou Fohai reports Dai Li. But, who is the person that Zhoufohaidi does not know assassinate Li Haifeng certainly, the 2nd although he knows,be everybody won’t give others this credit. He can tell Dai Li only, cooperate to fall with direct in mine, li Haifeng by assassinate, progress of a battle is intense, the staff that shares assassinate is entire die.

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Accordingly, the message that the premise that army all does not become on more than times in connection leaves to be able to press the report that takes Zhou Fohai combine other way to come only releases broadcast, bright place says leaf of the member that this wears specially appointed of large bamboo hat namely: The talking around of Chongqing still is not gossip. This ” gossip ” one of fountainhead should be Zhou Fohai. In the meantime, army all this action also is for covering ” crab ” , wear large bamboo hat and leaf after all bright still need ” crab ” help their to send a telegram. When cable is sent, who is the person that 10 thousand lis of billow also consult abundant of assassinate plum sea, it is Dai Li or Zhou Fohai no matter at that time, the anyway that also cares Yu Zecheng with respect to nobody.

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If do not have leading role aureola, yu Zecheng will be in Nanjing to death, because be mixed to Zuo of 10 thousand lis of Zhou Fohai, billow, Ding Mo,wear large bamboo hat, leaf bright for, no matter he is Yu Zecheng or fatigue article pool, or ” crab ” , anyhow, he died best, all troubles end when the main trouble ends. . Actually, there had been psychology to prepare when Nanjing is being gone to before Lv Zongfang is taking Yu Zecheng, he knows the impact of Dai Li and Zhou Fohai, the meeting in also knowing abundant of assassinate plum sea acts encounters huge in a extremely dangerous state, some people are a friend it seems that, do not know when to can make black gun, the Lao Wenchi that so he lets more than become reincarnate and relative safety not only, also had planned Shaanxi guild hall to him ahead of schedule at the same time this a way of escape.

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In the final analysis, it is Lv Zongfang or Yu Zecheng no matter, they are Kuomintang and bark puppet regime, army all and politics maintain total office, wear the castle that rich weichis between large bamboo hat and Zhou Fohai and victim. When Lv Zongfang and Yu Zecheng see through the inside story of a plot among, they also walked up early or late same a road.

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