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Original title: Carrying a piece of face not to act alarm spent, these 4 actress tell you, what is clique of valiant long bureaucratic airs! Last year midday, sunshine helps deficient theatrical work with ” hill sea affection ” lift close inspect mad tide; After a year, brand-new the playlet of cycle of subject matter time ” germinant ” cause tide of entire network drama again. ” germinant ” , the acting of a flock of actors can be encircled can nod. Zhao Jin wheat and Bai Jingting, these two are Neozoic, stood completely, liu Yijun and Liu red are more neck and neck even. Only prevent, director Liu Tao, a small part was acted in drama, got of the netizen reputably. So in Liu Tao? Problem of disaffected of what natural environment is there? Look to had acted likewise when us ” senior police officer ” Yu Nan, wu Yue, wang Qian and Yan Bingyan, difference came out. One, Liu Tao ” germinant ” Du Jinsong is in ” germinant ” in the actor, the Liu Tao with show not much share, rank the 4th. Enough proves production just approbates her ” Ga ” , but what expect letting a person is less than is, her performance is complete theatrical work most of hinder sb one of.

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Above all, enough audience enjoyed her hairpiece. At first sight is the short hairpiece that chooses painstakingly, in order to develop the character’s adept and agile style, increase experience. But her facial features does not follow to go up this kind of style. Her countenance is in all the time, facial features as stable as a mountain, brow always is being locked up think, the eyes is blurred, self-glorifying, writing on the face ” I am senior leader, very arrogant force, do you look not to come out? ” bit of clue sees in the clew that I think she can have from solid, after but will make a round trip,be being answered a few times, she can see monitoring say 4 words next only: Send castration check!

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What is more terrible? Yes, this part is optional. Think carefully, you can discover this part does not exist, do not affect gut completely. The Zhang Cheng of Liu Yijun personate is become, police officer Xiang Du reports the work do not have a problem absolutely, no matter whether he works to the report,won’t allow why to urge action to arriving since gut.

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In fact, according to Liu Tao’s personal details, she should be not acted so alarm beautiful part. She joins army art troupe 15 years old, became 3 years of literary arms. Although be in those 3 years, what she does mostly is to carry water, kind the chore of the dish, and so on that feed a swine, but insipid and what regular life let her affect a kind of soldier at least is temperamental.

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It is good that my individual thinks she fails to act ” prevent ” is directed ” because her play road is narrow,be, the acting that perhaps says her is coxcombical. She may fit the part with this kind of not much actor’s lines not quite, need communicates the character’s characteristic with the eyes and small expression. Be compared and character, “High-pressured boiler aunt ” Liu Dan, be about in this respect handy is gotten much. Her actor’s lines is little, basic it is to say ” not ” and ” the flesh ” , but the eye depict that also passes her the feminine figure with an exceeding world-weary coma.

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In addition, 70 hind actress Wu Yue, yu Nan, go up in the part that shapes this kind of presiding apparitor with Yan Bingyan also more handy. They have the leader’s due majesty already, what have true to life again is individual, won’t to be established by others and be in nervous condition all the time. 2, Wu Yue ” sweep black storm ” congratulate Yun Wu Yue is born in a scholarly family, father of from a child is painter Wu Yi’s person, wu Yue accomplishs brilliant in seal cutting respect, for many times bear the palm. But, on my take an examination ofing program, a foot stepped recreational group. After graduating two years, because she is in ” peaceful time ” in act martial correspondent Wen Lu, and obtain Jin Ying award of optimal female costar. From now on, the reason that the part knot of she and soldier and police left to indissoluble. She is in ” the rose leaves ” , ” courtyard children ” the or in waiting for drama performs surgeon, or acts alarm flower.

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Her act art although the career is given priority to with costar, but acting be obvious to all. ” my before half a lifetime ” small gain is scolded to close stop a comment, what because she performed,destroy others family is small 3. N> and later she is in " sound faces its situation " in develop the dub mastery of a skill or technique that go out, let a person must look at with new eyes to her again: Outside play of original approach Ling so fierce! The portion left in August 2021 sow explode money theatrical work ” sweep black storm ” in, yun of congratulate of Wu Yue personate, she is deputy director general of public security of green cane city apparently, but actual the umbrella that is black power, at the same time she is one is fiddled with to have pity on by the destiny abominable woman.

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A suit when she just came on the stage is decent the police uniform, talking cloud weak wind is small, handle affairs flat and agile, have already long of classics duty field sober and easy, have the majesty of old leadership again. This moment imagines she is a help a villain do evil very hard ” black alarm ” .

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Later the development as gut, her dark one side also was shown one by one come out. Come for years the mother that she is a deliberatelly break the law all the time, but that body police uniform that faces delegate justice and light, have in her heart struggle, have but, those who pair of destinies destroy is unwilling, with the grievance that suffers a person to move back and forth. Paragraphs of whole performance of Wu Yue does not have be deliberately mystifying, below quiet idea, the heart is surfy, feeling of proper limits for speech or action is taken hold very well, since Chang ghost also be kid that is had pity on again abominably reflect incisively and vividly.

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3, Wang Qian | ” serious case 6 groups ” Ji Jie 2001 punishment detect alarm bandit drama ” serious case 6 groups ” go up line, till 2010 its in succession sowed 4. 6 groups of running water, the Ji Jie that iron hits, as perforative 4 from beginning to end the first female advocate, the popular feeling of development of policewoman season clean of personate of king alizarin red. The Ji Jie in drama bingle of a neat ear, take wind on foot, conversation is candid. She left cart, caught convict, observation and ability of meet an emergency are top-ranking, it is a stronger than male colleague female strong person. Anyhow, she is appearing a word up and down all over: Sa.

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Actually this is not she performs a police for the first time any more, be in early 1996, she is in the film ” arrest poisonous hero ” in personate passes alarm Hua Xiaojuan. ” serious case 6 groups ” enter prepare period hind, she goes to good to act police be being consulted to true police designedly, one has old from alarm the old police of experience tells her, the resolution in wanting to pile in the person comes out who is a police, you should see his eyes. She is then attentive observation, no matter when the police with true later discovery always is look acumen, won’t empty without the god. During film, she applies this result to the part, got very good feedback.

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” serious case 6 groups ” the husband that director Xu Qingdong is Ji Jie, this also is why 4 following come other personnel has more or less fluctuant, ji Jie puts the account that be in all the time. Wang Qian besides it is an actor, still be a playwrite, ” serious case 6 elder sister ” she also is one of playwrite. A lot of people say she leaves high low go, the likelihood regards an actor as the impression that she leaves an audience is work less and less. But she is actually furtive in do not have at a loose end all the time, she turns the behind the curtain becomes producer, make write a play. 2013, the teleplay that she holds the post of playwrite, main actor ” the world does not have cheat ” broadcast, zhu Xining of her personate police inspector still has in those days of Ji Jie spell able model.

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Wang Qian not only with the actor this identity got be admissived extensively, becoming producer, make playwrite field she is same very successful. Broadcasted 2021 ” ah cradle ” it is she becomes independent first the work of playwrite, be worth what carry is the motion picture that showed 1979 ” ah! Cradle ” playwrite is her husband Xu Qingdong, this is her souvenir dies probably a kind of means of the husband. 4, Yan Bingyan | ” adversary ” Duan Yingjiu 2012 ” 10 thousand arrows wear a heart ” , make Yan Bingyan one-time the pot after bursa captures 8 images. But after this, she did not become big members of a family in big violet bright red ” the top flows ” . Say, just do not accept ad because of her, do not enter commercial activity, do not go up put together art, she does not enter all jobs that have nothing to do with the film and teleplay.

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But should have only she is low-key on work did not rise, because demonstrate strength solidly too move person, media strives for a report, according to legend of audience mouth mouth, her glorious does not have a law to mask. Advanced heat sows paragraph of time ” adversary ” in, her personate country installs captain Duan Yingjiu. Occupational asks to let her present third mate face, do lie when the bottom, she is to wander of street female mix; Put on an uniform, she is august and courageous and resolute country brings team leader, bring into play, direct, executive task fights cut down make a decision; And return the home, she also is a common and middleaged woman that should follow fuel contact with nevertheless, want to face the life of one by one chicken feather.

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After receiving this part, yan Bingyan oneself the long hair of neat waist Ca of one knife Ka, agree to be set with prodigy of Duan Yingjiu skill, she begins gymnastical Lu iron, invited to strike coach exercise major strikes. Not only such, during filming, she is entire plain Yan Chujing, she says: Which have Duan Yingjiu time draw eyebrow draws an eye, can wash a face, brush a tooth pretty good. Contemporary machine definition is so high, although make up,the audience also watchs to come out, so direct element colour. Drama just left when sowing, somebody spits groove Yan Bingyan is old, fat, but the development as gut, the height that who talks about her peripherally still again is fat thin?

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Duan Yingjiu also is not the police that Yan Bingyan performs for the first time, her a maiden work ” chase vicious-a person of wicked ambition to help ” in, of her personate is female special alarm captain, let her have one’s moment ” Red Cross square team ” in, the Xiao Hong of her personate also is alarm flower. These year of her age in growth, the part position that enact is higher and higher also, changeless is glamour is in all the time. 5, Yu Nan | ” battle wolf ” Long Xiaoyun Yu Nan is a very low-key shadow hind, she holds domestic and international film pot in both hands answered countless, but who is the name that speaks of her returns somebody to be able to not know her, because be besides the film,also be, she ases if nonexistent encircle at recreation. In the film ” battle wolf ” in, the army of special type of since of dragon small cloud of more than male personate ” battle wolf ” captain, it is Leng Feng’s sweetheart. Need clean-fingered Yan Xiao on one hand, have female magisterial impressive manner, on one hand she gets feeling of follow-up of condition of a bit young daughter to make fun of again. This are bad to take actually hold, if emphasize that one side of young woman too, magisterial authority is little 3 minutes, and if emphasize too callous, emotional play did not have temperature so again.

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Dan Yunan’s processing is very exquisite, the figure of drive elder sister of a standard-sized sheet of field of valiant of a heroic bearing when she comes on the stage, gas, it seems that the place air that she goes to the instant is caky. Be in after that guardhouse ” trial ” when Leng Feng lets him drink, say ” is I want to see you what kind of when malty wine ” , there is the smiling expression of a fleeting on her face.

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When Leng Feng begins to relate his story, she packs up smile quickly again, returned the magisterial condition of with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning. so two seconds, the one side of young woman came out now with respect to body.

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Spoken parts in an opera this kind of part should act keen, exterior leans toward spell able respect is on one hand, eyes play is Chongzhongzhi is weighed more. Not be to say light leans ” end is worn ” , show a pair of mincing appearance to be able to be spoken highly of by the audience: Wow, eager to do well in everything of her gas field is big, look even if lead a person. One contrast can discover, liu Tao’s performance seemed to be immersed in an odd group now, acting mode is changed, from ” happy eulogy ” Andy begins is the strong president state of affairs with a kind of blurred eyes all the time, how many have a few to be mixed painstakingly feigned composition. Pardonable also she is in this ” germinant ” before 8 concentration come on the stage did not assume the negative opinion with this complete theatrical work to 10 minutes in all. If prevent the director is changed above other in 4 actress any one will act, the public praise of this drama meets most propbably more a step.

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