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Original title: ” sweep black storm ” big ending lets person meaning still was not used up, if fishbone,still have 10 be concerned about in larynx? ? When you hear a word, is the most awkward answer probably ” later? Arrived ” sweep black storm ” big ending. Did not have later. Brillant far died with Gao He, how do you want to do? Do you want hold tight to come down to die again?

20220313121232 622ddfb0c5f71

The problem is, although ” sweep black storm ” had finished in formally, but a lot of audiences that I believe to include the writer inside are significant unidentified flavour. Of course, this is not big ending it is how to shake of ileum, still do not have unlock because of be concerned about however, so one kind blocks the feeling in throat. Calculate simply, have 10 at least:

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One, how is of Xu Xiaoshan investigate to death? ” sweep black storm ” the 11st collect, xu Xiaoshan by brillant distant style often kills rather, disguise oneself as becomes suicidal spot. ” sweep black storm ” the 26th collect, he Yong interrogates Hu Xiaowei to mention Xu Ying child when sister younger brother, xu Xiaoshan says is the suicide. Arrived ” sweep black storm ” last collect, teleplay with be being cross-questioned directly brillant far means was clicked be gone killing by the clique Xu Xiaoshan’s fact. The problem is, laoning and great river died together, good do not talk. Someone else also does not know this thing. From where is the truth that Xu Xiaoshan is homicide broken through after all? Does Hu Xiaowei say the video content of Xu hill transcribe aroused the suspicion of police? Did clue leave before is Xu Xiaoshan dead? Do the classmate that still is him or friend call the police? Still discover conscience to leave original capital on the ground before is Laoning dead? Kill Xu Xiaoshan’s person, is green cane also often rather? This is a mystery it seems that.

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2, Xu Ying child did not leave any clew to die? Xu Ying child the suicide is all the time ” sweep black storm ” the anguish in audience heart, she is too beautiful, too pure, too kind-hearted, too beautiful. – ->After him be insulted, xu Ying Zixi hopes to begin from the beginning, but the death of little brother Xu Xiaoshan lets her be utterly disheartened, jump jumps down die of jade of high-rise popular pass the time in a leisurely way. But, xu Ying child so died for nothing? Didn’t she leave any clue?

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There is a detail to appear what to alluding in drama, xu Ying child ever closed oneself in the home to read a book before the suicide, the novel that the book that she reads is Dongye Guiwu ” red finger ” , its content and tall conspicuous proposal are similar, it is a pair of husband and wife to harbor murderer son nots hesitate destroy cadaver destroy the evidence and the story of impute other. Whether do this mean Xu Ying child what had known? Knew Sun Xing is Gao He’s secret especially, was Xu Xiaoshan once gone to Xu Ying child what had sent in the email? So, the author is expecting all the time one day, xu Ying child the roommate comes back to see Lin Hao again, two people are speaking of Xu Ying the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am discovers a Xu Ying suddenly child the clue that leave, next the secret of the merit that track down by following clues finds Xu hill be murdered and Sun Xing. Come so, be equivalent to Xu Ying child undertook vengeance to Sun Xing with additionally one kind of means, also can close eyes at long last.

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Regrettablly, final Sun Xing used the means of content of technology of a kind of least to disclose unexpectedly with respect to the secret that is Gao He, by He Yun personally is spoken, huang Xi tells Lin Hao directly, this does not have a meaning too, do not have interest too.

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3, Song Tao is in the detail legal medical expert that Song Tao commits the crime ” sweep black storm ” in it is a very crucial figure, his autopsy reports direct Ranglinhan and Ma Shuai turned an accident into death and natural death from homicide, masked all truths and clew, it may be said is brillant of far group ” great merit official ” . So, is Song Tao how by bribe? What is the soft costal region that he sells the soul? He is how be guided by superintend and director of group of breakthroughs, he is how commit the crime wait for detail, ” sweep black storm ” all was not explained.

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Still have, song Tao is Huang Xi’s father after all, the relation perhaps is had to wait a moment between he and Huang Xi, also be a be concerned about, this drama also was not explained, we know Huang Xi’s father is legal medical expert only, her little one’s mother’s sister is He Yun, he Yun and Song Tao are college fellow student, only this just, tie a network without patience, a little uninteresting.

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4, the place that the green cane detention house that Zhang Tong gives birth to the detail Ma Shuai that kills Ma Shuai to be in is a strange flower, ma Shuai is inside engorge 2 drink, the strong point follows a clerk like, in such detention houses that a Ma Shuai does as one wants almost, he is indescribable ground sudden death. Police expended very large interest on the cause of death that searchs Ma Shuai, check castor-oil plant toxin toxic Zhang Tong gives birth to the chef that decided a detention house with respect to rapid lock.

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The issue came, is Zhang Tong unripe by the soft costal region of bribe what be? Where is the breakthrough dot that is he decided to be guilty suspect by the lock? Is he how is poison horse handsome? Be to be in when of poison? ” sweep black storm ” did not explain. And, zhang Tong is unripe after be arrested, he still sends to Pei Wei fierce a little meaningful eyes, what did this represent again? Did not say.

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5, who gives brillant far the information that passes with Chen Jianbo? They go to He Yong before dragon end hill, chen Jianbo received a telephone call suddenly, let him assist Laoning to change Xue Mei’s body to dragon end hill immediately, because he arrived late two hours, as it happens and He Yong dash against. What we know to call to Chen Jianbo is brillant certainly far, is that who gives brillant far hit telephone call? Be He Yun? How does she know He Yong distance again?

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Still have, chen Jianbo is when trial room, brillant far pass on a message letting a person goes in, who spreads Chen Jianbo this word? He Yun was to interrupt a trial, but she does not have an opportunity to talk. Of course, the author thinks of these two things inside ghost should be Pei Wei, just the play changed later, this be concerned about also did not have a law to be opened again.

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6, is Pei Wei after all inside ghost? About the doubtful point on body of a surname Wei, the author ever had written technical article analysis, this fellow since after encountering Chen Jianbo with respect to flaw 100, had been stared at to go up not to say by He Yong, when capturing Zhang Tong to be born, he still presented He Yong’s pitfall it seems that, there still is a scene that lays communication eyes with Zhang Tong unexpectedly finally, can think truly almost inside ghost. But, ” sweep black storm ” whether is the capacity that be in follow-up gut and did not tell Pei Wei inside ghost, do not have promising more he is mixed in dragon end hill the erratic performance in trial room fills hole, if you are to look,broadcast so edition ” sweep black storm ” , you can are opposite for certain Pei Wei’s identity water of a mist. Of course, if you look is to divulge edition, that does not have doubt.

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7, brillant what is the motive that far bag raises Mai Jia? Mai Jia also is a very peculiar part, audience people guessing her generally at the beginning perhaps is culminating lie bottom, brillant after all only overall of Zheng Yi red ability masters far core secret, everyman thinks of to take brillant far core crime evidence, that has to compare Zheng Yi red and brillant far distance is a few closer, this one close, nearby arrives infinite close. Regrettablly, according to ” sweep black storm ” gut, mai Jia arrives when big finally ending still is one what be cheated by brillant Yuan Meng is foolish Bai Tian, the murderer that gives killing parents does not say when small girlfriend, still should boodle to him tool, really pitiful. Of course, a be concerned about has not defeated solution, brillant far why must include the fine that raise wheat? If be red like Zheng Yi in that way, brillant far do good works is to help his, but why should he take Mai Jia again when the tool. Perhaps have one only likely, brillant far it is to guard against at the beginning Xue Mei, looked for the hostage of a minatory Xue Mei to oneself ahead of schedule, namely Mai Jia, after be murdered of plum waiting for Xue, he just puts down a heart to come, push Mai Jia when the gift. Of course, this just guesses, specific reason, playwrite did not say.

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8, what is Director Zhao barring He Yong said? About whether releasing Chen Jianbo, he Yong goes looking for He Yun to discuss, strange is, director Zhao in the bureau blocked He Yong, said a few words alone with him, next He Yong just saw He Yun. This is a very little detail, but the detail that should not be no use absolutely, if no use won’t be patted, even if patted gibberish of say a few words to also go, but do not pat conversational content to let you guess namely. So, the heart is being caught to flinch liver ground thinks after the author sees big final result, after all what did Director Zhao say to He Yong, he should be the body of innocence, the part that he discovered congratulate Yun what is doubtful be? Alas, make a heart.

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9, Laoning’s identity is brillant far beside have Laoning of a super killer, follow a laborer it seems that same, actually however kill without batting an eyelid, lin Han, Xue Mei and Xu hill are direct die in his at hand, he still is pulling great river perish together finally. The issue came, what be dead set follows old rather brillant far? What story does he have again after one’s death? He ever turned round twice to pay close attention to to Mai Jia when the 2nd collect, has he also had a daughter? If this is film of a popcorn, cold blood killer does not explain background understandable, but apparent ” sweep black storm ” gave Laoning a few side write, let an audience generate interest to this character. But, laoning arrived to still become person of a tool only finally, what setting was not explained, this character also becomes have some of dull insipidity.

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10, Laoning’s identity does not explain the identity of great river good to say, the identity of sibling of every of Xing Fei Xing is not explained in detail understandable also, as good brother of Li Chengyang, in Li Chengyang the platoon in the heart also does not have identity setting unexpectedly in tertiary great river, this made person meaning difficult make the same score with respect to some. Great river this individual is very interesting, he can be hit can kill, tender feelings of a strong determined person, still have sense of justice very much at the same time, do those who laugh is to still teach oneself English, be ” sweep black storm ” a medium Qing Dynasty flows. A such anybody, audience nature wants to know the story before him, dry what is he, when turn iron into the brother with Li Chengyang, why is he full of sense of justice, even, why does he say the foreign language is waited a moment. As a result this drama did not say these question, great river is in ” sweep black storm ” in to finally still be the character like person of a tool only, with likeness of attribute of old peaceful person, destiny likeness, be concerned about Dou Lei is the same as repeatedly.

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The place on put together is narrated, hearsay of in the bookshops ” sweep black storm ” cutout is decreased and revised a lot of the plot of a play, it is clear that the ending that causes a few people and setting do not have a law to explain, to the audience, this is a regret, but to a drama, be also a kind misshapen and aesthetic? The author thinks, ” sweep black storm ” although teleplay is already big ending, but its story does not have be over, we still can expect future ” sweep black storm ” add is made, of course, this add is made is not to film the meaning of teleplay continuation, hope playwrite can adapt former play the novel however, or accredit gives other writer, in ” sweep black storm ” novel of colleague of the creation on the foundation, did not fill those the tunnel that board on. After all, ” sweep black storm ” before half paragraphs story really too wonderful.

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