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Original title: ” meet season ” : Ning Shu offends 3 people at the same time, contradiction upgrades again Meet to laugh at enemy of die out favour. What this word says is city affection drama ” meet season ” the Ning You in and Jian Hongcheng. However special regrettablly is, be not everybody to be able to have so open-minded mind euqally like they are 2. Such as, the Ning Shu in drama is a typical case. And be in newest gut, ning Shu offends 3 people at the same time, contradiction upgrades again.

20220313121334 622ddfeee249b

1, the little brother that Jian Hong of brief great plan pursues is a drama hero Jian Hongcheng, ning Shu is the little brother that this drama heroine excuses rather. Brief great plan is to the first impression of Ning Shu pretty good. Peaceful after all excuse me all over divulge is worn the temperament that person of outstanding ability of a kind of essence has. And he still brought brushstroke large sheet for brief great plan. However, jian Hong pursues and the little brother that this is like very good knock to looking combines Ning Shu, however from was full of schemes and intrigues at the beginning.

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The reason that Ning Shu goes to company of brief great plan is very simple, be not is to order goods, he just considers pry military situation merely, understanding understands brief family to show the fundamental condition nowadays. Clearly, jian Hong pursues even if of one mind thinks of pure child. Deep hatred is not had in his heart, the real purpose that did not believe Ning Shu more is to kill him.

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Ning Shu for punish brief home, introduced brief great plan step by step the trap that oneself had set beforehand. He also is hired opposite of storehouse of company of brief great plan issued a storehouse, be in the upside of the rolling door, on the sly is installed went up monitoring of a miniature, convenient the every act that he is monitoring Jian Hong pursues from beginning to end, grasp the weak point that Jian Hong pursues, the commercial empire brief family demolishs thoroughly. Become as Jianhong nevertheless with favour complain, ning Shu plans to mog monitoring originally, find enemy no longer from now on. How Jian Hong pursues early one pace discovered monitoring, make brief home and peaceful home beacon fire heavy light.

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2, Jian Minmin Jian Minmin, one is sent mad like woman. She is opposite not only peaceful family is mad, broke peaceful home, excuse me letting peace suffers from went up insane is ill. Still go mad to oneself family member, it is pair of husband Zhang Lixin first all sorts of breathe out greatly small cry, hind again second be troubled by break with with parents, return the Jian Hongcheng of close little brother one mother sister finally expulsive door. Must say, jian Minmin this individual is had arrived really the extent that one’s kin all can not know.

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In the meantime, also be opposite because of Jian Minmin just about oneself family extremely slashing. So, when Jian Hong the graph is Ning Shu at the door storehouse after the issue that holds monitoring tells Jian Minmin, jian Minmin calls with respect to elder brother giving ability on the spot, jiang Ningshu’s one’s life experience gives feel appeared. Be aware of Ning Shu may be the child of Cui Hao and peaceful extremely, jian Minmin is visited directly, gave Ning Shu one slap, letting peace is between neighborhood stage of refuse to come down.

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3, Cheng Kexin actually, to Ning Shu, jian Minmin meets brief great plan make what kind of move, he is not afraid of right-down. After all, from him preparation avenges that momently, he has made all plans, imagined all worst conditions. But, those who have a person is angry, it is Ning Shu only then expect do not and go facing hard. This person has become the Cheng Kexin of girlfriend of peaceful excuse me namely.

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In thirtieth in the prevue of 7 collect, ning Shu is in firm at the beginning when hold out insolent, say to want to let the end that Jian Minmin pursues same with Jian Hong. But do not have much second, ning Shu is tragic, because Cheng Kexin knew the fact, her disclosure peaceful excuse me from contact her at the beginning, it is to want to use her to murder brief great plan, deathtrap of brief home park. If Ning Shu does not have become enamoured from beginning to end, so no matter how Cheng Kexin feels disgusted, all metropolises are to not matter. But, its key depended on Ning Shu changing condition to Cheng Kexin, he begins to care about Cheng Kexin.

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Photograph of summary loss loss signs up for when. Want to revenge the more, can draw more animosity. A little carelessly, offend many people at the same time commonly jointly with Ning Shu, it is the person that accidentally injure cares about to oneself even, casting becomes beyond recall blunder, to moment can afterthought not was reached.

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Above is ” meet season ” in, ning Shu offends 3 people at the same time, the material detailed information that contradiction upgrades again.

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