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Original title: Before still remembering 7 years ” the person that pretend ” ? Female nowadays advocate unmanned knowledge, a few female match extremely popular however Before 7 years; Play of war of espionage of a classics ” the person that pretend ” arrival; Opened the market of play of domestic espionage war once more; In ceiling of play of war of espionage of direct ascend body; And regard the main actor’s Hu Ge, Jin Dong and Wang Kai as 3 people among them; Into the actor that loves to get authority fully;

20220313121424 622de02014140

It is nevertheless in this drama; Still have the presence of an a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting however; That serves as among them namely female advocate the actor is a when pull hip most; Lie between when nowadays old; Be in ” the person that pretend ” that medium female member that act the leading role; However be not a patch on a few female the development that match; Can say already unmanned knowledge even; Look together with respect to He Lefeng below about ” the person that pretend ” those medium actress.

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1.How does Wang Lejun judge a drama medium female advocate; Mix so naturally namely male advocate the presence that having a concern; Wang Lejun is in ” the person that pretend ” in; The Cheng Jinyun of place personate this part;

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Although come on the stage late; But the sweetheart that she made bright stand however; Also sit so solid Cheng Jinyun female in drama advocate position; To Wang Lejun this actor; Be in actually ” the person that pretend ” before; Very few somebody knows her; Because king is happy,gentleman’s fame is not very tall.

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She goes out formally from 5 years; In time of 10 years; Wang Lejun goes out performed work of numerous espionage war play; Ceng He Zhang Zijian together partner ” falcon 1949 ” and by the audience people be known;

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But ” the person that pretend ” the Gaoguang hour that just is her; After this drama anthology ends; Wang Lejun is mixed Hu Ge once more partner ” shooting ” ; Amid personate Tao Huamei; It is a minor minor role only nevertheless; Was not paid close attention to too much so.

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Original king happy Jun Ping lends Cheng Jinyun this part; Became female advocate; But the development after her however worse and worse; Piece act ” dear, have deep love for ” , ” sword of hopeless situation casting ” wait for these work; Did not let her be obtained once more approbate outstandingly;

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Because Wang Lejun itself does not suit to carry key link daughter,still basically be advocate; And Cheng Jinyun this part; Also be everybody is in ” the person that pretend ” in one of parts that are fed up with most; If say great master the word of stand in line; More apt bright stage and Yu Manli two people.

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Because the part is fed up with; So Wang Lejun even if is to become famous to also won’t continue to be spent by too good attention; Can use up the fame before oneself ceaselessly finally only; Thereby the enterprise develops worse and worse;

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Can say only at the outset Wang Lejun chooses to give performing this part itself is a mistake; Likelihood Wang Lejun also is a few more recumbent at that time the play staff that the relation just enters; After hope king happy gentleman can great the acting that promotes oneself.

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2.Liumin billows Liu Mintao the bright mirror of place personate is bright home eldest sister; Think red is capitalistic; Although not be subterranean party; Working for the party ceaselessly all the time however; And know oneself little brother work below Japanese hand; Still chose to believe them however;

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Although finally because die for bullet of bright building instantly; But it is a the most indispensable part in complete theatrical work however; And Liu Mintao’s likewise very good explanation gave bright mirror this eldest sister; Not only exalted wind model; More idea is dark.

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And Liu Mintao also is an outstanding actor; Be in ” the person that pretend ” before; She goes out had acted ” Han Yang is built ” , ” parental love ” these outstanding drama anthology work;

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And still be mixed partner of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ; The air of Wen Wan of static the wife of a prince of its place personate; It is everybody likewise very an actor that love; Carry these work; When letting Liu Mintao be in 15 years formal by the audience people hep and approbate; And be in the development later is likewise special and remarkable.

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Be in ” the person that pretend ” after the end; Liu Mintao still joined in ” happy eulogy ” ; Amid personate the mother of Er closing Ju; Although give lens time not much; Very good however explanation gave this role;

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And in nearly two years; Liu Mintao is having a lot of new work likewise; For instance ” our new era ” , ” green ” wait; Although the age has had some big; But Liu Mintao can obtain an audience to love by right of his acting as before however.

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Liu Mintao can the Europe bully gas in drive elder sister and able and virtuous switch undertakes freely in kind and gentle benefit; Although she is to depend on two work with partner of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song to become famous; But a good actor does not depend on these two parts only merely;

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Although ” the person that pretend ” in show share of Liu Mintao still does not have Wang Lejun much; But under photograph comparing; Choose do not let Yu Manli become female advocate; Likelihood this eldest sister also should be female advocate; After all acting was not to cheat an audience; Two people put instantly together to stand sentence.

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3.Rainbow of Guo Hong Guo this actor also is old show bone; She is in 93 years when formal go out; Depend on later ” broomcorn became red ” , ” unmanned area ” these work obtained the acknowledge of a few to spend;

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Be in ” the person that pretend ” in; The part of personate of Guo rainbow place is laurel aunt; As Ming Jiazhong’s servent; Although look frank and honest and tolerant; It is a cruel and evil spy however; Ever having the grace that foster to bright city in one’s childhood; But be being returned finally is by bright building they got rid of even the hand.

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Although Guo Hong is a villain in drama in drama; But acting is very outstanding likewise; After and be in becoming famous through this drama; The resource that Guo Hong gets is more and more outstanding also;

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In ” if exemplary pass ” in Guo Hong and Zhou Xun are right the setting of play; It is exceedingly classical more; And before she still continued to cooperate with Wang Kai ” great river great river 2 ” this work; Although be a costar actor all the time,can say Guo Hong; Resource however very outstanding.

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Drama is sowed in the heat this year ” bold knife goes ” in; Guo Hong still goes out performed Zhao jade stage this part; Although camera lens is not very much; Of Dan Guohong famous degree promoted as before however many;

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Bone of this old show is in all the time those young leading role are made match; The acting that passes oneself will foil give them the figure of these a few main actor; On Guo Hong’s body; Can see her the understanding to the part; Each part she can very meticulous observation; Explain the characteristic that gives this part itself very well thereby.

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Guo Hong this actor; The development in future is very capacious likewise above road; Although she cannot hold the position of the actor of leading role; Can be however in work of a lot of movie and TV; Hold the position of those important minor role people;

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This actually already exceeding outstanding; After saying to still hope Guo Hong can be in so, continue to bring more outstanding work; This actor also is worth to expect very.

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4.Gull of king gull king is in ” the person that pretend ” in the Wang Manchun of place personate; It is the head of a department or office that information of bark puppet government manages; Humanness is exceedingly very cruel; Because regard the division of bright building as younger sister at the outset; Having very deep feeling to him; Everybody dare kill Wang Manchun besides bright building;

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But a piece that became bright building to use however; Although be a villain in drama; But whole also compares Bei a few cooler; And Wang Ou this actor; Very good also explanation gave Wang Manchun the strong line with the sort of hot firm.

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And cooperated together with Hu Ge likewise before Wang Ou ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ; Lose by right of Qin Ban and be loved by everybody; After 15 years; The road of Wang Ou’s development is exceedingly outstanding likewise; Give the work of movie and TV that performed a lot of big IP;

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For instance ” Tian Chengchang song ” , ” dimly discernible of a poetic name of China is recorded ” etc; A lens of gull of every time king; Meet everybody to love to bring a few brand-new figure; And invite an audience people the very good characteristic that pays close attention to Wang Ou to go up personally.

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In time of nearly two years; Wang Ou puts his career focus was in on program of put together art; Last year joining together ” billow elder sister ” the 2nd season promoted fame once more; Still join acted ” star great detective ” , ” capital 12 time ” etc;


Work of movie and TV may be more than in last few years very outstanding; But those her put together art be worth everybody to love very however; Although allow the part that Wang Ou becomes famous; It is cruel and evil, labour at calculation these; But in the life however very enchanting and moving.


On her body; Can see the charm of mature girl not only; It is exceedingly downy more; Below different environment; Wang Ou also can show a different part nature; Forthright, free and easy, Wen Run can be in she sees on those parts;


And it is OK that Wang Ou also is awaiting all the time nowadays the opportunity of project oneself; Believe to be apart from the advent of this opportunity; Should not too far; Hope Wang Ou can continue to bring a few outstanding work.


5.If Song Yi says ” the person that pretend ” what who develops those medium actress is best; That should belong to Song Yi undoubted; The Yu Manli of personate of place of Yi of itself the Song Dynasty this part; Get audience people love; And everybody also is bright stage and Yu Manli all the time this is opposite the vermicelli made from bean starch of Cp;


Just get offline hurriedly; Female advocate different; Still some let a person be accepted hard; Carry this part; Let everybody realise Song Yi this girl; Figure of her main cheongsam too too beautiful.


Inside a few years of time later; Song Yi and Zhang Reyun cooperate ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” ; Cooperate with Guo Qilin ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” these two work; It is special the ancient costume theatrical work that gives prize;


And be in these two drama; What Song Yi behaves is very outstanding; And Yi of itself the Song Dynasty is attribute kind of ancient costume beauty; In work of ancient costume drama and work of years theatrical work; Her temperament and figure can control very well whole setting.


Song Yi still acted the leading role before ” the Luoyang since wind ” this drama; In last few years in; The work that Song Yi acts the leading role basically attributes big IP kind; This also let Song Yi the development nowadays is more and more remarkable;


This year; Song Yi returned government-owned announce ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” the work of the 2nd season; And the new theatrical work that with Chen Weiting, She Shiman these fine actors are having collaboration; The road of the development that she did not come to; Should be more a few more outstanding; Look now nevertheless; Should ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” the arrival with the 2nd can speedier season.

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