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Original title: ” meet season ” why doesn’t Jian Minmin agree to let off Cui Jia? It is to be the home before, later is to be his Promote the teleplay that waits for a main actor by thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Gu Nailiang, Zhang Yi ” meet season ” be about to near end, this big thinking that ending is met is Ning Shu put down animosity, jian Hongcheng is together with Ning You, jian Ning two family are OK everyone is happy. But who knows, there still is more exciting gut actually from the back. From premonitory in light of, ning Shu installs the thing of monitoring to be discovered, brief great plan was taking a person to bind Ning Shu. Jian Hongcheng still discovers brief great plan opens hairpiece bill, track down by following clues discovers all these is Ning Shu’s arrangement. Jian Minmin is informed Cuijia change name through investigation, was informed the business that Ning Shu does even, she what enraged a head should look for Ning Shu to revenge, see the person changed a hand. Although be before Ning Hui, jian Minmin does not have give up as before the defect with former rampant aggressive.

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such, the business grows more and more control hard, jian Ning two contradiction more and more become acute, ning You and clip of brief great plan are among respective family, in a dilemma, inside and outside is not a person. Very do not understand, jian Minmin can reconcile with Jian Hongcheng of close little brother, can excuse Zhang Lixin, can renounce might even, why to agree to let off Cui Jia namely (the person such as Ning Hui) . It is the kind and enmity of on one generation obviously, why doesn’t Jian Minmin agree to put down namely? Actually, jian Minmin is for oneself.

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If say Jian Minmin goes to Home Cui hitting,be bungled go to a hospital make trouble, because,be filial piety heart, so most initial doing is understandable. Because Jian Minmin temperament is such, eat to must not have a deficit, should be informed father be in hospital insensible, meet for this yard in most likely when, jian Minmin is angry really. It is oneself one’s own father then after all, no matter who be,believe, cannot ignore, also won’t sober, not sensible it is understandable. After all she is the firstborn daughter in the home, the mother is a soft strength, she is flustered, be eager to looking for a place that abreact, because all this symptom aimed Cui Jia.

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But later Jian Minmin’s behavior, it is for oneself completely. Await in those days, cui Jia already change name ran a place, had gotten due Nemesis. Generally speaking, won’t be ruthless. But more than 20 years past, jian Minmin returns be troubled Yu Huai, say to two little brothers even, with Cui Jia at daggers drawn, won’t let off them absolutely? Because,that is, the tragedy of the half a lifetime after Jian Minmin, cui Jia is caused secondhand.

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Because brief father is insensible, the Jian Minmin that serves as firstborn daughter must instigate heavy burden, discontinue one’s studying runs factory. If brief father is done not have by Cui grand accidentally injure, so yard can borrow loan, also can resolve the crisis. In Jian Minmin’s description, in those days brief father just take-overed yard, back-to-back by Cui Hao accidentally injure, serious injury is insensible, that moment yard closes down likely at any time, the Jian Minmin that serves as firstborn daughter must discontinue one’s studying goes take-overing yard. Whats do not know Jian Minmin, can rely on Zhang Lixin to run factory only, to let Zhang Lixin ground of be dead set dies for brief home, it is brief father is forcing with brief mother Jian Minmin marries him.

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But Jian Minmin does not like Zhang Lixin, genuflect of one’s own parents is in before, jian Minmin agreed. Be in that year, she did not have the opportunity that go to school, also did not have the happiness with unripe second half. And tragedy originates Cui Hao hurt brief father, if do not have Cui grand accidentally injure brief father, do not have a variety of things from the back so, probably, jian Minmin need not discontinue one’s studying, she can install a person’s mind to become her old young lady, need not take-over yard, can marry the person that likes to oneself, also do not need to contend for family property with Jian Hongcheng, need not drink to maintain factory with others even leasehold money. Jian Minmin also can spend this lifetime happily originally, but because in those days misfortune, let her lose happiness, lost the power of the choice, arrived even old age connects a child to be done not have.

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You say, jian Minmin can not hate peaceful family, can you hate Ning Hui? In Jian Minmin’s eye, it is the lifetime that Cui Jia destroyed her. So she puts all complaint and hate to Cui Jiashen. This namely why Jian Minmin can reconcile with Jian Hongcheng, do not agree to let off Cui Jia however. Although we know, the continuance of kind and enmity of on one generation has many after all to this generation bad, jian Minmin lets Ning Shu leave sequela at the outset is how abominable, but Jian Minmin’s nature is such, tragic happening believes everybody does not want to see. Just do not know, the case that to Cui Jiaru this look does not leave issues Jian Minmin, how can Jian Hongcheng and Ning You do? How is two ending met again finally?

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