Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Review the movie ” the left and right sides “ Accidentally, saw a very old movie, the film that Wang Xiaoshuai directs ” the left and right sides ” .

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Interpret of hero Zhang Jia still does not have present fame at that time, but it is good to act particularly in those days, natural, simple, be without performance trace. Another male main actor becomes peaceful also is actor of low-key actual strength clique, drama is heated up recently ” between the world ” in the acting output that also has high quality. Most what the value carries is heroine Liu Weiwei, had seen the teleplay of her main actor before, did not think of to be on big screen, her expression more Jing letting a person is colourful, especially that pair of eyes get the adamancy of a mother and oblivious of oneself show incisively and vividly, already bright recently the work that has her, but this film is her acting absolutely reflect. Abandon all sorts of comments to this film, include the controversy to film. Pure be touched from what film brings me and experience for, result from at 2 o’clock: Mother love and helpless! Mother love, when a mother the daughter to save oneself, abandon all dignity, go begging the man that once betrayed oneself, in the eyes the sort of mix sturdily oblivious of oneself be most let a person touch. All these results from love, more prep above love, . Of mother love altruistic perfect in the actor’s eye expression comes out. Helpless, when little girl contracted disease, speak out from the mouth of herself ” I am good not ” when that is helpless, any person listened to metropolis heartbreak. Can be understood and the anything that does for her supports. Already was person parent now especially, impact of this kind of emotive is more strong, everything what also can understand maternal place to do more. Make ministry movie, did not stir painstakingly fortunately, some is only, whole structure, fluent narrative, let touch become intense bit by bit as the story with nature. What rise compared with those load one’s writing with fancy phrases is luxuriant with empty story clue, I like this kind of movie that is full of human warmth really, can let a person drip in heart underset a warmth. Before be like a lot of years, old paean directs ” be together with you ” , deep heavy breathing sweet and touching. Actually, of homebred film those are alleged the movie that makes greatly, those insanity burn money however the motion picture that extremely disappointing movies takes as these sureness instead more make moving heart. Although went so old, also still look again now, still also can cause resonance. I think this is a good work, with the passing of time and cover is new.

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