Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Film of theme of encourage annals campaign ” Indian girl ” showed on March 18 Information times dispatch (reporter Ma Zewang) Li Zhiyun uses subject matter film ” Indian girl ” will on March 18 fair mirror. The girl that film told about Indian farmer family cardamom seed alizarin red is standing fast bias of the breakthrough on the road that cricket moves and obstruct, make the story of oneself. Open lead watched shadow group this recently, the audience that already had watched movie states this film is mixed ” tumble! Father ” subject matter type very picture, have the moving feeling that surmounts general sports work more, touch very much.

20220313130030 622deaeeaeb18

Placard. Piece just offer a plan ” Indian girl ” told about the girl cardamom seed that comes from Indian farmer family alizarin red, because suffer father’s influence to have deep love for cricket as a child, but be in place, cricket all along is considered as the movement that attributes a man only, the dream that this also lets cricket of angle of cardamom seed alizarin red gets at the beginning layer upon layer block up. As training the level rises ceaselessly, cardamom seed alizarin red gains the competence that plays international game, the story of ultimate read a dream. In the film, cardamom seed alizarin red symbolized numerous and active up, the female athletics player that is brave in to go all out in work. She is having capricious and a bit stubborn disposition impression, the cricket that also has experienced failure to want to abandon loving greatly when, however cardamom seed alizarin red is in every time trough, total somebody accompanies support beside, this person is her father. He is in police station prevail over all dissenting views, safeguard the dream of cardamom seed alizarin red stoutly; The well-meaning crammer that weaves for the daughter cheats an audience even. Many audiences express, in the process that watch a movie at the same time by cardamom seed alizarin red spirit is incentive, the father that also is father of cardamom seed alizarin red to send out at the same time loves what to touch. Film by A · of Lu La merchant blocks Ma Lajie playwrite and hold guide, aixiwaya Lajieshen, Sajialaji, Siwakadien acts the leading role, will on March 18 fair mirror.

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