Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” kind gold ” : To avenge, she paid everything ” kind gold “

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Compare the crime at her, what make a person be surprised more is her is fine-looking, a few media that do not have fine are a flourish of trumpets of gold fine-looking, even still the director wants to take the story of gold into the film. Actually in those days staking case, she just takes sb’s place for the person ” kid ” , real murderer is white teacher of teacher of a people. Because gold is pregnant accidentally look for white teacher to seek a help, did not think of gold of white teacher requirement to regard exchange as in order to kidnap he is in the student of the school the condition.

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After gold is finished, the child is killed bloodily by white teacher however, subsequently white teacher makes menace with the daughter of gold again, let gold carry a blame on the head put in prison. After be released from prison, gold changes kind former days genial figure, she is found in those days jail is friendly, ask they help themselves finish avenge a plan.

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Gold boil with anger regret having done sth, the decision spreads out to white teacher with crueler means avenge… what perform next is complete an avenged climax, I not drama was appeared. Look complete piece, the float in my brain reveals a such words: Gaze at abyss when you while, abyss also is in gaze at you. Gold to avenge, also turned oneself into homicide. Abyss gives the power of the travel before she continues, but also let her be immersed in at the same time cannot the abyss of extricate oneself, desertioned original pure.

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