Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Encourage records movies ” the teenager that break ice ” switch on the mobile phone in lotus hill

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According to introducing, this is one is subject matter with the Olympic Games, the movies of series of campaign of ice and snow that how impoverished family earths up nurturance to spread out for champion of an Olympic Games around, gross cent is 2, one with ” ice ” give priority to a problem, another with ” snow ” give priority to a problem.

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Switch on the mobile phone ceremonially, introduced the film ” the teenager that break ice ” main content, this film modelled Tang Zheng of teenager of poor of family background of a family, in one’s childhood although the body is bad, however the heart retains ambitious ideal and ambition — dream of champion of Olympic Games of implementation ice and snow. Accidental opportunity and practice of skater Ding Jiao are acquainted, be fostered in his and encourage below, teenager Tang Zheng falls in difficult condition, train hard, overcome a variety of difficulty, all previous classics a variety of cross. “1000 although work hard,clean out 10 thousand seep through, blow mad sand only then to gold ” , the teenager stands finally in the Olympic Games to get award platform. The story clue that free and easy rises and fall, in Tang Zheng the reflection on the body comes out ” sword sharp edge goes out from go through the mill, wintersweet is sweet come from bitter chill ” Olympic spirit, it is the true portraiture of contemporary athlete.

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It is reported, from last year begin first, film drama already undertook for many times revise and be perfectinged, to making link relapse expect is mixed conception, for many times on-the-spot find a view films; Film still invites major fast slippery team makes the character depict of film cleverer, the picture is more wonderful. Wang Shaobo of Piao of examine and verify

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