Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Justice not allow affection: “Little Ling ” retreat a circle sadly, “Day is rich ” be cut into parts, many costar already died “Changes in temperature which can rest, turn round how many autumn, search finish to slant lose, did not long to be in however hand “

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Still maintaining the tall branch of 8.8 on fabaceous valve up to now. We talk about the story that makes classically about this today. ” justice not allow affection ” a few episode in also are one of heroes that drama anthology can succeed, display nowadays sing ” why to beg all one’s life ” Chen Baijiang already also was confused from the song forever and go.

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Actually strictly speaking, ” justice not allow affection ” the dub in background music in says to go up to be monopolized by Wang Jie, because ” why to beg all one’s life ” the mandarin original that is You Wangjie actually ” keep thinking about this a few ” adapt and come. Still have episode ” likelihood ” , ” the part of the story ” , and pass likewise sing very wide trailer song ” a few minutes sad a few minutes crazy ” , all be Wang Jie’s song. Is song name very new? ” a few minutes sad a few minutes crazy ” mandarin edition is everybody is familiar ” a game a dream ” .

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It is no matter ” why to beg all one’s life ” , or ” a few minutes sad a few minutes crazy ” , can bring back the far that takes melancholy slightly to think of for an instant in. Singing sky is clever, if appeal to,be like sob, review ” justice not show mercy ” , feeling still is for a long time is made the same score hard. ” justice not allow affection ” it is game of a life, deducing to give a dream. To drama confusing, ” justice not allow affection ” since a nightmare, also be a fond dream.

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