Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: One shadow theatrical work is complete ” mysterious giant star “

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Yi Xiya of girl of gut of · of film of music of gut of mysterious giant star (Zaira Wasim acts the role of Saiyila Woxi) having a pair of inherent nice voice, antistrophic song was full of her what have deep love for to daydream want to become a star. However, yixiyasheng lives in family of a comfortless, maternal graceful Ji Ma (Meher Vij acts the role of Mei Weigu) the father law Lu Ke that often suffers disposition blowout arbitrary peremptoriness (brilliant Raj Arjun acts the role of Lajie A) boxing foot photograph to, yi Xiya knows, missing the musical dream that lets father him support is completely impossible thing. Some day, the mother sold golden necklace to buy a computer to Yixiya, very fast, yi Xiya discovers, although can no more show the implementation in fact to dream, but there is more capacious arena in the network. Yi Xi Yalu made a paragraph of unconscious faces play what sing oneself to inspected screen to upload actor hare net to go up oneself, did not think of to harvest unusually enthusiastic echo, gram of summer of famous music person is carried (· sweat Aamir Khan acts the role of Amier) also cast to her gave olive branch. Film · comments on film · to comment on film · to comment on a daughter refuse frock, show the face come out. Refuse is frock not only, still have coma, obedient, abasement, lowliness; Revealing also is a face not only, still have dignity, courage, boldness, equality; Mom says to the husband ” that is not rubbish, the guitar that is Yin Xiya then ” tear of heat letting a person is filled with the socket of eye. Guitar of her pick up is taking children head to also did not answer the ground to go, from inside the eyes of she and daughter, what I see is revolt, battle, adamancy, brave, arousal, free! Film · comments on film ·

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