Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Li Guangxi of famous tenor singer dies expedition of graceful Feng of 93 years old of Gong Lin sends die at the age of Wen Dao reads aloud

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Late on March 13, according to boreal blueness newspaper reporter learns, li Guangxi of famous tenor singer dies, die at the age of is 93 years old. Its masterpiece has ” toast song ” etc. Li Guangxi is our country artist of famous and lyric tenor singer, operatic performance, central opern country one stage actor, enjoy the State Council to issue ” the outstanding expert that has outstanding contribution ” title, the beauty that having musical circle evergreen tree praise. Ceng Yin acts the leading role the first classic opera ” camellia daughter ” and become famous.

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Subsequently, graceful dispatch of Gong beautiful jade grieves over Li Guangxi: “Heavy grieve over, the artist that De Yishuang strongs and pervasive fragrance, china’s crackajack tenor singer, mr. Li Guangxi of our respect and admire, die away ” .

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Feng is expeditionary also dispatch grieves over: “Heaven is sung again ” toast song ” . Mr. Li Guangxi has gone all the way! Mr. Li Guangxi has gone all the way!!

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