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Original title: Climb a wall together Tan Jian second: Very be afraid that be being said is ” wait for explode actor ” did not explode very make a face

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Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (Jiang Jiamin / Wen Masen / graph) the net drama that recently heat sows ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” in, tan Jian the Shen Yi of second personate is division of picture of imitate of a talent, the strokes that use a picture gives the suspect’s picture, assist police to detect the case of each complicated and confusing. Tan Jian second feel, shen Yi is ” unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease and not dark talent ” , this part is bad to act, “He is very much the thing hides in the heart, look a bit more possibly not to come out occasionally even. So I feel more feelings that are the sort of sober, aloof and proud him, mystery come out to expression. ” ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” it is the personate that Tan Jian one after another broadcasts male drama anthology, he says frankly, perform this theatrical work very into play, be enmeshed for long in one individual content, “Goggle it is this part, sleeping still is a part ” , smoke a bit hard after be patted even from the part. This shows Tan Jian second to this drama take seriously, but he does not have too great pressure, “I am confident to my performance. ” although be the way that gives as male group, but Tan Jian second have an actor dream as a child. Performed old supporting rule, tan Jian second carry eventually nowadays rose male advocate old standard, tan Jian second feel very successful to feel, “At least was not pulled break down, let everybody feel I do not suit to do this business. ” recently 9 years, tan Jian second person air hole sees the move is taller and taller, a lot of people say he is ” wait for explode actor ” , hear such name, tan Jian second breathe out continuously: “Do I hear this kind of word awfully do you know? Feel everybody expects to be worth to yours particularly tall, finally you (if) did not explode meet special make a face. ” and Tan Jian second also had never wanted to want to become a top to flow, “I (just) him hope is an actor that has public praise. “I (just) him hope is an actor that has public praise..

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Second Shen Yi should compare conversational Tan Jian I am more welcome, his disposition stabilizes Sohu recreation quite: You have before had carried in interview, shen Yi he is an evil actually and not dark talent character, be when are you patted, how master this to spend? Tan Jian second: This is spent tell the truth to be held out actually bad to search, because it compares faintness. He is not so an appearing person, a lot of things he is to hide in the heart, look a bit more possibly not to come out occasionally even. So I feel more feelings that are the sort of sober, aloof and proud him, mystery come out to expression. Sohu recreation: Because you also say you yourself are likely,have what resembled, real life is so medium if have Shen Yi,a such people are on the side, can you become a friend with him? Tan Jian second: I think I am met. Playwrite teacher says I resemble with Shen Yi actually, myself does not say. I actually not quite feel I have with Shen Yi very the place that resemble, just say he gives Shen Yi a kind of my very all-purpose sense, the thing looks for Shen Yi, he can help you solve. So beside you if have such friend, that is glad of course, what thing was lost, he says I help you be recollected, he can help you search, can become a on your life good assistant. Sohu recreation: That if between Shen Yi and Du Cheng extortionary you choose to become a friend, who can you choose? Tan Jian second: This is a bit difficult, then I still can choose Shen Yi possibly. I feel Shen Yi was to use a long time to study how to discuss a heart with the person, how to walk into the heart of others next, with various means. Compare again next amiable, so I feel likely to get along rise can do not have pressure. When Du Cheng’s word should consider possibly to get along with him, I can which word stimulates him, or which word makes him angry of what. Sohu recreation: Do so you feel Shen Yi is met more the heart that knows others? Tan Jian second: Yes, shen Yi is one knows a man very much or a person of feminine heart. Sohu recreation: Then you feel Shen Yi and own your word, which meeting more suffer a schoolgirl to welcome a few? Tan Jian second: I feel should be Shen Yi. My this individual, quite one build what did not build. Shen Yi is fixedder, he is a person of very inherent a kind of person establish mettle, may acme a bit, I compare diversification a bit. I am met occasionally very funny, very outside put, meet occasionally next very frowsty, the likelihood resembles Shen Yi quite when I am frowsty. Sohu recreation: Everybody can feel you have teenager feeling very much in within, special young the sort of feeling. How do you reflect the sort of teenager move? Tan Jian second: Teenager feeling? The likelihood is I myself have, I also do not know. I did not feel I have a teenager to feel, but may have a few a little bit occasionally. Sohu recreation: Be the man can feel ” is the man a teenager to death ” ? Tan Jian second: That is state of mind, years can make a face anile, anile feel without the teenager for certain. Especially eye, the eye cannot fool a person, eye if you were experienced a lot of, the affirmation in your eye has a story, once that had a story I feel teenager feeling can decrease, the teenager feels even if be clear in the eye, right incorrect? Sohu recreation: Do then you feel your eye is clear? Tan Jian second: I feel my eye is the sort of clear in carrying a story, taking in the story clear. Sohu recreation: Be oneself also were experienced actually a lot of? Tan Jian second: Yes. Sohu recreation: But actually your state of mind should be pretty young. Tan Jian second: Yes, I like to make my a bit purer, do not want to let oneself want a lot of. Sohu recreation: Have see a titbits, you are defending a dough to be able to play one day. So everybody also can say you how so lovely so soft bud, that audience boast are you lovely are you happy? Do you like others boast are you lovely? Tan Jian second: I do not have be pregnant not to like, I feel boast I am lovely and affirmative because everybody likes me to just be met,be boast I, so I won’t feel because of this bemused. You like boast I am lovely, that I with respect to jump at, of course I still like others boast I am handsome, right incorrect? Sohu recreation: You have collaboration of beautiful of world following gold in drama, you feel you follow him, or Shen Yi follows Du Cheng, which kinds of different type be respectively is handsome? Tan Jian second: Du Cheng is belonged to the sort of very of the man, it is very decisive very strong the sort of. We two it is an article a fierce, du Cheng attributes connecting with the boxing skill that is handsome. Shen Yi is to belong to those who compare tenderness, tell with their present word comparing a cat is male friend, more petite the sort of, thin and small of a bit. Sohu recreation: So Du Cheng is a dog to fasten male friend, be such? Tan Jian second: Yes. Sohu recreation: Can then you feel before him his gas field is very strong? Tan Jian second: Actually Shen Yi enrages what did not differ, gas field of Shen Yi is very strong, he is the surface only very thin and small, but because he is quite quite sober, dedicated, enough,be sure, so he is very firm before any person, a very firm person, so his gas field I do not think to be able to be defeated by Du Cheng. Sohu recreation: Is so this double A to combine to combination? Tan Jian second: Yes, powerful powerful combination.

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Present love pulses is much more powerful at that time than us they know him program more Sohu recreation: This drama is the drama of the first your broadcasted main actor, can him heart have pressure? Tan Jian second: How be told, I take seriously very much, but I feel to talk not upward pressure. Because I am confident to my performance, then you do not have other thing method decision, the qualitative move that says I take this play seriously very much so waits these things a moment, I feel I still am confident. Sohu recreation: What do you feel to perform a few costar to you can have to distinguish before is the main actor mixed? Tan Jian second: Can have. Have in the meeting on the degree that enter sport, because perform the word of costar, his play quantity may be placed over, he won’t have so much show share, so you may act a few days rest one day two days, immerse for long in one individual content. But when performing leading role, you can be in each days with this part, you one goggle it is this part, this part still is when sleeping, next when the sign that there can be this part more or less after you act, those who leave a part can be smoke harder after taking a sport the sort of feeling. Sohu recreation: Can feel your person actually morale is very high now, also can see a lot of your receive machine video, is you feel in which node can be experienced abrupt fire? Tan Jian second: This kind is experienced, also did not say fire, that is to say is paid close attention to by everybody, the likelihood is previously everybody arrives without attention, but I do not enjoy such feeling. Sohu recreation: Why? Tan Jian second: Do not have freedom namely. I feel to the actor, the experience that can lack the life feels. My life begins to become slowly, every word and deed is supervise in everybody below, furtive life it may not be a bad idea waits it may not be a bad idea a moment, all things are to expose in all people (before) , you do not have method very loosen the ground to go that what. But I feel, I do not know so say to be opposite incorrect, it is me feel the actor still wants to experience the life more, want what some does not have to experience for certain, you just know the origin of all lives. So I become aware I lacked is very much now previously in that way life, but I feel this thing is… Sohu recreation: Have so that have surely break. Tan Jian second: Yes. Sohu recreation: You should think this is me red this susceptive thing. Tan Jian second: I do not have the key red, if I became red also go. Sohu recreation: Say with respect to a lot of people you are to wait for explode actor, waiting namely red. Tan Jian second: Do I hear this kind of word awfully do you know? Feel everybody expects to be worth to yours namely particularly tall, next you did not explode finally meet special make a face. You never mention it I am waited for explode, you say I am an actor that await was over, did not explode, explode this word too fearsome really. Sohu recreation: Your state of mind is quite actually so good, how are you also to say have to wants? Tan Jian second: Do not need really. I had never thought I want what to become so called exploded actor, top flows, I hope I am an actor that has public praise. But in really real life, you do not explode, you are less than a position, your choice is very few, so this is a very contradictory thing. You have to force you go doing business, do you know? Ability can change the opportunity of a few resource and conduct propaganda possibly to oneself. Sohu recreation: This kind of wind blows love beans, image particularly greatly now, can you see yourself on those small young bodies once shadow? Tan Jian second: Can, have little. But I feel they are a lot of more ambitious than my that moment, I may have idea so without them at that time. Present love beans, these newer generation come out, I feel to meet very know what oneself want, how to stand, how to let oneself become better. And I what await in those days am likely more immerse oneself in namely hardworking, say without so much thought oneself want to go to which direction (development) , macroscopical situation does not have some actually, know I want practice namely, I should try hard, purer. Sohu recreation: Do they meet the likelihood plan better oneself? Tan Jian second: Yes, and they have more mature group to help them plan now, await in those days we are done not have. Sohu recreation: Can then you feel you did not catch good time? Tan Jian second: These are lives, right? I do not want to blame these things again, I also do not want to think again, I feel I caught up with even if, that if the person that I am not this times, I also won’t think of possibly there. With respect to that times, it is me not merely, I feel a lot of people are such. Because be done not have at that time so the exposure of multimedia, we send a song to be able to run only announce, can go only stage of leakage of electricity, ground of north of can big Changjiang Delta goes running, namely so a line. You have various gregarious medium that now, go from media him exposure, go publicizing oneself, that is different. So the times differred. Sohu recreation: But actually you develop very well also now, feel to be greeted oneself best times? Tan Jian second: I feel I now is to find the thing that suits his really, it is oneself also like to work, can show consideration for and take care to preserve two bureaus again. That is to say I can act in a play to also can sing again, this direction is me now can be forward this direction goes.

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