Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Does graceful dispatch of Gong beautiful jade grieve over Li Guangxi: ? Forest Qiong of account of dark bursa of  of random Zhang of Wan of knock of an ancient nationality in China?

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In March 13 evening, graceful dispatch of Gong beautiful jade grieves over Li Guangxi says, “Heavy grieve over, the artist that De Yishuang strongs and pervasive fragrance, china’s crackajack tenor singer, mr. Li Guangxi of our respect and admire, die away ” . Earlier, boreal blueness signs up for reporter know, li Guangxi of famous tenor singer dies, die at the age of is 93 years old. Its masterpiece has ” toast song ” etc. Masterpiece has Li Guangxi ” toast song ” ” Beijing is odic ” ” on the Songhua River ” ” you are in Premier Zhou where ” etc.

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