Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Lou Ye basks in new film ” Beijing is seasonal ” kill blueness to illuminate easy melt 1000 royal seal plum wait now show a body

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On March 13, director Lou Ye basks in a film ” Beijing is seasonal ” kill blueness to illuminate, intercurrent article expresses ” I am very glad to cooperate and face challenge and future jointly together with you with you, the surprise that you are Chinese new film and hope ” . In the meantime, he also thanked a group advocate achieve and staff member, wish everybody can be happy, successful and restful.

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It is reported, there is actor king to pass gentleman, easy melt in killing blueness to illuminate Chun Xia of 1000 royal seal, Zhao Tianai, Zhang Yu, Wang Qing, Li Xianhe.

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