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Original title: The times of 1000 royal seal came to easy melt, besides the partner Wu Jing still has top class actor of 2 big partner home

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He because domestic male group “TFBOYS” conflagration, depending on sing solidly jump the top that the glamour of ability and oneself makes recreation encircle flows one of, but the gate that chose Beijing film college however in the crossroad of life as age growth station. Discharge is to have, ability is to have, but the doorsill that should step an actor truly is done not have so simple.

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To this, a lot of person doubt indissoluble even, until ” of the teenager you ” after showing, just make an audience true realize his potential. About the teenager pure, about traitor be proud charming, when be being mixed to protect Chen Nian flimsily by what show when the care definitely absolutely… the changeover of the eyes, ground of the real situation is revealed, everything about small north by easy melt 1000 royal seal are deduced incisively and vividly, as if that one instant, easy melt 1000 royal seal are Liu Beishan.

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The first big screen makes life explode greatly so, be hype or actual strength after all? ” send you a small safflower ” can give you the answer probably.

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Besides, easy melt 1000 royal seal act the leading role ” of the teenager you ” also will represent Chinese competition Oscar award of optimal international film, do not get award does not say first, but the actual strength that enough proves them. Boundless future cannot estimate the person’s potential, and belong to easy melt the times of 1000 royal seal just just also pulls open heavy curtain.

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” of the teenager you ” and ” send you a small safflower ” already all became past form, if come along,do not see easy melt ” of these ” goods in stock of 1000 royal seal. Each is the name guides, partner actor also is the acting clique of all of one suit, actual strength nots allow really small gaze.

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Besides partner Wu Jing, he still has 2 the department is large also of the partner is domestic top class actor, one is ” worldly have her ” , one is ” Chinese Doctor · ” . ” worldly have her ” the work that is perspective of a female, 1000 royal seal can be in easy melt however the main actor is held the position of in clique of numerous actual strength, from this knowable he has much ” to suffer bestow favor on ” .

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Just killed blueness namely moreover before long ” Chinese Doctor · ” , see this ordinary members of theatrical troupe know to want to get important matter feeling, well-known actress is more much do not come over to number. Although 1000 royal seal are in easy melt,be specially invite goes out in this film act, this ” contains Dan Guangchong Troy ” also cannot be missed absolutely. Although thematic movie is not quite good accuse, but Wei having Liu is strong hold guide ” Chinese pilot ” prevenient, ” Chinese Doctor · ” natural also too won’t poor.

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3 film, the part of 3 different types, 1000 royal seal are in easy melt him challenge while, also be in the power that confirming new generation to the masses. The label of hope actor is in easy melt on the body of 1000 royal seal confirmed, also hope to did not come many easy melt such discharge of 1000 royal seal, yield a work of another high quality.

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