Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Star the road that take sport is illuminated fully, xu Jiaqi is contemplative, at fugue difference, ren Jialun changes allow to be not repaired!

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Xu Jiaqi begins to play the leading role, piece perform a ministry daughter advocate drama, she and main actor of yellow emperor pool ” cool breeze Lang Yuehua is leaving ” , the play staff switchs on the mobile phone after the ceremony, the play staff entered insecurity film, xu Jiaqi is in a field, wearing green big jacket, one pair is like the expression that considers somewhat.

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The work of movie and TV of Ju Jing Dai is increasing, and work of movie and TV is ancient costume drama mostly, the part lacks a few breakthroughs, allow authority easily the vision is fatigue. And ” love each other please under full moon ” it is drama of affection of a city, you Jujing Dai and Zheng Yecheng act the leading role. See Ju Jing Dai is in drama modelling, this side colour is too advantageous also, very straight nose, cabinet and delicate facial features, modelling vogue is pure and fresh.

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Ren Jialun and the ancient costume drama that white deer acts the leading role ” Chang’an as before ” in filming, see the road is illuminated fully, two people go up in the boat, hold the post of unlined upper garment of garment of white of Jia Lun a suit, dress of white deer pink, two people have say to have laugh.

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Bai Lu is held the position of in drama female advocate, the model of early days has bang, dress dresses up very few female breath, be in a field when resting, supporting lumbar position, expression looks a little afflictive, star people stumbling when taking sport is hard to avoid.

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Ren Jialun personate male advocate, the hairstyle pretty of the part has window, look very fleeciness, ancient costume the appearance of an actor of Ren Jialun very go up lens, unripe graph also very more give power, allow to be not repaired.

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Peng Xiaoran is in ” east palace ” in personate Qu Xiaofeng, brought deep impression to everybody, ancient costume the appearance of an actor is very advantageous really, pure and fresh but person, vigor is optimistic, a Gong Yimei arrives the bottom of one’s heart in. And see her the modelling in new theatrical work, let a person think of ” small maple ” this part.

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