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Original title: On the west travel notes ” all-purpose actor ” , one person cent acts the role of 20 many small parts, netizen: Owe his shadow emperor Mention this 4 names to write, ” on the west travel notes ” can saying is old little all appropriate, do not be like a the Three Kingdoms high aim of that kind of grandiose plan, as red building affection of that kind of children grows. The alluring woman of all kinds of strange things in gut, with the competence of Sun Wu empty exceeding lofty or great, become children the topic of take delight in talking about.

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” on the west travel notes ” leave from 1986 sow, break up during pat countless, but 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” there is very heavy weight in audience heart from beginning to end, no matter rebroadcast how many times, viewing rate always is very tall. A work of classic movie and TV, pay difficultly besides what direct Yang Jie and a few main actors besides, other personnel also gave the play staff a lot of, the member that actor Li Jiancheng also does not have celebrity in numerous record record.

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01, Li Jiancheng is illuminative to what act in a play, come from what at last centuries 50 time control ” civilized play ” , in those days Li Jiancheng has ten years old only, be one ” iron lever fan ” . The show of each song and dance ensemble, he crouchs advanced platoon necessarily, look with pleasure, from time to time applauses applaud, from time to time is gut anxiety-ridden.

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Be the experience watching a movie of childhood, make him right Thespian from love infatuate, in he is that 21 years old years, he resolutely joined Yangzhou city art troupe, become a literary soldier. With outstanding to loving dramatically to mix talent, he became Yangzhou arena very quickly to go up most ripsnorter member, no matter be to say, sing, act, do, what kind of can be done, the choice that all makes.

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02, it is gold always can give off light, his effort got admissive, be in early or late modern drama ” small 2 black marriage ” , ” Liu San elder sister ” , ” white Mao Nv ” the personate in waiting for work many parts. From simple and honest old person, to crafty hellion, he the keen of personate is vivid to the marrow, be in especially ” white Mao Nv ” the Huang Shiren of personate, simply abhorrent to bristle with anger making a person.

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The part is modelled so successfully, proved Li Jiancheng’s actual strength fitly, his play road also is widened slowly, got ” on the west travel notes ” the favour that directs Yang Jie, invite him to come personate a serpentine and crafty eunuch. The Li Jiancheng besides camera lens sends healthy atmosphere, want to pat only, he immediately appearance of purpose of rat of head of a pair of thief, have both the body spirit of personate of that bad eunuch in black chicken country.

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03, later in filming, he also showed himself to exceed shape force by force, no matter be the celestial being official of a suit healthy atmosphere, the monster that still is do evil multiterminal , he personate is gotten lifelike. From film begin to end, he goes out in all performed the role with the eunuch, bonze, 20 many disparate disposition such as 9 Ling Yuansheng, demons and ghosts, in making whole play staff most ” busy ” actor.

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” on the west travel notes ” after broadcasting, he often expects his show share before the television, although not be leading role, also feel very proud however, dedicated for this classic famous work oneself force. To Li Jiancheng, the part does not have size, the existence of each part, having it certain sense, want to was deduced attentively only, can get pleasure from which.

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Epilogue: As the development of network times, at the outset film fun also is informed one by one by the masses, at this moment everybody just knows, cent of Cengyi of original Li Jiancheng’s person acts the role of 20 many parts, make a person indeed admire. The acting that everybody speaks highly of him in succession and the manner that respect property, say circle of movie and TV owes his shadow emperor, but Li Jiancheng feels however, can choose the career that oneself like, getting admissive is successful.

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True good actor, can serve each oneself camera lens and each part seriously, even if be a not famous minor minor role. The flower also needs greenery foil, there is a lot of to resemble the good actor like Li Jiancheng in recreational group, their name is not big, stand fast from beginning to end however this heart, the development that is industry of movie and TV pays his mental efforts.

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