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Original title: Day sows 5 drama with highest quantity: ” great river great river 2 ” after the platoon leans, the first sow a quantity to be as high as 87 million The first: ” have Fei ” the 87.64 million knight-errant drama that the individual that takes in last few years thinks to had better look, warm blood above, make show very wonderful, look more jump over above. This drama I from sow begin to want to update only with respect to one collect not be born looks, female advocate play is open-armed very assist, all sorts of expression detail are handled very well, part of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance has Jing to admire really, every time unplugs the knife makes popular feeling medium reliable, giving a knife is more clang strong and decisive, fictile week Fei very accord with me to understand fearlessly to freedom of teenager of all corners of the country, take move is very, look to like more more, can continue to be chased after, the hope has a ~ of ideal big outcome

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Although I had not seen origianl work, but after seeing positive and titbits, I feel play staff, director, actors’ very serious treatment this drama, do not let off each detail, careful deliberate is worn person heart, take a part very well thereby, they finished this job, very outstanding finished. Nevertheless, the place that my individual thinks some urge the plot of a play was deleted, let a lot of audiences feel do not wear brains, feel gut turn is too curt, without the action of a connecting link between the preceding and the following. But, this strong effort is developing the attitude that to he is in charge of and be opposite the audience is in charge of, this drama is under sunshine in my heart is highest cent!

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Gut compares the theatrical work of duty field love of convention, I am developing Liu Kai power to look, but female advocate Xie Xiaobai persuades to retreat me really, acting cannot, yan Zhi returns OK. What cry all the time is female advocate, the company dare be in into duty field first female boss of the Eight Diagrams on the party, give boss embarrassed, I was worried really, labour union of the member that this is planted in reality immediately by discharge! Male advocate love too quickly also, male director of the 3rd market one crane is fallen in love with female advocate Xie Xiaobai, still do not look to go up momently before him however Xie Xiaobai, want to drive away Xie Xiaobai, too convention, make a person special give play, do not suggest to watch!

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” country is so many charming ” having strong appeal to me, because although it is,one is the drama of setting with the country,be, what tell however is the story that the youth supports deficient into the village, this itself is one is compared novel and the point of view that has appeal. A lot of characters in drama are vivid, and interesting, the hemp of wool child personate is for instance confused, with respect to the slug a love ease and hate work, act so that let a person good energy of life comical. Accordingly, although be on subject matter, on this drama thematic, but not depressing however, contrary, moment of great majority of whole department theatrical work is relaxed make a person even of belly laugh. Can chase after ~

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Snatch a little leisure from a busy life chased after the 2nd season, still be scarce homebred high-quality goods, focusing times changes of the part that next each economy main body represent grow struggle, structure is older than upside, narrative rhythm is not laggard also, figure figure is full and bright, but as a whole second half Duan Lue is inferior at before half paragraphs. Song Yunhui still is that ideal person that has heroic feelings, taking brave of one antrum Gu refluent and on, although ten million person, I is gone to! Tired amaranthine Song Yunhui, a true light cruel him, let him taking a technology to realize ideal, the place that get countervail wishs! Ps: Await the 3rd arrival!

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