Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Attack street? ” on Yang Fu ” open branch low to 5.9 netizens: Duck need not Recently, the new theatrical work that acts the leading role by Zhang Ziyi ” go up Yang Fu ” premonitory, get dispute with respect to equipment. Current, this drama fabaceous valve grading already went out, of speed fast exceeded an audience to anticipate, but the result fares badly however, have 5.9 minutes only. Partial netizen expresses to indissoluble to this: Duck need not.

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Especially the picture is pulled when doing character feature article or story nearly, eye socket is deep-set look at show exhausted state slightly, it is good to if was not hit,make light more appear Zhang Ziyi of 38 years old is too mature.

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Compare the age that makes fun of at some nevertheless, zhang Ziyi’s acting has really pullback to be divided not less, the joy when the person with close kin is together and caper, act like a spoiled child with what when beloved person gets along, reveal and nifty, let a person believe this is the girl with an experience not dark world. Especially the father of she and Yu Hewei personate’s opposite picture, of the eyes be a girl truly really is pure and clear. Also many netizens express, story rhythm is not laggard, after part person is established, direct quickness spreads out, actor acting also is complete so far member online. This is after all with female advocate king Xuan becomes the growing story of comfort chapter princess to give priority to a line, there still can be the content of tactics from the back, should meet so light very quickly.

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Open cent to be equal to notch finally, ” on Yang Fu ” just just left sow, if later period gut is enough wonderful, it is OK to believe this gets expectant ancient costume great theatrical work quite ” low leave to go high ” .

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