Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Guangdong breaks out an earthquake! The late night signs up for Zhou Huimin restful Zheng Xiuwen lies cry bitterly of the danger on the bed 20220315000010 622fd70a02c08Zhou Huimin 20220315000010 622fd70a9d75fZheng Xiuwen On March 14, guangdong area breaks out 4.1 class earthquake, late night dispatch gives Zhou Huimin netizens the newspaper is restful, hope everybody does not have a thing. She divulges she is at that time in the home of Hong Kong, be in a bedroom with feline Mi at that time amuse oneself, apparent ground experiences house shock a few, later head for a sitting room quickly to visit husband, did not think of what make trouble place arises below the chair in him to husband thinks however is a kitten shake. In addition, zheng Xiuwen also updated trends in gregarious platform, she basks in the picture that gave her, state oneself are in before dawn 2:30 when experienced a cataclysm, it is illusive that within an inch of thinks. She on the graph, one face is scared, element colour gives looking glass. She expresses, the earthquake is frightened her nearly cry bitterly. The likelihood is too fear too, zheng Xiuwen still enquires a netizen, have same feeling with oneself.

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