Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: 28 years are lain between to act again when 64 years old of Liu Shuming ” Guan Yun is long ” ! The netizen plaints: Father blueness is answered Recently, the netizen exposes to the sun in gregarious platform the network motion picture that gives a paragraph to act the leading role by Liu Shuming, Guan Zhibin ” knife of month of Qing Long cease ” prevue, 28 years are lain between to go out once more when Liu Shuming of 64 years old this year act ” Guan Yun is long ” , cause a memory to kill.

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From the point of prevue, of personate of land tree inscription ” Guan Yun is long ” as before bully energy of life is very, modelling respect special also Jing is colourful, the Guan Yu it may be said of Liu Shuming edition is very classical, although some closer year come, have the big Ga that many movie and TV encircle, wait for a person like Zhen Zidan, Yu Rongguang, but in heart of a lot of audiences, the Guan Yu of Liu Shuming edition cannot be surmounted as before, mix 6 small age the Sun Wu sky of child edition is same, it is someone else hard of exceed. Even what many people put in the home now pass fair statue is designed by Liu Shuming’s figure. After many netizens see prevue, plaint in succession: “Father blueness is answered ” .

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In gut respect, the battle Guan Yu that this drama basically told about Mai Cheng is killed by a jade tablet of Wu Jun Pan, knife of month of green dragon cease is snatched by Pan Zhang, of the Guan Yu that survival comes down child Guan Xingyi heart wants to revenge for father recapture knife of month of Qing Long cease but be waited to prevent by Liu Bei, Huang Zhong. Close promote undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one’s resolve to do sth, practice hard kongfu, collect studies defence works of stockaded village of water of hill of Wu Jun exterminate pursues. The Liu Bei after two years plans attack, command the young high-ranking military officer that heads with Guanxing comprises denounce to await maniple, carry out the job that destroys a powerful person or family of water of centre of defence of stockaded village of Wu Jun water secretly, unexpectedly after contingent slips into enemy stockaded village to destroy water a powerful person or family, discover Wu Jun is conspiratorial outside Guan Xingyi. It is reported, this drama will be shown on Feburary 11, do you expect?

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