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Original title: ” meet season ” be about to big ending, 3 ” villain in drama ” wash white ” meet season ” be about to big ending. See actually now, I discover this drama cures drama namely. It is to excused to cure Tian Jingye with Jian Hongcheng rather first, it is to excused to cure Jian Hongcheng with Tian Jingye rather next, finally should be Jian Hongcheng and Tian Jingye cure Ning You. Next 3 their people put down the past, open the new student is vivid.

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Although each person in drama is living quite pigheaded cling to, but in big ending when, everybody should can put down the past. After all time just is best fine medicine! You look, 3 in drama ” villain in drama ” do not wash one by one white? 1, Chen Xin Chen Xin come on the stage, everybody feels this individual spirit has a problem. She phones Jian Hongcheng all the time, but Jian Hongcheng does not want to pick up the telephone, also do not want to chat with her, do not think a Shenzhen to see her more. And she? The mood breaks down, character is not stable. With respect to such person, can you bring good child? Again later, she has a frantic activity, that is a child a person is thrown in the home went to Shanghai, it is only ” catch evil ” , because she thinks Jian Hongcheng is affirmative,meeting and Ning You are together. Actually Jian Hongcheng presses a root to did not want to attend a classmate to meet, because she went,be, he just must go.

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Chen Xin arrived over there the stubble that looks for Ning You intentionally. Ning You says to her, hope she does not want extremely suspicious, call not always also to her annoy her. Visible, such thing, she had not worked less. The wildest thing, should be to taking a teacher to go in Home Ning You ” want a version ” ! Jian Hongcheng is forced so that do not have method, be forced to take ” little sweet potato ” will browbeat she. She does not suffer all these to want to commit suicide. After thinking of to commit suicide, she regained consciousness unexpectedly, was troubled by with Ning You no longer, still persuade she and Jian Hongcheng to be together instead. There is an audience to say on barrage: This is to know this was troubled by without capital.

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After she follows a mother to return the home, by the mother all sorts of torment, forcing she applies for a job a little while, a little while all sorts of evil-minded words say her. Look at her sad pattern, the audience begins suddenly to sympathize with her. It is her make up a deficiency even, so she ” go mad ” because,be genetic ah… have such Mom, spirit just can be blamed normally. Cannot think of, chen Xin such, by ” be hated by everybody ” became ” be sympathized with by everybody ” . 2, when Jian Minmin Jian Minmin just came on the stage, also be by the audience people be hated the tooth is crawlily. She follows ” bedlamite ” same, in the home that develops Ning You, give her home was bungled. Zhang Lixin of if it were not for carries her, she does not know to still can make what thing come.

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Later, she because of parents prejudicial, snatched yard, forced Jianhong is become. It is to exhaust all sorts of methods are troubled by with Zhang Lixin more from the back, be troubled by with Jian Hongcheng, that land that returns within an inch of to stay father was done not have to do sth over and over again. Jian Hongcheng reads aloud it is on the portion that she is an elder sister, compromised, let the large stockholder position that establishs new group to her. She because got,also respect complain no longer. She was not become president, guard nice rear area however, say to two little brothers, do not have a thing to come back to have a meal. Also because such, relation of younger brother of Jian Jiasan sister just is close to rise.

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Because the thing of little sweet potato is sad,Jianhong is become, after Jian Minmin hears what Jian Hong pursues to recount, the decision helps Jian Hongcheng. How help? Working this can be pretty good really. She gave money to buy face water a large pleasure ground, still let Chen Xin come here to work, still can bring little sweet potato incidentally. And Jian Hongcheng, think little sweet potato, can come over at any time.

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Must say, this thing does Jian Minmin so that that calls beautiful. Zhang Lixin goes back to the motherland confessed his crime, her infer he, but she is not this for ” kill he ” , answer those who remembered him to pay however, the decision is accused with him individual, be follow the past oneself reconcile. Jian Minmin this is to want complete ” wash white ” ! Seem to still have peaceful home nevertheless, in prevue, she returned a Ning Hui to push next stair. She wants complete ” wash white ” , estimate so that wait for big ending. 3, Ning Shuning excuse me is drama in most wretch. He is small off year discipline did not have father, the life is under scandal, return post of the dash against that be overturned by Jian Minmin, left sequela. He fails to be taken an examination of like the elder sister attend famous brand college, go up too the life of normal person, so he is thinking all the time ” avenge ” .

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He uses all sorts of methods, not hesitate to build oneself go in, allow brief home loss 90 million. He wants to use Cheng Kexin to send brief great plan into the jail even from the back. Nevertheless, he was being put down. Because he discovers, avenge not so simple. Meeting complicity goes to his doing mother and elder sister, he is not willing to see this. Place comes later, after knowing to go to Hainan is Jian Hongcheng arrangement when him, also wanting to go back avenge, do not accept him however ” almsgiving ” , the choice is self-made. Even if go sending fast, he also does not want to be being raised by personal enemy.

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Cheng can look for him south Xin Laihai, his heart is touched, but be afraid that oneself harm her again, reject her all the time, told her all things even. Did not think of Cheng Kexin does not leave do not abandon, then, two individual agreements live in Hainan together. Right now Ning Shu, although was not excused, but chose to put down. He follows Cheng Kexin to answer face water, it is to want to demolish at the outset monitoring, harm Jian Hong to pursue no longer. Was pursued to misunderstand by Jian Hong regrettablly. Premonitory in, cheng Kexin also left him, he is returned again epileptic fit. Ning Shu is very pitiful really. Hope big ending when, direct what can lose him to return him!

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