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Original title: 8 edition ” 3 goddess ” Yan Zhi is comparative, dad of agalloch eaglewood of whose not let sb down falls in love at first sight, who acts in Ga of good happen by chance 3 goddess courtyard is folktale ” treasure lotus lamp ” medium one individual content, also be called Mount Hua 3 mothers and courtyard of Mount Hua goddess she is Xi Yue great emperor, mount Hua, the 3rd daughter of god and Xi Yue’s princess so her elder brother is not Yang Jian of 2 man spirit, her lover also is manufacturer of a soy, do not have a name even. However, the version later arranged brother of spirit of a 2 man for her, yan Changhe of Liu of lover of a scholar and a story of son agalloch eaglewood. Begin from 50 time, ” treasure lotus lamp ” the story begins to be moved big screen. 20 centuries 70 time, TVB adapts his a series of unit play, cause sensation. Later, hong Kong, stage, also adapt in succession with the mainland. To now, ” treasure lotus lamp ” had had countless version, was born the goddess of so much beauty. The female bit that 3 goddess had performed in teleplay sees in light of. They whether not negative ” agalloch eaglewood Dad ” fall in love at first sight? One, Wang Mingquan: 1976 ” the treasure lotus lamp of civilian legend ” , 1986 ” Bao Lian lamp ” 1974, father, with direct, wait for a director to begin to make large series theatrical work ” folktale ” , include ” Zhao Wu’s woman ” ” compartment is written down on the west ” ” Liang Shanbai and Zhu Ying stage ” wait for 13 unit 150 collect, begin direct seeding to arrive 77 years from 74 years. Wang Mingquan acted a lot of heroine, be like Zhao Wu’s woman, lin Daiyu, grow smooth princess and 3 goddess courtyard.

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” red Lou Meng ” this one edition regards first gear as folk-custom kind TV program, did not undertake be adaptinged too much. When the 3 goddess courtyard that told about Wang Mingquan personate lands temple, mount Hua, the student Liu Yanchang of personate of goddess courtyard and Zheng Shaoqiu falls in love at first sight, make lifelong be delivered of one child after Shen Xiang, 2 gods man acts under orders to take day of troops from heaven-an invincible army to will razzia 3 goddess courtyard. To protect Liu Yanchang, courtyard of these 3 goddess is mixed of one’s own accord 2 man spirit goes back together accept penalty. A lot of after year, shen Xiang was brought up, go saving her mother. This drama is rolled out with operatic form. After broadcasting at that time, be in Hong Kong, resonant and enthusiastic, whole southeast Asia was lifted close inspect upsurge.

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Although film at that time the condition is finite, one person acts many parts, but every part is gotten by actor depict very good. More god-given is the skit inside oneself are done. Wang Mingquan is 1978 years old at that time, facial features is dignified, small brow big eye, there is a heroic spirit between forehead. Her style is more classic, applied in great quantities go and shake phonic element. She has the princess’ nobility already, have the feelings of young daughter again.

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This drama is she cooperates with Zheng Shaoqiu for the first time later, they cooperated ” god of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces ” 1 ” Bao Lian lamp ” 101010101 ” Bao Lian lamp ” wait for much department work. Performed ” N unripe N is unripe ” masochism masochism.

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This edition ” enemy of book sword favour is recorded ” broadcast after 10 years, TVB restarted again 1986 ” Chu Liuxiang ” , wang Mingquan still goes out perform 3 goddess, it is with Ren Dahua the story trend of this version changes somewhat this. ” 3 goddess courtyard ” cent is mixed preexistence and this life. Flower fining jade, one ever was troupe, fell in love with scholastic Liu Yan Chang, be cast to be when it is dangerous that Mount Hua knows when 3 goddesses courtyard her predecessor has, she sends agalloch eaglewood the boy from Mount Hua, son flower fining jade, go saving her mother. Wang Mingquan goes out again act ” 3 goddess courtyard ” when close already 40 years old, but she performs flower fining jade, was not mixed when the girl and to work, and small Ren Dahua of 8 years old, feel indescribably also CP.

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Other 3 goddess courtyard looks dignified and easy, give a person a kind of inviolable dignity sense. 2, Yu Li: 2001 ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” 1998, company of movie and TV establishs Tang Ren, its make ” folktale ” (Su Youpeng edition) , ” the piscine beauty of fokelore of heaven and earth ” after make a great coup, it was made again ” the treasure lotus lamp of fokelore of heaven and earth ” , the actor has a lot of is before two work in, the Guo Jin An that includes personate Liu Yan Chang, personate the Yu Li of 3 goddess. This drama is the set that passes through repeatedly, before telling about 22 years, act under orders 3 emperor female privately carries the fairy of lamp of guard treasure lotus lamp descend to the world, with meet by chance of student Liu Yan Chang. Their have a youthful look loving each other fell one child agalloch eaglewood offends day, 3 goddess are pressed below hill accordingly. When small fairy faery stepping snow acts under orders to come round to search the treasure lotus lamp with long already be lost after 22 years, encounter with agalloch eaglewood, two people pass through before returning 22 years…

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The at Li personate 3 goddess in this story are heroine, this also is her afterwards ” peerless double arrogant ” in invite the palace of the moon advocate hind cooperate the 2nd times with Tang Ren. Most audience remembers her acting only invite the palace of the moon advocate this drive elder sister villain in drama, bright little somebody remembers her also once performing 3 goddess such Wen Wan’s fairy, actually she also performs fairy very much to give prize.

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At that time her already 38 years old, the 3 goddess the appearance of an actor that performs girl period is passable, although modelling does not calculate go up how to give prize but also line she is dignified air. The person establishs move of special also belt, with Liu Yan Changxiang love gets along softness all is shown in the process adept, 2 elder brother search come to fight also a bit unambiguous. She this one edition is the one edition that uses treasure lotus light best in all previous edition, lamp of lotus of the treasure in other version resembles is perforative the prop of complete theatrical work, fighting this does not have how many addition on one hand, she this edition big fight moves Bao Lian lamp neatly to freely when the weapon when 2 man spirit, let a person can be convinced she is the faery with old lamp of guard treasure lotus. 3, Piao Shiyan: 2005 ” treasure lotus lamp ” 2005 outback edition ” Bao Lian lamp ” it is to suffer numerous a the widest, in those days it becomes year to close after CCTV broadcasts inspect champion, viewing rate was not broken several years. Actor of this one edition is average colour cost is very high, morning of Cao Jun, free from worry, Jiao Enjun, Lin Xiangping, Liu Xiaoqing, Yan Dan is waited a moment, personate 3 emperor female Korea actor Piao Shiyan at that time also is flourishing age beauty colour. This play protagonist is agalloch eaglewood, as the mother of agalloch eaglewood, the show share of 3 goddess is done not have so much, dan Jinghong let an audience write down a lot of years now. Many people think she is a genuine Chinese actor at that time, because she puts on ancient costume to perform apotheosis character Wen Wan of China but person, look completely not to come out to have the place with disharmonious what. 3 goddess have her plastic a kind of chilly feeling that does not eat terrestrial cooked food, agelong loner is borne to set each shining more brilliantly in the other’s company after with her itinerary world enjoys brief love, hold all sorts of temperament such as a tough, easy, tenderness concurrently at the same time, carry completely case ” 3 bounds the first beauty ” title.

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Before Piao Shiyan comes to China to develop, can saying almost is a piece of white paper, acted the leading role to inland and Nie Yuan 2004 ” sweat blood BMW ” , acted the leading role with Jiao Enjun ” phoenix beg feng4huang2 ” . ” treasure lotus lamp ” it is she and Jiao Enjun 2 build, she still says two people perform sweethearts to perform sibling for fun at that time, below one is about to perform father daughter. After taking theatrical work of 3 ancient costume nevertheless, she went back to the motherland, the ginseng after going back to the motherland acts ” my girl ” ever also exploded greatly. But be in later, she all sorts of face-lifting, suck D, give birth to auspicious future forcedly be born to do not have, make a person very regretful.

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4, Zhou Yang: 2009 ” pass before treasure lotus lamp ” in ” Bao Lian lamp ” after gaining huge success, production just sent a sister whip and spur again piece cry ” pass before Bao Lian lamp ” , delay the Jiao Enjun in, Liu Xiaoqing, Chen Chuang, Cao Jun, actor such as Liu Xiaofeng is made before was being used. ” before pass ” give priority to a line with 2 man spirit, told about 2 man spirit and the feeling between 3 goddess sibling, the feeling of the individual feeling of 2 man spirit and mother of 2 man father. The most beautiful 3 goddess and goddess in the moon are made in add in changed an actor, goddess in the moon changed Li Xin by colour red morning you, 3 goddess changed Zhou Yang. When broadcasting at that time audience to changing character this thing commends differ, but look today, the 3 goddess of week raise personate also are to be able to encircle what can nod.

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Above all her person is set be fairy person to set the ceiling, quotient of tender, beautiful, affection is high, armed strength value is not inferior also, differred a dot to do not have other illness besides the eye that picks a man. Playwrite is in depict this character when special also intention, compared with the 3 goddess that passing Li Jinghong to show, the 3 goddess in are passed before more stereo. She looks be like effeminate actually firm and persistent and courageous and resolute, be in not only sibling kisses affection this line good knock, she still has a heart to fasten the heart of the mercy of common people, integral conception appears have depth more. 25 years old at that time Zhou Yang, gentle and elegant heroic spirit is dye-in-the-wood, even if a suit habit is difficult also Qing Lizi of attack by surprise.

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Zhou Yang learns dancing one’s previous experience, figure is famous, lumbar fine neck is long, temperament is very conspicuous, mole of a beauty was to increase to differentiate more degree. The modelling at that time also has classic lasting appeal very much, she is married the modelling when Liu Yanchang is very contracted, two hair hairpin secures a hair, 29 hair silk hangs down fall face, match the Ru skirt of color of a light yellow, the charm of true part young woman. The sense that whole gives a person is dignified air, contracted do not fall again convention.

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Zhou Yang is graduated from boreal report 02 class performance is, waiting with Liu Yifei, Jiang Yiyan, Zhu Yawen, Luo Jin is classfellow. Compared with these classmates her development does not calculate good, it is a classic beauty obviously, just did not turn in years theatrical work later come out, still act completely evil-minded female match.

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5, Xu Zifei: 2014 ” my swim on the west ” goose factory was mixed 2014 where today atelier manufactured a light comedy ” my swim on the west ” , the part with the familiar audience such as princess of fan of Yang Chan of spirit of Sun Wu sky, Bai Jingjing, 2 man, 3 goddess, iron alls enter the court. The story uses the means of the play in play, mix in ancient time contemporary move back and forth back and forth, figure figure and disposition and everybody in impression completely different, a powerful and unconstrained style, with all sorts of notting have centimeter will achieve comedic result.

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The little sister of the 2 Lang Shenyang Jian in drama calls Yang Chan, de-emphasis is 3 goddess. Xu Zifei gave person of Yang Chan that act 2010, piece had acted ” day of armor Trojan punishment ” ” paper-cut for window decoration ” wait for work of movie and TV, fame do not go up to fall all the time, after taking this work, she is in concealed body condition basically. Her fictile Yang Chan is small Qing Dynasty is new-style, because the kernel is to do,laugh, also did not have method to compare her with traditional 3 goddess.

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6: Li Wenwen: 2015 ” apotheosis hero ” inland of period of time is fond of very much film ” apotheosis a list of names posted up ” story, the film, teleplay, every other comes a few years one edition. 2015 by Chen Jian sharp edge act the leading role with Li Yixiao ” apotheosis hero ” go up line, the collect of 72 collect is counted, all sorts of gaudy look inferior take to what play Cosplay like the netizen change became groovy point, drama has not been sowed, public praise died, went several years fabaceous valve gives a mark now still only 4.6 minutes.

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The Yang Chan of Liwen Wen personate, it is Yang Jian’s little sister, dan Yangjian does not remember her however, arrived every time crucial when when Yang Jian wanted what to nod to ask her, she aphonia, the play code that is a paragraph of acquaintance solely can perform several part.

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The modelling of this edition Yang Chan follows other part is the quadrature in the compasses in comparing than rising in drama, a white gown, the hair that the hair pulls reinstate lotus account high is acted the role of fixed, match the flower with pink, draw what wind looks or hold out Wen Wan. The face that adds Li Wenwen fruitier, on whole already part Qing Li part virtuous kind and gentle. Li Wenwen also is one did not mix the female star that come forward, she went out 2008, piece perform Guo Haiyan theatrical work ” exclusive exposure ” , the film that Huang Xiaoming acts the leading role ” Tang Baihu nods Qiu Xiang 2 ” and ” Liu Zhen legend ” the figure that also has her. It is overwhelm trend at the beginning, can pat ” apotheosis hero ” fade out of recreational group later, photograph husband godchild went.

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7, Zhong Jiaxin: 2015 ” which Zha and Yang Jian ” the teleplay that Wang Jing held the position of playwrite 2015 ” which Zha and Yang Jian ” switch on the mobile phone, battle array special giant, include Wang Zula, Gao Yunxiang, clever, Zhong Jiaxin, grove acute hearing, case of Luo Jiaying, Wu Yue, Chen Zi. Wang Zula performs which Zha, clever oneself performing Da, sound feel special to overturn. This broadcasted 2017 surely formerly, but as a result of Gao Yunxiang to turn over, still be in the state that controls one’s store of valuables up to now.

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The little sister of Yang Jian of Zhong Jiaxin personate, be called Yang Xiuying, also abandoned probably ” 3 goddess ” this appellation. Swing the stage photo that come out to look from the government, zhong Jiaxin’s the appearance of an actor special also suck eyeball, the garment unlined upper garment of pink, hair act the role ofing deserves to shake with the pace, hairpin of frontal act the role ofing, hair, look won’t drab. But from premonitory in light of, her person is set is a female fellow it seems that, actor’s lines is moderner also. Integral style also should be to overturn before everybody the established impressional to this fairy tale. Nevertheless, she this one edition can meet with the audience bad still to say.

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8, Jiang Mengjie: 2017 ” spill monkey greatly ” with ” which Zha and Yang Jian ” euqally star-crossed still Lin Feng and Jiang Mengjie act the leading role ” spill monkey greatly ” , this drama films 2017, wide report just is encountered to issue after deciding archives ” be restricted Gu Ling ” , pass through, mythological subject matter and adapt bigger ancient costume play to ban to the history sow, still broadcast up to now all up. Piece monkey of hero of personate of middle forest peak, yang Chan of heroine of Jiang Mengjie personate, story trend and myth differ bigger, but also have similar set, for instance Yang Chan is the close little sister of 2 man spirit, their mother preciouses jade female singer is suppressed to be in peach hill. Heroic bearing of the appearance of an actor ofs material bearing, of large part heroine inspect already feeling, although this drama sounds attraction is not big, but she it is ineffable that 3 goddess return this one edition let a person one expects, do not know to still can broadcast, even if be a net,sow. Above the 3 goddess of 8 version, which version do you like most?

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