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Original title: Refuse ” type of be affectedly bashful ” prostitution woman performs a way, coquetry of these 6 tender feelings too reach the designated position, the woman is enchanted (achieve formerly borrowed not easily surely investigate entire network thought fors the time being) common background set finishs theatrical work of ancient costume movie and TV, can have ” happy red courtyard ” a kind set, the masterstroke character in a lot of stories also may be to come from here, also had a few Hua Kui’s parts so, charm contains affection, too many beautiful things, their clever and amiable be to need an actor to elaborate character.

20220315020113 622ff36930df7

Just was over a few days ago sow ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in the division that personate teachs card of lane department head Hua Kui is small come on the stage admire with respect to Jing letting a person, features contains condition, canthus black mole, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient between the feminine flavour that is charm, never mention it the man in drama is confused so that turn all round by her, the appearance that sees her with respect to the women outside linking theatrical work is straight Hu Taimei.

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Hua Kui’s person sets coquetry of need tender feelings to reach the designated position, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient the glamour that all is a woman, is not to rely on affectation of be affectedly bashful to behave only, the head card person with young division is set make a person impressive, and the character that this also is like to let a person shine at the moment in still having a few theatrical work. Zhao Liying is in ” Gong Suozhu shade ” in the lily of personate is a conceal the renown prostitute Hua Kui in whorehouse, her appearance is unique, can dance of song be apt to, still having a suit gest, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient between severe showed the coquetry Hua Kui and approach to come out, the round face that is Zhao Liying only has too differentiate spent, lovely and superabundant, performing prostitution woman may not be to have romantic charm particularly.

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Be in ” embroider spring knife ” in what Liu Shishi acts is girl of department teaching lane, but the temperament that whole will see her or lacks a few charm, qing Chuntian beauty is loath and online, dan Mei voice is not very full. Nevertheless Liu Shishi is in ” pass after white snake ” in the Yin Shuangshuang of personate has trifling Wen Wan however, yin double Shuang Shiping adds up to the renown prostitute of painting and calligraphy of chess of perfectness musical instrument in the building, liu Shishi mixes chilly grace of Yin Shuangshuang of Wen Wan easy depict vividder, the fated feeling of this part and broken sense are stronger also, in the part that although the part is her,personate spends not common, but also be as temperamental as her oneself very a of be identical.

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” 10 ambuscade ” in Zhang Ziyi also has same part, fetch of one dance Jing made classical renown appearance, to nowadays audience or meeting think, but Zhang Ziyi’s appearance and temperament do not accord with this kind of part actually. Although Yang Ying’s acting often is spat groove, glare is more became her ” fascia acting ” , but her bearing and the beauty semifinished product that gas is appropriate appropriate however character.

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” Di Renjie’s god the Dragon King ” in, the beautiful chief of Yang Ying personate is soft and namby-pamby, move letting a person does not open his eyes, ” Huang Feihong’s hero has a dream ” in the Hua Kuixin of her personate orchid one horn, tender feelings coquetry all is cast in raise one’s hand sufficient between, let a person lying between screen enchanted. Amorous feelings of sweet meaning of one side tender feelings is dye-in-the-wood, one side is cruel and evil kill without batting an eyelid.

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This is the to beautiful chief part set in a lot of drama, amorous feelings of gay feminine attire of a suit of from time to time 10 thousand kinds, hot callosity of firm of black clothes of a suit of from time to time, of the coquetry prostitution woman and S hand fierce take hold reach the designated position. Xu Kaicheng and Zhao Lou think of a main actor ” the Imperial College came a female child ” in, the simple wine girl of personate of Zhang Hao is being depended on fine-looking give a group, at the same time she is amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds prostitution woman, another she is, the assassin of the kill without batting an eyelid.

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The appearance of an actor and bearing have lasting appeal very much, let a person look unavoidable gasp in admiration, and Zhang Hao is more recumbent this part is remembered well. The soft beauty of woman of generally speaking prostitution and charm need an actor vivid expression, is not affectation of sedulous ground be affectedly bashful, want to stand over only, had had the temperament of head card, is not informal be affectedly bashful two obviously extremely common, saying even intentionally is the head card with enchanted everybody Hua Kui.

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Somebody is enchanting and amorous, somebody be ashamed of charming of evil spirit be puzzled. Perform prostitution woman to spend chief this kind of part does not need affectation of sedulous be affectedly bashful, want actor oneself to having tender feelings coquetry however, the enchanting temperament that eyebrow eye contains condition is self-invited, these 6 are such, chief performing a flower saw even the woman enchanted. One, Jing Ruyang: ” beautiful language is endowed with ” division is small

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” beautiful language is endowed with ” leave high low in the be foul-mouthed tone that takes in the audience big ending, the bright bookman of gut is set and burn a head to have sth. worth seeing or reading very much originally, but who knows big ending is stirred painstakingly however, wash forcibly white, make an audience direct be surprised finally, can say grading drops all the way. Next, this drama is not without a single redeeming feature, for instance, female 2 autumn Min although the person is set confuse again denounce person be disgusted with again, but the person that act grows is beautiful really however, still have the Jing Ruyang with personate small division by right of what Yan Zhi breaks through a tight encirclement so.

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Division is small the head card that is department teaching lane, ability of the dignitary that amount to an official gets the Hua Kui that move please, she musical instrument art and fine-looking let a person cannot extricate oneself, in department teaching lane she is to be respected more. From modelling, dish of sent a side to have prostitution woman lasting appeal with little division, a few when add forehead wave garrulous, look at have tender feelings sweet idea more, and the at present mole that what have the pen of bit of eyeball most is her.

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Jing Ruyang is born in 1993, be in before ” the king of new comedy ” , ” mermaid 2 ” , ” 12 Tan ” and ” boiling life ” in waiting for much department work, have piece act, but the person is enraged also not very is tall, do not have special give a group, and the line of vision that the Hua Kui of this personate entered an audience directly however.

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In drama, division is small although be prostitution woman, but actually at the beginning she is a daughter of an eminent family, because of be reduced to poverty of decline of family financial situation so far, although she is the person of prostitution woman is set, but it is to stand in however male advocate the look line here, so part itself also very denounce happy event, she likes male advocate also for male advocate sacrificed, total post, the person is set very perfect, the tender feelings coquetry that adds Jing Ruyang reachs the designated position, just make person aftertaste boundless. 2, Cai Zhuo Yin: ” the Luoyang since wind ” Yu Wenpei admire has looked ” the Luoyang since wind ” estimation does not have a person to be not attracted by Yu Wenpei admire, this drama is setting with Tang Chao, so the delicate itself of makeup look is one large window, and in drama, the part of beautiful chief of this one card has admire of space article an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times very much characteristic.

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The admire of space article an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times of personate of Cai eminent sound is a character with miserable one’s life experience, in drama, her modelling very give prize, hua Dian adorns forehead, much between charm a few minutes of deep feeling, tire and the union of makeup look are proper, only the temperament that beautiful unsurpassed is not grace, whole person is looked at have coquetry very much. In drama, the dance appearance of admire of space article an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times and coquettish figure left deep impression to the audience, take a ship especially when You Hu, below the foil of setting atmosphere, more part charm is amorous, let a person look cannot dismiss from one’s mind.

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The personate of admire of space article an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times person Yan Zhiben body of Cai eminent sound is online, because a group of green beauty are illuminated,once had his moment network, the name after going out is not big, but let a person however in woman of Yao of another prostitution woman in drama very above.

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Although Yao woman is not the identity of head card beautiful chief, but the Yao woman that she regards a proprietress as is taken with respect to the tender feelings prostitution woman and charm hold very reach the designated position, home Zhang Lida knows the person that act, the Gao Bingzhu of he and personate of yellow a small room also has CP to feel very much, especially coquetry of tender feelings of elder sister one side, still can reduce attack at the same time decisive, black clothes heroic bearing of 16 night valiant, charm of woman of red garment Yao is amorous.

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Must say piece of couple is very vivid to this performance, the audience after this ability had her to get offline is very sad, feel too idea is bad made the same score. 3, Wang Likun: ” beauty calculation ” Nie Shen the coronal has ” element colour goddess ” the Wang Likun that say is Yan Zhi on-line all the time, her facial features appearance is to have very much in recreational group differentiate spend, and the prostitution woman that she acts also has lasting appeal very much.

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Be in ” beauty calculation ” in, nie Shen this one part is enraged person tooth is crawlily, the Nie Shen of her personate after be abandoned by the aunt of Du Yun night tide in one’s childhood, was cheated to go back by whorehouse mom, cheng Huakui fosters her later. On Yan Zhi, wang Likun’s facial features has fine feeling very much, the outline of big eye and facial ministry has aperture feeling very much, this lets her look much a few minutes tender feelings, on the performance, the incisively and vividly that Wang Likun behaves the temperament of evil spirit be puzzled that regards prostitution as the woman, coquettish and superabundant, tender feelings is appropriate, not too missish, also not be sedulous and licentious, what dirt woman keeps watch between feeling of proper limits for speech or action is amorous highlighted with hold up person come out.

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Although Nie Shen this part makes a person very angry, even night tide of all sorts of Du Yun of hole elder sister, but the audience does not rise to she or hate, basically be Wang Likun acts very figure, and Yan Zhi is online, be to see a face really. 4, Li Chun: ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” Silili

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” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in the figure that the Silili of Li Chun personate also is Hua Kui, unlike the Hua Kui of person of other and enchanting hold up, the Silili of Li Chun personate is to the temperament of a bully gas goes up in the body. ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” the beauty of medium Silili does not have aggressiveness quite, she is the temperament that is not defeated by Yu Huakui, be able to bear or endure look and have charm, but not be coquettish tease popular feeling again the sort of, of course him Li Chun models a gender still is very strong, acted so of the Kingdom of Wei beautiful the part with the sort of bully acridity gas, the prostitution woman that does not have aggressiveness to this kind also can have words.

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First time of little spare time realises Li Chun this actor is to be in what Zhao Liying and Huo Jianhua act the leading role ” spend 1000 bone ” in, the Neon all over the sky of her personate can enrage the person dead, again later, the of the Kingdom of Wei of her personate beautiful more cruel and evil, but every time Li Chun acts very well. ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in the Silili of Li Chun personate also has enchanting temperament very much, although be the person of the Northern Qi Dynasty, but as pretty good also as model leisure concern, help Fan Xian in the moment of truth especially, this lets an audience also like this part very much.

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5, Ceng Li: ” different of Xin Liaozhai annals ” Mei Sanniang Ceng Li is in ” different of Xin Liaozhai annals ” in the Mei Sanniang spending chief of personate is beautiful colourful amorous, the United States is gotten cannot honest other people, mei Sanniang is attracted by student Wang Anxu get married, how infatuation fault pays, wang Anxu is the person of a fish for fame and compliments, corrupt Mu Ronghua, for be intent on personal advancement the design burns 3 women dead.

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The 3 women of Ceng Li personate, beauty of skin white appearance is gorgeous and sheer, part chilly also be puzzled of part evil spirit, dignified zephyr affection two kinds of temperament are taken hold very reach the designated position, exuding tenderness and love through eyes has temperament of hold up person again, can say head card should be this appearance. 6, Zhou Yutong: ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” in of Zhou Yutong personate is not Hua Kui, but need admits because of gut in drama, she has the show share that pretends to spend chief, come on the stage the eyeball that attracted an audience, beauty experts to have amorous temperament again, framework suits this kind of style too really.

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Zhou Yutong’s modelling and temperament are in this drama also is pretty is pretty good, of course although be opposite of Hua Kui the one part that acting is clue need only, but the impression that also left profundity in audience heart. Type of be affectedly bashful performs somebody, look affectation to come extremely, somebody bearings expression reachs the designated position, temperament of person of hold up of evil spirit be puzzled is self-invited.

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Perform prostitution woman not to want again sedulous be affectedly bashful, it is to make a person very awkward really, those tender feelings coquetry will behave beautiful chief temperament, just be to make a person enchanted really, you still know what perform prostitution woman to let a person use the actor of the look, greeting discussion. Note: Graph source network, tort connection is deleted

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