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Original title: ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” heat is patted, female advocate play is taken rush a money ” Chen Qian Qian ” , play staff the heart on this? ? Recently, the line on 010 3 0 10, after new version is rolled out, the patience of the audience increased several class directly. Tell the truth, modelling, pick horn, editing and rearrangement, the plot of a play unqualified. Pardonable very much audience ” abandon hole ” . But with ” day dragon 8 ” for opposite teaching material, the groovy dot of this drama is very much, the flank of this drama is vigilant the director inside the circle: It is very important that play kimono is changed!

20220315020402 622ff4128e374

” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” heat has not been patted, ” day dragon 8 ” make opposite typical case, see new theatrical work ” the road is appeared ” knew regrettablly, xia Xian drama ” day dragon 8 ” seem to do not have one pace, modelling is more of a kind still. Look in me, what Xia Xian pays attention to most dramatically is elfland and light. Although ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” the drama of Xia Xian net that is a low cost, but doesn’t the director care really?

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To the question that the netizen raises, we might as well make clear Hunan ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” whether can be the road reflected fully give a Gao Shui to allow. (1) clue theme ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” told about ” piggy bewitching ” bank of half god wind goes to covet of Chen Xiao die young the calabash that catch evil spirit, they began ” one god one bewitching ” sweet stay away from home. Some stories are very original. Female after all advocate the set that is piggy bewitching, the audience feels ground connection enrages Dan Youliang eye immediately.

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(2) leading role is not top shedding. Heroine of Su Xiaotong personate pig bewitching, sun Zeyuan personate bank of half god wind two actors are the career rises period actor, but person energy of life and vermicelli made from bean starch are not ideal. That is to say, ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” want bright red big violet, the actor’s acting must want to prop up gut, want to act Chen Xiao to tender to just can follow suit.

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Play of Chen Xiao die young takes Qian of Chen Qian rushing a money year, su Xiaotong and Sun Zeyuan are bearing all the time constant pressure, but think back to. Since ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” it is the play of net of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that platform approves, and the director chose Sun Zeyuan and Su Xiaotong, I believe these two actors have actual strength for certain. So ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” during heat is patted, the audience mights as well expected.

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However, when ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” when the road spreads everywhere to Internet fully, vermicelli made from bean starch people should feel anxious. Of this drama take change standard not tall, have bit of familiar to the ear even. Unfortunate is, the dress dash against of actress Su Xiaotong ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” , the audience does not sit this!

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Chen Xiao tendered to be magnified 3 times, wearing jacket of gauze of white render unlined upper garment and blue purple. This ancient costume very look familiar, audience not by shine at the moment. Although Su Xiaotong hairstyle looks quaint, but the audience pays attention to the first impression very much. Dress of Chen Xiao die young and dress of Chen Qian Qian are not general likeness, show a kind of duplicate move that sees so that see so that see again already indescribably.

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Modelling too look familiar, play staff the heart on this! Can carry copy, coterie is easy and promiscuous concept, passerby eating melon may spit groove ” Qian of the Chen Qian in the hearsay ” it is ancient costume carbon, the first impression that such play staffs give a person can drop apparently. However, if we study the road is appeared carefully, still have a lot of drawback. (1) dress simple sense affects impressions. Drama of movie and TV most be afraid of ” bump into unlined upper garment ” . After all the audience has ” first impressions are strongest ” impression. But, be in a devil of hole wishing rain. Since ancient costume of new theatrical work cannot let a person shine at the moment, ” is spring flower brilliant old piggy ” how can the Queen of heaven just open a good head? Additional, ancient costume of Chen Xiao die young feels bad character, division of play staff modelling wants to notice.

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(2) is absorbed before Zhao Lou considers experience, yuan Bing beautifuls and Yang Zi took a sport each, but the dress of these 3 actors is not general likeness however. Although beautify hair,division arranged fine hair style according to character characteristic, but aeruginous dress is too familiar, audience hard to avoid can produce visual exhaustion.

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See essence through the phenomenon, ” spring flower is brilliant old piggy ” ancient costume is spat groove. Actually ancient costume has let an audience have bit of vision exhaustion. This not, an audience oppugns Su Xiaotong ancient costume, chen Qian Qian if play staff not diversity, the viewing rate of this drama is mixed after public praise hard to avoid will be open to question. Altogether, the netizen is to give an idea kindly now, the play staff should take seriously. The set of piggy bewitching is very lovely, the play staff mights as well try strange modelling!

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How is ancient costume of the ancient costume inside look upon circle machine-made? The welcome leaves a message.

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