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Original title: Smooth pink, grab time, big fight of vermicelli made from bean starch, stunt of these 6 teleplay is more wonderful than content, make a person cheesed The teleplay that broadcasts recently is mostly resonant flatly, but of Xiao Zhan ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” the Yang Zi with Dilirebarenjialun, ” drive shark writes down be acquainted with Jun Chu ” when booking, having beening disastrous, still have those warm-up and broadcasted discharge work, it is more wonderful than content really, more let National People’s Congress open horizon. ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” the closest keep long in stock two years much ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” want a platoon to sow eventually. Of this drama broadcast process 3 fold. ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” be ” Chen Qing makes ” the first work that the Xiao Zhan after conflagration films, also be ” dear has deep love for ” hind the first work that Yang Zi films. Double top shed combination to had won the success of the half on person energy of life. Of this drama film time has 3 months probably, during very igneous Xiao Zhan, manage to find time attended ” our song ” the first season, the inaccuracy with very true finished product is decided. From the program the end begins, platform and make just updating material in full blast, prepare to broadcast at any time. Actually they are the slippery pink of the again and again. They decide archives on mango TV finally. Accordingly, they can withdraw a file temporarily when broadcast. Vermicelli made from bean starch feels not to care to bear his image, passerby feels dull however.

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When prevue broadcasts, the actor’s lines that resemble battle became the target that most person talks. Vermicelli made from bean starch people think Xiao Zhan is not commonly used heart, do not need dub. Also somebody thinks actor’s lines of the mainland that resemble battle compares Yang Zi, a lot of poorer, feeling is insufficient, bass is incorrect, resemble reading a text same.

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Dominant of male and female, xiao Zhan, have vermicelli made from bean starch of a lot of CP and the negative effect of the Xiao Zhan in 227 incident. Although be cooperative relation, but inevitable meeting has rip the circumstance that force. Yang Zi vermicelli made from bean starch feels the acting that resemble battle was hanged, the vermicelli made from bean starch that resemble battle feels Yang Zi is bad to look, more wonderful than teleplay really.

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” drive shark writes down be acquainted with Jun Chu ” with ” survive ” coinstantaneous, still have those who come from Dilireba ” drive shark is written down be acquainted with Jun Chu ” hold the post of Jialunrenjialun with what regard ancient costume as carrier, it is actually very expect with headdress flower Dilireba, of the partner.

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However, broadcasting premonitory in, the setting that shark person goes water ought beautiful Huan of United States annulus, jing making a person is colourful, but fall in the filter lens of the Quan Bing of inferior setting and dark bound, the plastic feeling of abdominal muscle of Ren Jialun holiday cannot be held back however.

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Ren Jialun, regard ancient time as the well-known actress of puppet show, also have ” big Tang Rongyao ” , ” under bright and beautiful garment ” such little puppet show, acting can be encircled can nod, but the quality that more or less not professional reputation affected work.

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After all the face of Li Yifeng 0103 010 is already swollen arrive allow the room for action that the person is overcome. The figure management of male star became the target of everybody discussion. Ancient it is male coach occasionally, female advocate. Compared with the figure management of female star, already roll into in that way. Male star practice does not give abdominal muscle to use false abdominal muscle. Is this money too good earned?

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This drama is booked in Yang Zi and Dilireba, these two 90 hind top class in shedding beautiful combat, also do not know platform is intended, think these two actress can be ripped badlier, this two floret had been not ripped, ” drive shark writes down be acquainted with Jun Chu ” interior is ripped first rose.

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Because one party vermicelli made from bean starch feels to make square men and women advocate stage photo stock does a difference to treat, female advocate original intent is compared male advocate original intent is big, because photograph original intent is ripped,rise this is what coquettish operation after all, the true person that lets look laughs dead, the leisure with true vermicelli made from bean starch arrives do not have an edge.

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” and try the world ” Yang Yang and Zhao Lou think of ” and try the world ” those who rip is very advanced, because direct Yin Tao and producer,Yangxiao earths up the special unpleasantness that be troubled by, men and women advocate because time part stand in line.

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Director Yin Tao and producer Yang Xiaopei took a few theatrical work together, but had broadcasted from goose factory and the S+ work with not high public praise ” dirt of of through the ages ” begin, had been troubled by go up in bright face, because producer Yangxiao earths up undue interference movie and TV to create, and special not professional. Not only interpose play creation, take repeatedly change path, later period to make, the director works, whole journey interpose. Director influence by built on stilts, become a nominal director, yin Tao of course the heart has unwilling. ” and try the world ” two people are to be troubled by directly more break, announce drive condition does not have the director’s name unexpectedly, bringing about a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch to know this theatrical work far from is Yin Tao hold guide.

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Somebody explodes makings, zhao Lou considers a group is battle group producer, the hope cuts this drama later period big female advocate drama, let Yang Yang foil she. And the renown bugle call that this play body is making Yang Yang namely, did show share become little is vermicelli made from bean starch able? This drama leaves sow disturbance little really not! In case to moment gut rare broken, be rain of blood of wind of raw meat or fish absolutely then rip force battle.

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Yang Yang and Zhao Lou are thought of filming ” and try the world ” when pour out of many roads to pursue fully, two people get along very happily in the process that take sport, play fight noisely, yang Yang kneads Zhao Lou to consider the picture such as the hair.

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But come out when two people red is heard, think of with respect to Zhao Lou just come out quickly to clarify, resemble wanting to cast aside clear impact with Yang Yang group same, activity of this essential what does not have Yang Yang, did not hear this red at all should return a responsibility, it is an another good fun really.

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” black wear in one’s hair goes ” this drama is sowed to now from Guan Xuan do not come out dispute is most with respect to a thing, contend for time. The network Ip of this big heat comes from the novel look even if with female advocate advocate the perspective will develop an old practice, in the book male advocate come on the stage show share also is greatly little at heroine.

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Yang Zi serves as personate daughter advocate one, film according to normal play indispensable it is the first, however male advocate when been not paper, the person is enraged too flourishing, vermicelli made from bean starch also is unwilling fall at the person, and the affirmation of vermicelli made from bean starch of male star can be ripped than the vermicelli made from bean starch of female star, be being made accordingly just is dare carry far from time thing, connecting Guan Xuan is to let a men and women advocate him claim.

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Although final platform gave to make the same score time, but rip time rip fervently as before, come out even CCTV to comment on: Dull. Now this drama is to sow however sow do not come out, to Yang Zi also be very big loss, after all the achievement that him hardship films, because of others complicity, also be hapless.

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” the Luoyang since wind ” ” the Luoyang since wind ” from broadcast be being sowed also is disturbance ceaseless, because decided the time platform of archives to appear a few things, because this is brought about,delay sowed period of time, the black white that there is a large number of returning to did not watch opera when been not sow and vermicelli made from bean starch swarm into dozen of cent, let passerby surround the pink that watched a dynamic black big fight!

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The biggest dispute of this drama is nodded even if discharge stars Wang Yibo, discharge has vermicelli made from bean starch with respect to the delegate, vermicelli made from bean starch has black white certainly. More black pink jumps over vermicelli made from bean starch much, attention is more, easier also by controversy.

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Wang Yibo’s acting is in ” the Luoyang since wind ” in, than bone of old nevertheless show, the performance that links Song Qian is more superior than him also, became the biggest chamfer of whole department to nod then.

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Because discharge is publicized too reach the designated position, bring about ” the Luoyang since wind ” Huang Xuan of the first hero is without existence to feel, one ” the Luoyang since wind who is leading role ” vocabulary entry becomes Wang Yibo to want to contend for time the 2nd the big drop that spit groove.

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Because a drama is male feminine lead above all advanced, song Qian regards this drama as absolutely heroine, time it is however at the back of Wang Yibo.

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Without new idea, actor’s lines is poor, filter looking glass is heavy, pat so that look not to understand, play director is disappointing wait for a comment to emerge ” the Luoyang since wind ” in the evaluation, these evaluations let ” the Luoyang since wind ” in powerful passerby dish in carry off the grading of 7 feels not easy, to the very long period of time that sows now, grading has glided point-blank 6.3.

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” who is a murderer ” of theater of Zhao Liying dense fog ” who is a murderer ” after sowing, leaving is disturbance more ceaseless, altitude borroweds apology, apologize again in photograph of impertinent use Song Qian in drama again, it is impertinent apology subsequently, light letting a person sees the coquettish of the play staff be operated.

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Zhao Liying is in ” who is a murderer ” in used former voice actor’s lines, she from film ” know to deny ” when, actor’s lines strength is oppugned all the time. And although compare,be in in this drama not the actor with those very fine actor’s lines, but also be not violated and.

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The quadrature in the compasses in actor’s lines, but be blown however hot search, draw to mock then. Still have the bowl that discharge brings especially, zhao Liying is in ” who is a murderer ” obviously the 3rd collect just comes on the stage, dan Gang sows two collect to have the Zhao Liying acting that the netizen is sneering at to had not appeared, let a person find both funny and annoying simply.

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In the recreational group with consummate nowadays discharge, the teleplay work of high quality is compare one year one junior, making also just is to cut leek of vermicelli made from bean starch, automation line makes God theatrical work, make a person complete see big fight of vermicelli made from bean starch, simply dog blood comical, can calls actual edition teleplay.

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