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Original title: ” magpie murder case ” : Reality and novel synchronism are advanced, crewel joins perfect ” magpie murder case ” should be the suspense inference that looks recently in most resemble inferential novel. The writer that keeps murder record was murdered, open concludes the case in case, actual murder case and synchronism of detective fiction the plot of a play are advanced, return those who pass a writer to like alphabetical surprise the hobby joins together, quite interesting still. Gut a bit not messy, although see 6 market at a heat, complete also not tired.

20220315020524 622ff46439e30

This drama is adapted from ” battleground god explore ” advocate the homonymic and popular novel that starts Anthony Horowitz. The story told about a suspense fictionist that is famous in the world to be murdered, and last work that he is about to publish ” magpie murder case ” also lost last order mysteriously. The writer’s editor is eager to seeking the last order of the novel, the publication company that is in crisis brim because of her is good got an investment not easily, but investment firm asks only: Must hand over last work of fictionist. . .

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The photograph of clue annulus annulus of this drama buckles dripping wet of merry and lively, it is the suspense theatrical work that has rhythm absolutely. In front a little dull, but film skill is very extraordinary, arrive from the back gut more and more push to the climax, the character in the book and actual figure are conterminous I did not think of touch. Reality and novel synchronism are advanced, crewel joins perfect, the conception that the editor in the detective in the novel and reality lies between empty dialog is too exquisite really! This drama crewel is collateral, book go-between content has prototype in reality, it is very clever really, decode terminally very wonderful also, but the inferential process among makes a person dozy become aware a bit, see ability till last collect matting is gotten before discovery very clever.

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In this detective drama, answer to a riddle and story are not exclusive and interesting part. The crewel gut of mutual echo, brought up simple however exquisite structure; Detailed the figure that not sedulous however detail naturally depict gives main person. Following editor and detective one step by step thorough, what we walk into is the answer to a riddle that proud writer dies not merely, still have a woman the life predicament in this world: Figure of affinity, job, woman… the editor is experiencing all sorts of struggling, holding to, found story and oneself solution finally.

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The word says drama of this kind of inference always feels only the Englishman pats ability to appear authentic. The story of rustic murder case is more interesting, but female advocate the style is true also too Sa, paddle his own canoe to be full of wisdom again, the Deng classmate that turns medium limited company like dispatch of Hunan look forward to writes in its commentary, the rhythm of this drama, picture, part is modelled, as if to illuminating me completely aesthetic dot and comfortable dot pat, watch a process special enjoy! Additional female advocate have charm very much, the work that does oneself to like but be not worked to kidnap, the attachment that develops a paragraph of stability but have solitary choice, the garment has been tasted, have an attitude, see a book listen to music to drive open car restoring ancient ways… it is me completely in ideal in senile life, sigh with emotion daily the female of 449 years old there is OK all over the face furrow, but still be full of love and vigor, continue to become leading lady.

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Of course this drama also is not to do not have defect, integral story or some are feeble, inference is more than evidence to bring about a story some are tumbledown, measure the time that gets a blood group, do not know to measure the footmark of case discovery field, evidential catenary is done too imperfectly. Motive reluctance is justifiable, but still be a much cry and little wool, why the elder brother can kill a little brother, be envious merely? That homicide also needs a fusee. Why female advocate peace can the boss confront each other in the office? No matter this place is exposure or crime not be a good place, two idea so the person of careful, why to put down vigilance finally. The play does not have be born, perhaps say, perhaps novel itself does not have be born, broke away from character itself. Ah have pie to returning! Besides the title, true with magpie concern of one wool money is done not have…

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Anyhow, the defects cannot obscure the virtues on this drama whole, logic of whole department theatrical work is sound, favor full paper, the part is lively. Especially the nest of two stories is particularly exquisite, the switch of setting change moment special also silk slips. Of drama anthology tonal, represent way, turn let a person feel happy etc, thank the Tian Heyun of the bice in the picture, extend without the grass of border and road, in this involute world brings me gentle with placatory. Whole department theatrical work I think rhythm is fast, gut also is compact, doing not have one second is waste and have nothing to do of gist, be worth to look. More and wonderful recommend: ” birdie people ” : The flower theatrical work that has sth. worth seeing or reading more than anticipating ” against time ” (Time) about condonable divine drama ” not Mian Vigil ” the flower drama with best near future

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