Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Good-looking not red beauty series, liu Tingyu, sing the beautiful actress with good work Liu Tingyu, be graduated from Shanghai Thespian institute, the actress of the one’s previous experience of regular professional training that also is a standard, and her facial features is delicate and beautiful, can saying is a belle with appearance and very good temperament, had performed many teleplay, regrettablly natural resources of movie and TV is ordinary kind, so famous degree not tall. Individual first time sees Liu Tingyu, it is to be in the teleplay that acts the leading role by An Yixuan, Feng Shaofeng ” hind palace ” (renown ” very female Chun Hua ” ) inside, of her amid personate is Bai Hanxiang, tenderness of Bai Hanxiang disposition is kind-hearted, clear but person, she as heroine good friend also is very congenial, when seeing play in those days, I like this part most.

20220315020607 622ff48f23e22

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Besides Bai Hanxiang, liu Tingyu is in teleplay ” the spirit of female Wa fokelore bead ” the appearance of an actor inside is very handsome also, she is in this drama of personate is female 2 demon sound, a green garment is pure and fresh happy person, very Jing is colourful.

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It is ancient costume teleplay next ” Tang Gongyan ” , what Liu Tingyu holds the position of in this drama is heroine eventually ~ the Meng Fan honest and sincere of her personate is kind-hearted, bearing is extraordinary, the appearance of an actor is very interesting also, regrettablly this drama also is not very red, actually gut returns pretty pretty good, especially tactics part is a hotspot really dye-in-the-wood.

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Besides act in a play besides, liu Tingyu still crosses a bound to had become a singer, and sing result it is good to return pretty, tonal it may not be a bad idea listens, the feeling can be a singer with driving actual strength. She ever had sung thematic song to work of much ministry movie and TV, for instance teleplay ” Tang Gongyan ” thematic song — ” feminine the world ” herself is sung, still be before this song in circle of editing and rearrangement red, the background music that sees a lot of MV is it, so famous degree can saying is taller also can listen what ~ is interested.

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As a whole, I feel Liu Tingyu still has talent very much, do not have so red it is some really regrettablly, and she is like now also not very takes sport, actually she still can specialize in musical domain, sing very good also ah, very gifted still.

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