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Original title: Children concerns not the germ of harmonious is in parents, “Kill ” the child, also hurt oneself in old age Think of with friend luck recently chat, removed teleplay a little ” Dou Ting is good ” , everybody special deep feeling. Luck considers the family that says to see this teleplay appeared to see his. In this teleplay, su Jiasan sibling, mutual the relation between is very dim, su Mingcheng and Su Mingyu are like personal enemy even general, after the old of Home Su was going to the United States, also do not have almost with the connection between brother little sister. In this family, feel the presence that is less than close affection it seems that, saw close affection is harmed to each other profundity only.

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However, what is the germ of all these? Luck is thought of because,thinking is revive the mother is right the inequity of 3 children. Revive Mu Chongnan is light female thought is serious, treat to different of son, daughter. She is chill to Su Mingyu and acerbity, the daughter should go up Tsinghua is barring do not let, the son should go abroad, should marry, should apply for a job to be able to sell a room support. Final, after 3 children eldest child goes abroad, be not answered, the second became dye-in-the-wood Mom treasure male, old 3 with refuse to have anything to do with all kins and friends of domestic break with. Because,be revive the mother’s inequity makes the relation between 3 children very chill, also let all contradiction begin to erupt after she is dead. If say revive mother can living, see the look of 3 sibling, can she regret?

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Luck is thought of say, actually oneself also are sister 3. Oneself are the old, there are two below. As a child luck is thought of should be opposite by the requirement little brothers are self-effacing. In those days, when wanting to take an examination of an university, because big little brother wants to apply for a job, parents also was to sacrifice oneself future chose to help a little brother. Again later, luck thinks of an other place to work, every month makes money even come home in, the school work of burden little little brother. Now, two little brothers have a good job, and oneself are so old, be in all the time however sacrifice for the family, penniless. Say by the truth, luck is thought of sacrificed for the family so much, little brothers should be met be thankful. But also do not have however, because luck is thought of,work outerly all the time instead, the relation with little brothers actually very dim. Parents gives him everything what big little brother feels he gets of one’s own accord, besides by what does the daughter that an eventually is alien want is with him this son contended for? And little little brother feels, everything what what oneself have at present is the result that everything tries hard, the concern with the elder sister is not big. The parents that luck thinks of feels, the daughter of others home gives the more of a married woman’s parents’ home, and luck thinks of so much year, every month gives the home in so little money, far insufficient.

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Because this is so old, luck is thought of do not think more and more, spend the New Year to also do not think repeatedly. Mention oneself former unripe family, what she experiences have inhospitality only, without warmth. Luck is thought of and two little brothers are very few also contact, every time little brothers look for her, the first her reaction perhaps should look for her to want money again namely. In the idea that thinks in luck, oneself close favour needs to take cash ability to maintain it seems that, she feels very sad. Occasionally, the parents that luck thinks of also can complain children are disobedient occasionally, they become aware raise from personal hardship became big 3 children, but however neither one is close. Two sons visit his small home only after get married, and the daughter does not come home all the year round however, and not about the same also. Luck considers the impact between sister bad also, crossing year of others home every year is lively, but cold and cheerless is very however in him home. But who should all these blame again? If say parents can accomplish a bowl of Shui Duanping when rearing the child, the time that perhaps luck thinks is met and differ now, there won’t be so much resentment in her heart. If parents can experience what consider pair of families to luck to pay, and church brothers owe, perhaps luck is thought of and the relation between little brothers also so won’t frozen.

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Say for go, a few children in a family concern not harmonious, still give birth to a family formerly because of his, still be the inequity because of parents. Parental inequity is in the child year young when harmed the child, and when him old, criterion more harmed oneself. Say accordingly, this why? Small make up feel, want the family is harmonious, those who do father and mother still is to want fairness. If be not done, that gives birth to a few less still, did not kill the child, also killed oneself.

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