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Original title: Why does peak of tall of Huang Rihua edition always wear a hat? See he picks next labels, netizen: Excused me to laugh! ! These days, of king brilliant version ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” very fire. After a lot of audiences see this movie, groove is spat on the net. It is the face that disrelishs leading role after all it is face-lifting face, still be 5 wool specially good effect too do laugh, it is quite strange to still disrelish king brilliant original work to be adapted… anyhow, watching king brilliant version about vermicelli made from bean starch ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” later whether to spit groove, everybody is very curious actually gold needs of knight-errant novel suffer numerous very extensive, drama of movie and TV still has more version.

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80 time mix the century on 90 time, a lot of classical knight-errant novels take teleplay and motion picture, especially TVB, rolled out a few Jin Yong’s most classical knight-errant novel. ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” , ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” , ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” etc is very much hind the classical harbor theatrical work that the audience likes. Among them most get authority gay may be ” day dragon 8 ” . This drama also films in the mainland later, but of 97 years of edition ” Qiao Feng ” the likelihood is the most typical edition.

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The Qiao Feng of Huang Rihua personate is sufficient depict the chivalrous gas of this character, yang Gang and decent also reflect go up in this part, huang Rihua also because of this part very suffer an audience to welcome, countless vermicelli made from bean starch were won in area of Hong Kong and Taiwan and mainland. But, a lot of people are very curious. Why is the Qiao Feng that Huang Rihua acts wearing a hat? After all, turn over the version that send to do not have the adornment like the cap it seems that later, the exterior picture of tall Bonn also was not mentioned in original work.

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1961, guangdong saved an average household to give birth to a boy. Of Huang Rihua was born to this family to bring a lot of hurrah and laughter. As a child Huang Rihua’s achievement is quite good, parents, teacher, neighbour is profuse in praise to him. In TV the times that is luxury, huang Rihua likes to see teleplay. And, he young at that time is fond of a performance, want to become star one day.

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Fortunately, huang Rihua belongs to Yu Shuai all the time gas, to realize oneself star dream, huang Rihua of 18 years old attended Hong Kong wireless artist decisively to groom class. Huang Rihua accepted professional training here, graduation hind inspects an autograph smoothly to become the actor or artist below the banner about with radio. With a lot of wireless actor, huang Rihua also begins from a few small parts. Huang Rihua is in ” Shanghai beach ” , ” capital smoke cloud ” the performance in waiting for drama of movie and TV is very wonderful, although be a small part only, but he very hard.

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/ Div>It is so in drama of movie and TV personate after countless small parts, huang Rihua’s acting had very big promotion. He also gradually the blueness on come out body is acerbity begin more and more mature and sedate. 1982 when, huang Rihua’s destiny produced tremendous turn. At that time ” day dragon 8 ” when this teleplay finds Huang Rihua, hope he goes out act in a play the portion is very heavy ” Xu Zhu ” . This is Huang Rihua gives theatrical work of commonplace performing gold first, his masterly in drama acting results is not little reputably.

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And let Huang Rihua explode overnight truly red likelihood or ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” drama of this movie and TV, huang Rihua and old man are beautiful at that time Ling partner, he goes out acted ” pacify elder brother ” , simple and honest pacify elder brother is fizzled out the keen of day China depict, this teleplay also harvests extremely high viewing rate at that time.

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Huang Rihua goes out those who act ” Qiao Feng ” nature also is to get attention fully, qiao Feng serves as a master, the sort of justice that goes up personally and cardinal principles of righteousness are explained very much by him reach the designated position, after him Jin Yong watched Huang Rihua’s show, also be profuse in praise, say oneself the Qiao Feng of the wording and purpose of what one writes performs work. A lot of audiences are exceedingly curious also nevertheless, why is Qiao Feng wearing a hat all the time? Huang Rihua states this one cap makes him special appreciate modelling division, because he can hide a few small snacks to be inside the cap, hungry when take allay one’s hunger. Nevertheless the play staff also has his arrangement, the height that is Huang Rihua then is a bit awkward, and lofty power fierce somewhat difference, wear a cap to appear loftier.

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