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Original title: ” Yunnan bug cereal ” big ending! Dirt extraction Zuo bead the process resembles deliver a child, origianl work is taken bead the alarmingly dangerous full leave out after! ! This thinking that 14 collect just just enter 13 market climax, the begin that did not think of 15 collect stops abruptly, grave of group explore is the ending of complete theatrical work. ” Yunnan bug cereal ” big ending, round, be equivalent to be being engraved in that, stay, hu Bayi, king fatso and Yang Xueli escape over aconite. Spat groove, hu Bayi from the extricate oneself in monkshood, very Yang Xueli sends resemble with king fatso, the setting that final burst drops monkshood is similar to ” take bad gut ” . Still be that word, do not see a meal, organic stimulation was lost. As to dirt bead, look like uncle people the walnut of 10 thousand article that love plays, the king that be displayed ” bag oar ” dirt of the Zuo in origianl work bead and display Wang Tou to be together like confluence, modern drama edition did not film, naturally won’t Hu Bayi cuts next displaying Wang Yi classics ” jade is changed ” head, take the aspect of bug cereal; After taking out dirt bead, display what remain on king body to pursue and attack content, and all sorts of bone in aconite or biology, also was abandoned. In fugitive road, cadaver hole is pursued and attack, devour the horrible setting of vivid content did not appear. Yang Xueli is toxic, dan Yangxue Li blossommed with a kind with polished glutinous rice the strange plant of girl appearance ” alexipharmic ” , do not have hinder greatly. Anyhow still has a lot of regrets, but the sensitivity that considers subject matter and the specially good effect that did not decompose, more satisfactory still. Complete theatrical work is all the person that loses life, do not escape to go out ” corrupt ” word. And patriarchal child covet is patriarchal, to remain neutral in the villager, chose to chase intercepted 3 people group, die in suddenly family name finally; Dragon is plunged into in the mouth of not dead bug and bonze, the last because,leaving barrow is the money and valuables in covet barrow, what was whirled to develop three-layer barrow by the lake water of overflow is the most rock-bottom, the money and valuables that is wanted by oneself over drowned; Anonymous villager is shot one number by authorities because of coffin opening copper, anonymous villager 2 because do not want to abandon bronze mirror face about,search, slept lightly finally asleep bonze, suffer assault. The law that connects king fat person has an insatiable desire for Gu Yu, because flay a flint licks, will should take the joke of dry cadaver only 100000. Do not have these having an insatiable desire for to read aloud, a lot of adventure won’t be experienced, the villager also won’t lose life for nothing. ” Yunnan bug cereal ” it is dapper really, besides the branch line of the villager, cast on one collect and the introduction of below one season, subtractive Hu Bayi and Yang Xueli, flirt to also be controlled with respect to 10 collect. The specially good effect of complete theatrical work and rhythm are like tide reputably, but gut logic is not appropriate: Especially the branch line of the villager and the encountering with skeleton of Yang Xueli’s father, say to be illogical at all on logic. The character models also should be criticized: The character that what emphasize here is king fatso is modelled, whole process is very laggard, without reason specification Hu Bayi can take him to go sepulchral. In origianl work, fatso although the mouth is poor, love fund, fear tall, owe a back, but he is crack shot, the moment of truth is quite brave, it is the armed strength output of the group. However, be in ” Yunnan bug cereal ” in, king fatso is redundant, rebarbative, became troubled maker completely. Hu Bayi and Yang Xueli, the acting of these two actors is in passing line, but Cp feeling is what did not perform before coming out half paragraphs really is interactive too curt, candy did not eat at all. Only cucumber was twisted by force, the skin is better than the flesh feel. The scintilla between two people does not have the second half first half is so awkward, so I cannot see almost, the collaboration after the hope 2 people can progress somewhat. Next first phase ” Kunlun god palace ” premonitory already at ” Yunnan bug cereal ” the end of the year broadcasts. According to origianl work, ” Kunlun god palace ” in can appear the setting of all kinds of strange things or biology, be like white wolf king, mummy of gold of avalokitesvara of Maitreya of flood dragon of white mustache fish, spot, snow, ground, salamandrine, dawdle forest, snow mountain. What is there do you expect by reductive setting? Sciolistic, ” ghost blows the lamp ” serialize has happened is 15 years ago, go up personally, the test of the withstand time with good true work. ‘

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