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Original title: He is one stage actor, ceng Yan ” Cao Cao ” one horn, explode after fire however speak bluntly performs career to end ” I click in the heart at that time, he compares this figure extreme, basic performance career also ended. When ” speaks this word, bao country installs white hair of already full hair on the temples. But expression still brows is knitted closely, to that night for a long time cannot dismiss from one’s mind. That makes him heavy finish the turning point that the heart will come to act in a play seriously.

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One of these day in the evening, bao country brings the whole family, surround sit by the table. Reeky chaffy dish, also mirror install excited mood according to Bao country. Although be to having a meal, but everybody glances sideways from time to time however, twinkling nearby the television of the ray. Excited excitement is on Zhang Zhang face, awaiting teleplay broadcast.

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Regard China as one of 4 big famous book ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” , having large quantities of masses of vermicelli made from bean starch, turn over the teleplay that pat naturally to this composing, also having high attention. When the Cao Cao in TV appears, people begins Bao Guoan’s home cheer, and be watched seriously. At that time, the hardship during Bao Guoan takes him sport also tirelessly path comes.

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The environment of the play staff is difficult at that time, food is not much, let an actor often hungry abdomen. Bao country installs good to deduce part, often overlooked meal point, the thing that has of course also is least. And Bao Guoan is in the play staff, it is one of main actors with the least experience that take sport, had patted merely ” Shandong water waterside is passed ” and ” photograph of big Tang Ming ” . The audience is to his acting and experience very doubt. Face this doubt, bao Guoan did not choose fight back, fathom a part silently in the play staff however. Do not come home stoutly, do not rest to oneself at a heat determination, insist to film.

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Tell oneself excitedly hold to, family after empty after the show, bao Guoan also falls asleep peacefully. Until the following day, when the congratulate on a happy occasion that receives a director, bao Guoan is very glad. That once fell in burning sun, bearing burning hot streaming with sweat oneself, insist to study the effort of the play, got get one’s own back eventually. That makes fun of to pat, bear the longing that leaves pair of family, stand fast of the play staff oneself, scored a success. Good achievement of viewing rate first, become the figure of classical ” of ” Cao Cao in audience heart, bao Guoan breaks doubt sound with actual strength. The success of the part, an Chen confusing was in country letting Bao in flower applause, begin some on wings.

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At this moment, the evaluation of knowledge home, the heart twinkling time that allows his fervent fleet comes down calmly. This evaluation, be speak a mouth by big science home Mr Li Xifan. As famous literary observer, li Xifan is evaluated ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” when, say: This Bao country installs ” , cannot perform other part later. When ” this word is passed in Bao Guoan’s ear, the heart that lets him clicks.

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Shape a classical part, it is to need to expend gigantic much mental efforts, bao Guoan succeeded, but cannot think of classical part however,take the effect that come. On one hand, it rose for Bao Guoan really famous degree, let his fame big a confusion of voices. But on the other hand, also let him get however predicament, the part after the success of classical part lets him undoubtedly cannot be modelled. Understood this Bao Guoan, begin to ponder over oneself development seriously.

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Regain consciousness from inside flower applause the Bao Guoan that come over, also discover him fame big a confusion of voices, did not receive other film contracts however. Reason, the part of ” of ” Cao Cao that no more than is him too too thorough popular feeling, the role with other director new concern can let an audience jump play. such, in 7 years of time later, bao Guoan did not receive to invite about, then face about begins education.

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But in the time in education, bao country installs what still put no less than is opposite to act in a play to have deep love for, paying close attention to teleplay constantly broadcast. Next, staring at the character inside drama anthology. Such day, bao Guoan passed 7 years. After 7 years, the Bao Guoan that just comes off work received one electrify sentence. Director Xie Jin is on, hope he goes out perform ” forest criterion Xu ” . Hear the other side invite about, bao Guoan feels doubt, cannot help asking about questioningly: I had not patted ” 7 years to make fun of too, are you not afraid? ” Xie Jin expresses to do not have a problem, those who believe Bao country installs joint performance to unravel is very good.

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But, bao Guoan hesitated however, because be before this, forest criterion the part of Xu already somebody models a success. The challenge is successful, it is proof acting undoubtedly, can not challenge a success, it is endless however sneer at. Hesitant Bao Guoan did not give out to reply clearly, xie Jin also does not have compel, gave time to think however. Hanged the Bao Guoan of the phone, a person sits in the home, silent very long, decision or absorption education enterprise.

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After 3 months, bao Guoan received Xie Jin’s telephone call the 2nd times. Listening to the other side still importunate is invited about, bao country installs the heart that became silent 7 years, began to have beat newly, the decision is accepted invite about.

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Good to act the part that 7 years lie between to be received again when oneself, bao Guoan begins understanding forest criterion Xu. Bao Guoan tags a lot of keys on the book not only, still arrive personally forest criterion Xu memorial hall looks around, personal knowledge forest criterion the associate with of Xu. such, the Bao Guoan that prepares meticulously, punctual also come to the play staff. In him assiduous research falls, film those who undertake is very successful.

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After the end, bao Guoan continued to return education enterprise in. Until ” the Opium War ” after broadcasting, make a great coup. At this moment Bao Guoan, also be paid close attention to afresh, let him act art the career begins movement to rise afresh. At that time Bao Guoan, already 51 years old, became silent 7 years, he what break cuss of classical part mystic, live again capriole comes. Meanwhile, many film contract also comes over in succession, safeguard of Bao Guoan that respects course of study to also become teleplay. But, bao Guoan does not have pride however, cherish a modest and gentle heart to approach the development of the career instead.

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When facing a reporter to interview, bao Guoan also is speak bluntly, do not think oneself are old show bone, he is the new personality that performs art circle. Cherish pair of acting passion and the manner that respect property, classical part one after another of Bao Guoan, to his acting, the audience also is spotless. 20 pass more, already Bao Guoan of 72 years old remains the same active go up in screen. Although the age increases gradually, cannot assume too much show share, but go out merely,perform a minor role, also can let an audience applaud.

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In filmed most free time, bao Guoan still is the wife in him for company in the home, round two sons, enjoying fireworks life. So quiet life, offer Bao Guoan very big hope, no matter was in the past,still be now.

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Epilogue: Real old show character, like be being installed with respect to country resembling Bao, no matter be manner or acting, admirable. In the recreational group nowadays, old show bone people gradually retired also, but new personality has sheet to play the leading role rarely however. Say to hold bone of tall old show in both hands, debase new student actor, but acting won’t be lying, it is good it is bad, everybody has one steelyard oneself in the heart.

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