Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Zhao Liying new theatrical work? Cruel grow? Kill blueness smoothly, whether become below one to explode paragraph?

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Will this Zhao Liying bring a teleplay that is subject matter with trade war? Cruel grow? , what this drama basically tells about is Zhao Liying personate is to make the girl that the tuber of pinellia just receives scrap iron at the beginning, later one step by step struck start working plant, in classics of all previous on growing road a lot of cross, make many days nocturnal night makes day the tuber of pinellia can digest him suffering of the life only. In steely market so inside an extremely chilly to the female domain, the commercial smell that makes the tuber of pinellia just depend on him acumen stands firm in steely market.

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Make the tuber of pinellia this part is bad to deduce, she has will, have courage, have idea, on these quality just in time and body of Zhao Li Ying certain and idiosyncratic very similar, the character with Zhao Liying true nature, gritty rate and careful manner accomplished her today’s. In ” cruel grow ” the conduct propaganda that the government gives out is illuminated in, zhao Liying wears woolen cloth coat of black, hitting umbrella of a black, her red lip and the eyes that contain a hope appear in a such inactive atmosphere she has a kind to give birth to the temperament that is born not to cease.

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Be worth what carry is, ” cruel grow ” this drama is the homonymic novel that is able to bear or endure by writer A adapt and come, a is able to bear or endure the writer that regards a finance and economics as the respect, her expert skill writes the script of trade war namely follow actual logic already, what write again is very absorbing, before is public praise very good? Great river great river? Be out her hand. This kind of play that is trade war core with the female is actually bad to film, for example Sun Lizhu acts ” that year the flower opens a month round ” , above all grandson the acting of couple is beyond question, the play that is this drama next is good still, but as before still different sound appears, in wanting the intelligence an wisdom the female and trade war after all tricky and crafty those who join is very natural be special not easy thing.

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Now nowadays this? Cruel grow? Kill blueness smoothly eventually, be in early the phase that plan has come out it is extremely captious that this drama chooses a side in the actor, good knock not easily decided an actor, began to film eventually, also be to be under the care of one numerous netizen at present kill blueness smoothly, be to make a person expect really, so do you expect the new theatrical work of this Zhao Liying?

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