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Original title: Sea of yellow Lei student is clear, go out up to now 0 red are heard, still have another celebrated capacity besides the actor Sea Qing Dynasty: The true daughter of an eminent family inside the circle, ancestor producing is home the biggest illicit curtilage, do obeisance to Huang Lei to be division however these year the netizen calls Wang Saicong into ” national husband ” ; Call Ma Yun again ” national father ” , and respecting ” national good son’s wife ” who can the audience remember?

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The sea Qing Dynasty that gives a lot of classical roles is modelled in drama of countless contemporary families, because of personate daughter-in-law this part and be called by a lot of friendly audiences ” national daughter-in-law ” or ” daughter-in-law specialist ” . And the role that she has performed every is thorough also popular feeling, not only lifelike, still very ground connection is angry. From ” humble abode ” to ” the good times of daughter-in-law ” , sea Qing Dynasty always can hold the characteristic of every part.

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Play a favourite by sb in power is not red the actual strength that serves as can be counted on one’s fingers appoints female heavenly body, sea Qing Dynasty is acted from what many roles challenged since going out, and every time personate the incisively and vividly that she always can develop substance of characters in a play.

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Especially domestic ethics drama, no matter be a mood,go up accuse or the research to actor’s lines, the sea Qing Dynasty before camera lens appears very natural and apt. Be this kind of appearance in approaching the life piece act, sea Qing Dynasty is inside recreational group public praise all the time very pretty good, but she herself is not however bright red big violet.

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Seldom the audience with negative attentive news can discover, from go out up to now, sea Qing Dynasty never has appeared any red is heard and negative news, she is mixed at the career all the time absorption act in a play. Often the teleplay of her main actor and film can have pretty good public praise and booking office to assure.

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Besides, sea Qing Dynasty still has the actress of commonweal heart very. She takes up the post of the figure ambassador that wild animal comes to help not only, she still is the amicability ambassador of U.N. woman arrange. The commonweal ambassador that admits even domestic woman foundation even is her.

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Some closer in year, the sea Qing Dynasty that appears in public eye shot always is a spell able bingle, appear case is relaxed and agile. In fact, before early, sea Qing Dynasty also is to have pitch-black bright beautiful long hair.

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Appearance is not distinctive, the part in drama of all sorts of movie and TV also can leave impression to the audience rarely. Add long hair total feeling to show old, career sea Qing Dynasty is cut directly go growing hair, show an audience with the directest one side.

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Nevertheless the figure of sea Qing Dynasty also is not invariable, just be her humanness is low-key, attend all sorts of activity evening parties rarely, so her other figure also is known rarely.

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Ancestor producing is home the biggest illicit curtilage the sea in drama is clear more the female strong person that resembling is a city, a party to an undertaking in the family; But she in reality however very birdie depends on a person. Sea Qing Dynasty has a man that ability has money again not only, the son is very handsome also, add him career, sea Qing Dynasty also is contemporary female star is medium ” life wins the home ” .

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Namely this looks not the southern young woman with colourful Jing, having celebrated one’s lot however. Sea clear family background at old and well-known family of a house, the noble ever was in the home, her grandmother and mother are famous ” pleasant home courtyard ” later generations.

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Whether don’t a lot of audiences know this ” Gan Jiada courtyard ” be after all why content? Pleasant home courtyard, in quiet day the place between Jiaqingnian is built, say in local common ” between ninety-nine half ” . The area that those who say is this courtyard is covered an area of have 9500 square metre fully. Arrived 2006, this private mansion house is more be protected for countrywide key by row of the State Council cultural relic.

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Put to nowadays, pleasant home courtyard still is China’s biggest private residence. Occupy him Haiqing to recollect, what in one’s childhood grandmother lives is daily it is to a flock of servant wait upon, go out to must make up even ability visibility person, be in those days typical renown Yuan.

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Bai Huanglei is Shi Haiqing 7 years old that year, ever went out had performed teleplay, arrived 12 years old to enter the troupe that save show to learn dancing major, a province opern has been when 17 years old.

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1996, hai Qingping lends the superior performance on dance contest bear the palm, in entering oneself for an examination with respect to the plan since thenceforth, make fun of. The 2nd year, hai Qingping lends oneself outstanding study achievement and superior dancing skill, by in make fun of and invite admit. Measure in below, sea Qing Dynasty chose boreal picture finally.

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After entering university campus, sea Qing Dynasty encountered the person that affects him lifetime, also be oneself teacher at the same time: Huang Lei.

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Since follow Huang Lei to begin to learn a modern drama, sea Qing Dynasty is ceaseless attend a show, go out in succession acted ” camel auspicious child ” , ” thunderstorm ” wait for classical modern drama. Want those who say sea Qing Dynasty to become famous, still want a teleplay 2007.

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The sea Qing Dynasty that the career rises to go from modern drama arena stage by stage went out 2007 performed domestic theatrical work ” double-faced glue ” . This You Tusong cliff, Pan Hong, Liming opens numerous star to give the teleplay that act to be heated up at that time together sow, and the daughter-in-law part of sea clear personate also because of this drama by the audience hep.

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The sea Qing Dynasty in drama is having a fluent Shanghai word not only, go technically still observe and learning ” others home ” the life condition of daughter-in-law. Just have the Hu Lijuan of that keen in drama so. Because of this drama, very much married lady produced resonance, in feeling the sea Qing Dynasty in drama is reality oneself.

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Arrived to gave 3 when act big play to be shown at the same time by sea Qing Dynasty 2009. It is first besmear together once more Song Yan, add the actual strength such as Lin Yongjian, Xi Meijuan to send an actor, ” Wang Gui and An Na ” that period of time that be in ” occupy by force ” all defending inspected gold period of time. Before having ” double-faced glue ” experience, be in ” Wang Gui and An Na ” in sea Qing Dynasty is do a job with skill and ease more, of personate of play of feeling of husband and wife very natural.

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Another domestic drama that is big setting with house price namely ” humble abode ” . This drama not only cast is powerful, and it is outstanding fine actor individually, add the topic with the most popular nowadays, this drama has his moment quickly, and sea Qing Dynasty also follows red alled over great river north and south. In every case has watched the audience of the performance of Qing Dynasty of the sea in drama, clap praises.

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Remaining is Haiqing and yellow hypo give the teleplay that act together ” the good times of daughter-in-law ” . The experience before having, the sea is clear what this part performs a beans of young soya bean is very self-confident and close put freely, not only what detail holds is very careful, join a lot of fields state of apter real life.

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Wave of Yellow Sea of sea clear partner, two people deduced the domestic story like schoolbook. Connect that spring late, 2 people are invited essay is performed with the identity in drama before millions upon millions audience, can think at that time the hot degree of this drama.

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The family is perfect on life happiness career make a meteoric rise, oneself domesticity sea Qing Dynasty also is very happy. Son egg girl as a child with respect to talent conspicuous, be used to of from a child gets the time of painting and calligraphy of chess of a suit musical instrument, in 10 years old when it is the high price that a black and white picture ever sold 30 thousand yuan more.

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Not only such, the brush word of son egg girl is in elementary school when was published magazine cover, see the child is so outstanding, sea Qing Dynasty is very gratified also. Study an aspect besides talent, on athletic sports, egg girl also is an ace. 12 when the 3 gold that took Asian natant championship contest 1 silver.

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When sensible egg girl is in even and mom sea Qing Dynasty goes out to travel clean the sea actively dress sock. Such ” the child of others home ” peremptory the target that becomes envy of a lot of people, and here face is little also not the education of sea Qing Dynasty.

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The development of career career, domestic happiness is perfect, the son is sensible and outstanding, sea Qing Dynasty is in ” national good son’s wife ” the success on the road was become alive ” life wins the home ” . And everything of all these is to pass ceaseless effort to obtain. Hope Haiqing continues to control state, present more and outstanding work to the audience.

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