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Original title: Immortal of 3 new theatrical work fights, afterwards poplar is violet ” survive ” hind, zhou Jieqiong new theatrical work also decides Dilireba archives Warm spring has sadded to come however, the spring that belongs to an audience came formally also. On March 14, party of a few big play shines to be enrolled greatly in succession, 3 make newly announce formally, to broad without what drama can chase after TV confusing brought good news. 3 work are enough heavy pound, declare next the phase that teleplay market will enter intense competition.

20220315020824 622ff518ceb32

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Above all, the God that acts the leading role by Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan is gigantic make ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” come late, the government on March 15, will broadcast on the net at the appointed time. As the most welcome your work, ” survive ” roll out at deciding archives formally last year, but recall temporarily as a result of a variety of objective reasons, let a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch expect to come to nothing.

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I very expect. Now ” survive ” gave off final date again. Current, xiao Zhan and Yang Zi had been released respectively premonitory, yang Zi atelier also can’ts help feeling happy, even more premonitory, enough proves play of idol of this superhuman vital energy came really.

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I believe a lot of audiences already the between romantic love story that ground of too impatient to wait misses to see Lin Zhijiao and Gu Wei on screen. The super CP feeling between Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan can be experienced to let our wait and see what happens in the prevue that just broadcasts from drama merely this work whether become afterwards Yang Zi ” dear has deep love for ” master piece of another later representative God!

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Afterwards ” survive asks you to give advice or comments more ” later, the ancient costume that acts the leading role by Dilireba, Ren Jialun is gigantic make ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” at the same time heat is sowed, decide archives formally the line on March 17.

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At present drama of this ancient costume had been obtained on platform of network direct seeding those who comparative is famous spend and the person is angry. Be known as ” the light of archaic husband and wife ” Ren Jialun, again passion is deduced, personate one horn, crane of heroine discipline cloud by personate, similar equipment suffers fix eyes upon. In this drama, her identity is a kind of powerful spirit bends, different identity makes the emotional dispute between them more labyrinthian.

20220315020827 622ff51b54a5e"> drama, the shark person long meaning of Ren Jialun personate by Dilireba the drive clever division of personate is final and domestic, two people are in what compose gives an ileum swinging gas during this only beautiful love song.

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Be worth what carry is, ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” it is drama makes an ancient costume that cuts with female perspective, will see joint from conception and set the creation mainstream direction of market of drama of instantly movie and TV, hot cling to in drama the appearance of an actor is pure and fresh, believe to be able to satisfy the expectation of broad vermicelli made from bean starch and hope for, ren Jialun has much ministry gain before this not the ancient costume master piece of common, believe this he can be shown as before piece not the screen of common behaves force.

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The work that decides the strange unreal master piece of archives to still Zhou Jieqiong and Xu Zhengxi act the leading role likewise ” the princess of shadow emperor ” , on March 16 will surprise net sows a line.

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From the point of gut gist, this is a strange unreal wears Shaoxing opera, those who tell about is to wander the wonderful love reason between Gu Jinxu fact, clever the design element of the play in blending in play, cast gut set for the moment no matter, the tall Yan Zhi of two leading role has been this drama is the biggest close inspect safeguard.

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Besides, a reality kind master piece ” new residence ” same Guan Xuan decides archives, will meet formally with wide audience on March 17.

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What differ with before a few work is, ” new residence ” cast has more close inspect appeal force, a few great actual strength send sea Qing Dynasty, Tong Yao and Zhang Song article play bone gathers here, additional, feng Shaofeng or specially invite act the leading role, be worth what carry is, what this drama goes is realistically course, this also is these year come the subject matter domain that the audience favors most.

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What can foreknow is, next the scene that market of movie and TV will stage an immortal to fight, after all which work can accept the market successfully examine, final breakthrough tight encirclement sits to close inspect explode of the paragraph, and let us together fine fine taste ancient bronze mirror!

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