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Original title: Before sowing, be not valued, 5 really sweet drama after looking, every are unexpected, a few had you seen? The first ” Chen Qing makes ” be like battle, Wang Yibo 19 years dull opened Chen Qing to make, tremble 21 years sound brush the degree that still can stop to have a look again! Content of characters in a play each is plump, character line is complete, gut has a lot of to deserve thoughtful place, it is right after all wrong still, how should the route that chooses after all go! This is one make classically, actor each is very good, make a person impressive, feel distressed Wei Moxian, xiao Zhan takes the place of to feel too strong, let me experience Wei Moxian’s life, experience the exterminate hill that the boy man of that high-spirited and vigorous and a single-plank bridge walk along black is old ancestor! The Wei Moxian of 3 period is like battle to be deduced particularly well, xiao Zhan in all affection capability is too strong, take a person to enter sport, very marvellous!

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The 2nd ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” my present knowledge reserve does not suit to see teleplay more and more really, a lot of word do completely with content not suitable smooth, have kind of feeling that does not know again, feel rhythm is very slow for a time so, even some of gut also feels it seems that very without language. Nevertheless as a whole really pretty good, this kind has an affair with to do department theatrical work, just professioned finally the emotional play that parts again is pretty has new idea, as expected Han drama looks much, see this kind have an affair with again period gut is quite interesting still. Of course, because was appeared by barrage drama, some of gut sees no less than going to also is, this kind of theatrical work that takes inferential element cannot be appeared by drama really, gout is met at a draught small in part, hear the 2nd season was about to pat immediately, the hope is fast broadcast!

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The 3rd ” drive grants small Wu to make ” very good-looking really, the feeling is a theatrical work that respects audience intelligence quotient really, nod assist with the director greatly to playwrite! Whole journey anuresis nods actor’s lines not to have gibberish, very esteem audience still draws signal to pursue analytic. Although feel oneself intelligence quotient was respected but the place that visits the first times to actually a lot of have been not understand, probably brain has a dot not to follow to go up ~ likelihood honest play staff did not have what money to take 36 part only, the show share that feels lead group makes love is too little, be in all the time crack a criminal case, actor’s lines 3 view are special, no matter much smaller part figure plastic is very full also, vivid, did not misunderstand forcibly did not pretend to be stir, particularly marvellous really, I wish to say for 2021 year one of optimal net drama! Hope the drama instinct of such level that make is seen by more capital.

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The 4th ” secret corner ” brush at a heat, ben Zhang of arteries and veins of rhythm feeling blood, suspense feeling explodes watch. Enough of Hao of the Qin Dynasty depends on this drama apotheosis, shade gas is threatening, the An Jia that horrible feeling surmounted Feng expedition to act and. Because,3 children estimation is met this piece explode greatly, especially the Rong Zisha of personate Zhu Chaoyang, get play of an old head on young shoulders basically incisively and vividly. Liu Lin and Li Meng two female those who match is hysterical act very much to go out carry. The constabulary father that Lu Fang gives birth to personate is the parent example that deserves study most, although Wang Jingchun is guardian only but still transform the child with lukewarm affection, zhang Song article although the career is bad, but also love darkly. The director films very much exercise restraint, without abrupt sacrifice, the warmth in having adverse circumstance only and grow.

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The 5th ” silent truth ” this movie is too good really! Suspense piece see the person crying also is fierce, with respect to me this is planted iron and steel is straight male be in a few collect wiped a few tear finally. Director, playwrite, photograph picture, acting of editing and rearrangement, actor is all and online, it is a god-given good theatrical work really. 3 lines are hand-in-hand those who let a person find the person that seeks the truth is brave and dauntless touch with what bring us the heart, the kernel of the story is very good really. But below the premise that my individual feels to like Bai Yu in me, the acting that still experienced him not quite can perfect confluence takes this theatrical work, his gas field is bit weaker, the person sense that regards series connection as complete theatrical work needed a place. Even if has inadequacy a bit, this drama also merits 5 stars.

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Before sowing, be not valued, 5 really sweet drama after looking, a few had you seen? Code word is not easy, the welcome pays close attention to bit of assist, leave a message discuss!

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