Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: In those days the 4 cygnet that He Gui takes a fancy to, female one cool, female 2 paste, she ordinary is mixed best Speak of He Gui is a lot of more likely the first reaction of the person is him it is a very outstanding compere, managing a group have proper place, actually besides he or a director, once had filmed gardenia of a work is spent, take a fancy to inside ” 4 cygnet ” development is each are not identical, female one cool, female 2 paste, everybody cannot think of, a the most ordinary person is to mix best existence actually.

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First for say female it is Zhang Huiwen, in the personate in drama is a ballet person, without what she at that time is famous degree, but starting point is very high still, one go out performed Zhang Yi to seek the director’s work to return, but very regrettablly is, the development from the back is not very good, even if is add up to die to hold theatrical work with Ren Jialun, also do not have Ren Jialun and the work that Tan Songyun cooperates to have temperature far, it is cool that accordingly she can say exist, it is not lukewarm all the time not fire.

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Female 2 are Li Xinai, at that time also is He Gui inside the 4 cygnet that take a fancy to among them, she at that time grows very beautifully, even if is with a flock of belles the station is together, yan Zhi also is those who do not have a bit is inferior, often just be in later all sorts of inside work of movie and TV stooge, e.g. the Li Changle in samite not ended, although be the villain of the piece, but be explained by her special give prize, just after this work, how didn’t she appear in everybody before, special regrettablly.

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And Zhang Yuxi’s progress is good still, originally the gets dispute fully student that she comes out from one grade program, but so old she is being installed all the time set one’s mind at the jubilation that the heart pats play to win authority, the Yun quality that cooperates with fourth Yu Xi especially is too great, there is very high opinion on the network, she still grants to cooperate with Zhang Xin later arena, also be conflagration, present progress is good still.

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There is a the most ordinary person in the 4 cygnet at that time nevertheless is Song Yi nowadays is development is best however, there is not Zhang Yuxi, Li Xinai in her Yan Zhi in drama at that time in that way have aggressiveness, also unlike is Zhang Huiwen it is female in that way, be not paid close attention to naturally by everybody, but cannot think of a few years this to give the work quality that act,be perfectly, be in especially celebrate one’s remaining years inside the Fan Rere of personate, still go out with Guo Qilin partner additionally performed son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents this teleplay, visible resource perfectly, because this development also is best existence, everybody most Where is the progress that who values?

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