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Original title: Still remember ” spend 1000 bone ” medium light-water? Grow skirt big wave nowadays, the United States must not admit The temperature of ancient costume drama is very high in last few years, for example ” spend 1000 bone ” , this teleplay leaves oneself sow initial stage to suffer an audience to love with respect to equipment, mention to make a person impressive as before nowadays, and the state also is won after this drama broadcasts year of drama grand ceremony the beauty of teleplay of 10 large force praise, male advocate Huo Jianhua and female advocate Zhao Liying also becomes a gleam of to star, besides, the costar performance in drama is very wonderful also, light-water is among them one of.

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Light-water is in ” spend 1000 bone ” the figure in is very melting and lovely, disposition is very tender also. She not only Yan Zhi is online, acting is very pretty good also, so audience people understood light-water very easily this part. Light-water is mixed in drama of Zhao Liying personate female one spends 1000 bone is very the boudoir that be close friends is sweet. But the part that she is a villain in drama however, she kills candy treasure not carefully dead finally, do not pass or obtained those who spend 1000 bone to excuse.

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The act person of light-water is Bao Tianqi, bao Tianqi was born 1992, in she is 18 years old when go out perform teleplay ” red Lou Meng ” , go out formally thereby, join again later acted ” the flower is not Hua Wu to be not mist ” , ” a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant is beautiful ” , wait for teleplay, got the accord of the audience reputably. As the elapse of time, distance ” spend 1000 bone ” broadcast had had time of 5 years, zhao Liying had had his family, also was delivered of lovely little baby.

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And the Tian Qi of Bao of the person that act of light-water also produced very big change nowadays, she present big wave hairstyle is very elegant, not only the bridge of the nose that has Gao Ting and greatly eye, and the melon seeds face that still is a standard, appear facial features has stereo feeling very much, sending out up and down all over distinctive glamour. Plus the temperament of slender figure and drive elder sister, it is fair fairy simply.

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With ” spend 1000 bone ” medium light-water photograph is compared, we can discover, the Bao Tianqi that puts on ancient costume has bit of baby fertilizer it seems that, can give us a kind of kind sense so. Though the light-water at that time is not very beautiful, but also make a person very comfortable it seems that. Now nowadays Bao Tianqi the decorated her face with an optional wave better instead wavy hair, after putting on the dress that suits oneself, also be beautiful to unreasonable.

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Bao Tianqi no matter present modelling is suit suit of black, still be the fair maiden skirt with pure and fresh white, the light-water in comparing teleplay wants the United States much. The change that produces with the Bao Tianqi outside drama in drama, resembling is the change that face-lifting brings a person. Especially when Bao Tianqi dresses up seriously, like the princess, looking completely to give her is once light-water. How do you look to this?

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