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Original title: ” Hua Rong ” did not pat, drama of city of Ju Jing Dai decides archives first, again good theatrical work can be chased after! ! ” Hua Rong ” before was not being patted, ” Hua Rong ” the appearance of an actor of Ju Jing Dai in cast is on the net exposure, a lot of people complain Ju Jing Dai still is half permanent outfit. But no matter be really false, everybody still should is with official placard accurate. In addition, ju Jing Dai looks like a pure kind. She is actually facial the color is very thick, want to wear heavy make-up only so, let a person think by accident ancient costume half permanent. This viewpoint is reasonable.

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Regrettablly ” Hua Rong ” in filming, Dai of not clear Ju Jing is in ” Branch of the Kingdom of Wei ” in personate modelling of how many ancient costume. Be worth what carry is, this the play staff works well. The costume of phoenix is very elaborate. Plus Ju Jing Dai clever appearance pledges compatibly, of this drama edition ” Branch of the Kingdom of Wei ” be worth everybody to love.

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Ju Jing Dai ” love each other please under full moon ” it is after the be clear that decide archives more and more ” Branch of the Kingdom of Wei ” the road is fully original, a lot of audiences can make Yan Kang’s vermicelli made from bean starch, but Ju Jing Dai had a good news again. ” love each other please under full moon ” You Jujing Dai and the film that Zheng Yecheng acts the leading role are knocked eventually decided. Everybody will pay close attention to! (Guest of 1) government gain announces application day. Although bizarre fruit weighs a pound to roll out ” Zhou Shengru reason ” , but love actor vacates the competition with mango stage all the time very intense. To go in front of what get numerous market, yangtao was in platform surely ” love each other please under full moon ” , this is not strange. In addition, drama of Ju Jing Dai will broadcast on August 26. This, everybody it doesn’t matter is very afraid.

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(2) cast is remarkable because ” love each other please under full moon ” it is drama of small cost net, cast nature is inferior to ” the honor that you are me ” , fortunately nevertheless the play staff still has Yan Zhi to ask! Bring up Jing Dai , zheng Yecheng, rice is hot, sun Yining, zheng Fanxing, etc. Act together. The value standard of this city drama is not general tall, yan aperture is confused people look extremely!

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A word cries ” love each other please under full moon ” deserve to go up black horse amount to undeniable, Dai of actress Ju Jing increased for new theatrical work famous spend and the person is angry, but gut is more absorbing. Original, this drama was told about female advocate Lei Chuxia because ” super moon ” pass through male advocate the story in the mobile phone. Whole story resembles a bit ” demon unreal mobile phone ” . Lei Chuxia cannot leave Xu Xiaodong, they began a paragraph wonderful itinerary.

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00-1010 looks from gut theme, ” love each other please under full moon ” it is certain to have novel degree. After all, in forecast, thunder Hunan summer went making Xiao Dong, but they meet for the first time is to be in the bathroom. This kind ” find both funny and annoying ” setting is encountered to let a person shine at the moment first. Want quality reach a standard only, this drama has his moment with respect to organic meeting.

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At present ” love each other please under full moon ” arranging warm-up, friend of a lot of audiences is in leave a message expect to broadcast. Also have netizen curiosity nevertheless ” love each other please under full moon ” advantage. Can Ju Jing Dai become a dark horse? (The competition with intense 1) after all ” wolf backside has a tiger ” , ” Zhou Shengru reason ” and ” sweep black storm ” heat is sowed, and act the leading role by Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” will broadcast on September 8, ” love each other please under full moon ” also the inter broadcasts, so public praise and quality hard to avoid can have quite. Fortunately the deliberate of the quality withstand audience of drama of net of these a few years of low cost, the quality of drama of Ju Jing Dai also won’t be differred on the vision.

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The modelling of Ju Jing Dai is conspicuous. Ju Jing Dai should be carried case ” love each other please under full moon ” old standard, but after broadcasting, ju Jing Dai made up to be praised by everybody again. Dai of pardonable Ju Jing makes up to be met every time by the United States makeup rich advocate cite. Actually her makeup look never accidentally drop. Although the Lei Chuxia with for instance medium drama is pitiful, but makeup look is delicate, small pure and fresh, weak feeling does not want too apparent!

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” love each other please under full moon ” the advantage can see from battle array and gut more ” love each other please under full moon ” integral dominant position is good. Want platform and drama to just be publicized energetically only, this drama makes the turning point of career of Ju Jing Dai probably. You know, ju Jing Dai acts rarely contemporary and Thespian. If thunder is in ” Chu Xia ” medium part acts well, play road will widen!

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Interesting is, new theatrical work just is announced, however a vermicelli made from bean starch cries on the net ” love each other please under full moon ” , even the netizen leaves a message ” eventually when modern play of the Dai that bring up Jing ” . Simple for, voice of new theatrical work of Ju Jing Dai is very loud. Hope the quality of this drama won’t make everybody disappointed!

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New theatrical work of Ju Jing Dai should be sowed immediately, everybody has good fun to be able to be chased after. Can you join new work of Ju Jing Dai ? The welcome leaves a message.

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