Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Money reward hunter: Motion picture of love comedy motion, the plot of a play is good still, be worth to look! ” money reward hunter ” it is love of comedy of a movement piece, the old practice that the film develops is setter, but in the process that relates a story, I also can see window, so I feel this film did not imagine medium malformation actually, also be the work that one is make surely! If say because give a mark,you feel it is commonner is, actually great majority of this type work is so medium grading, want subject matter type to accord with his word only, still have a hotspot very much!

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Above all hero is a money reward hunter that be heavily in debt, received the job that pursues him ex-wife thereby, to heroine she is one tracks other case, miss oneself appear in court time and by order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large, face the case with important itself so, pay no attention to without method sit by and watch, also think method to was investigated thereby, and after appearing till mysterious killer, hero also began the brigade of their adventure with heroine, thereby also with respect to such emotional resume combustion, urged the plot of a play new circumstances!

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Face this to plant common have nicer motion picture however for, it basically is eligible! No matter be love story or it may not be a bad idea of setting movement design, can bring wonderful camera lens appearance to the audience, be quite pretty good, suit to look when your idle will do not have a thing, can give you pretty good impressions probably!

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