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Original title: Letter of actor horse carry on dies die at the age of ever went out 86 years old act ” big decisive battle ” Lin Biao

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(origin: Gallinaceous Xi Wenlian) the Xi Wenlian that occupy chicken releases telegram of condolences, famous artist, Heilongjiang saves chicken on the west Ma Shaoxin of actor of theater of city people skill dies, die at the age of is 86 years old. Mr Ma Shaoxin is a country home of film of one stage actor, China academician, ever entered the motion picture in the film ” big decisive battle ” film, it is everybody because of personate Lin Biao hep, also go out had acted ” Tie Xiekun logical sequence closes ” ” loess mountain 1939 ” ” immense forest snow-field ” wait for work of movie and TV. Comrade Ma Shaoxin was born 1936, harbin person. Chinese democracy is affined leaguer, country one stage actor, chinese dramatist academician, chinese film home academician, chinese film performs artistic academician, chicken on the west committee member of city article couplet, enjoy the State Council ” the government is special and subsidiary ” expert, professional technology of province, city moves pointed talented person. Ma Shaoxin took an examination of chicken 1956 on the west mining area song and dance ensemble, be in early or late modern drama ” 10 thousand water do hill ” ” Jia Wuhai battle ” ” thunderstorm ” ” young generation ” ” 81 storm ” ” bush fire spring breeze fights Gu Cheng ” wait for many classical arena a list of plays and ” worthy progeny ” ” coal, deduced the part that makes many vivid be about to live. 20 centuries 80 time end, enter the motion picture ” big decisive battle ” film, ma Shaoxin because become famous overnight achieve instant fame of personate Lin Biao, become the most successful Lin Biao spy actor, tremendous sensation was caused in the whole nation. In movie and TV piece ” Tie Xiekun logical sequence closes ” ” loess mountain 1939 ” ” immense forest snow-field ” in, show of A department rule, Zhongcunzhengxiong, hill carve is performed lifelikely; In ” iron abacus runs a school ” ” wistaria ” ” Shan Lifei gives a small phoenix ” ” boundary tablet ” the figure such as secretary of a Party or League branch of the iron abacus of the depict in waiting for teleplay, village is lifelike. Comrade Ma Shaoxin obtains a China Communist News Ministry early or late ” 5 one project ” ministry of award, country culture ” Wen Hua award ” , ” Cao Yu is Thespian award ” , ” Chinese drama artistic academy ” golden lion award ” reach the whole nation film of the first masses.

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