Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Keep apart with plane passenger diagnose? Newspaper of dispatch of Wang Zula atelier is restful

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On March 15, newspaper of dispatch of Wang Zula atelier is restful ” abide by policy of local epidemic prevention strictly, cooperate to keep apart measure centrally, already removed now segregation, everything is well! War of resistance against aggression protects personnel in the cure of a gleam of you worked hard! During epidemic situation, everybody does good individual to defend, hope epidemic situation goes at an early date, expect Chun Nuanhua leaves! ” , it is reported has media coverage earlier, the Wang Zula that takes program of put together art in Hengdian flies to Guangzhou to work, make an appointment Chen Bei have a meal with Mai Changqing, but because be the same as the passenger somebody of machine with him diagnose, king ancestor La Wei is osculant person, your 3 average per capita should accept segregation 7 days, zu La fails to return Hengdian start working as scheduled, be forced to quit the job.

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